Sri Lanka Afghanistan
241-10 (49.3) 242-3 (45.2)
Afghanistan beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets
Datetime 08:30 AM 2023-10-30 (UTC)
Match Match 30
Series ICC World Cup 2023
Stadium Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Pune

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Sri Lanka Afghanistan
241-10 (49.3) 242-3 (45.2)
Afghanistan beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets
Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
H.Shahidi ★ 58 74 2 1 78.4
K.Mendis ★ 0 0 0 0 0.0

SL 241-10 (49.3)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
P.Nissanka 46 60 5 0 76.7
c R.Gurbaz b A.Omarzai
D.Karunaratne 15 21 1 0 71.4
lbw b F.Farooqi
K.Mendis 39 50 3 0 78.0
c I.Zadran b M.Rahman
S.Samarawickrama 36 40 3 0 90.0
lbw b M.Rahman
C.Asalanka 22 28 2 0 78.6
c R.Khan b F.Farooqi
D.Silva 14 26 1 0 53.8
bowled b R.Khan
A.Mathews 23 26 1 1 88.5
c M.Nabi b F.Farooqi
D.Chameera 1 4 0 0 25.0
run out (I.Zadran)
M.Theekshana 29 31 3 1 93.5
bowled b F.Farooqi
K.Rajitha 5 7 0 0 71.4
run out (R.Gurbaz)
D.Madushanka 0 4 0 0 0.0
not out
Extra 11 b 0, lb 2, w 9, nb 0, p 0
Total 241-10 (49.3) 4.9 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
A.Omarzai 7.0 0 37 1 5.3 0
M.Nabi 6.0 0 33 0 5.5 0
R.Khan 10.0 0 50 1 5.0 0
M.Rahman 10.0 0 38 2 3.8 0
F.Farooqi 10.0 1 34 4 3.4 0
Fall OF Wickets
Dimuth Karunaratne22-15.2
Pathum Nissanka84-218.1
Kusal Mendis134-327.4
Sadeera Samarawickrama139-429.1
Dhananjaya de Silva167-535.6
Charith Asalanka180-638.5
Dushmantha Chameera185-739.6
Maheesh Theekshana230-846.6
Angelo Mathews239-948.3

AFG 242-3 (45.2)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
R.Gurbaz 0 4 0 0 0.0
bowled b D.Madushanka
I.Zadran 39 57 4 1 68.4
c D.Karunaratne b D.Madushanka
R.Shah 62 74 7 0 83.8
c D.Karunaratne b K.Rajitha
H.Shahidi 58 74 2 1 78.4
not out
A.Omarzai 73 63 6 3 115.9
not out
i.alikhil DNY
M.Nabi DNY
R.Khan DNY
M.Rahman DNY
F.Farooqi DNY
Extra 10 b 0, lb 1, w 9, nb 0, p 0
Total 242-3 (45.2) 5.3 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
A.Mathews 3.0 0 18 0 6.0 0
D.Silva 4.0 0 21 0 5.3 0
M.Theekshana 10.0 0 55 0 5.5 0
K.Rajitha 10.0 0 48 1 4.8 0
D.Chameera 9.2 0 51 0 5.5 0
D.Madushanka 9.0 0 48 2 5.3 0
Fall OF Wickets
Rahmanullah Gurbaz0-10.4
Ibrahim Zadran73-216.5
Rahmat Shah131-327.6
491 Runs (0 1 W 0 0 0)SL : 239-9
488 Runs (0 1 2 0 1 4)SL : 238-8
478 Runs (0 0 6 1 1 W)SL : 230-8
4610 Runs (6 0 1 1 1 1)SL : 222-7
454 Runs (1 Wd 0 0 1 1 0)SL : 212-7
446 Runs (0 4 0 1 1Lb 0)SL : 208-7
439 Runs (0 0 0 4 4 1)SL : 202-7
425 Runs (1 1 0 1 1 1)SL : 193-7
413 Runs (0 0 0 1 1 1)SL : 188-7
404 Runs (0 1 0 2 1 W)SL : 185-7
391 Runs (0 0 0 0 W 1Lb)SL : 181-6
3812 Runs (4 5Wd 1 0 0 1 1)SL : 180-5
371 Runs (1 0 0 0 0 0)SL : 168-5
361 Runs (1 0 0 0 0 W)SL : 167-5
353 Runs (0 0 1 0 0 2)SL : 166-4
346 Runs (0 1 0 4 1 0)SL : 163-4
336 Runs (3 0 1 1 1 0)SL : 157-4
322 Runs (0 0 1 1 0 0)SL : 151-4
315 Runs (1 1 1 1 1 0)SL : 149-4
305 Runs (W 0 0 4 1 0)SL : 144-4
295 Runs (0 1 0 1 2 1)SL : 139-3
283 Runs (1 1 1 W 0 0)SL : 134-3
272 Runs (0 0 0 0 1 1)SL : 131-2
264 Runs (1 0 1 0 1 1)SL : 129-2
256 Runs (1 2 0 0 2 1)SL : 125-2
244 Runs (1 0 1 0 1 1)SL : 119-2
239 Runs (1 1 1 1 4 1)SL : 115-2
228 Runs (1 1 1 0 1 4)SL : 106-2
2111 Runs (1 1 1 4 0 4)SL : 98-2
202 Runs (0 0 0 0 1 1)SL : 87-2
191 Runs (W 0 0 0 0 1)SL : 85-2
183 Runs (1 1 0 0 1 0)SL : 84-1
1710 Runs (1 0 Wd 4 2 1 1)SL : 81-1
165 Runs (1 1 2 0 0 1)SL : 71-1
157 Runs (0 1 4 0 0 2)SL : 66-1
141 Runs (0 0 0 0 1 0)SL : 59-1
138 Runs (1 4 0 1 1 1)SL : 58-1
122 Runs (0 1 1 0 0 0)SL : 50-1
117 Runs (1 0 4 1 Wd 0 0)SL : 48-1
107 Runs (0 1 4 0 2 0)SL : 41-1
96 Runs (4 0 1 0 0 1)SL : 34-1
85 Runs (0 4 0 0 1 0)SL : 28-1
71 Runs (0 0 0 0 0 1)SL : 23-1
64 Runs (4 W 0 0 0 0)SL : 22-1
55 Runs (1 1 1 1 0 1)SL : 18-0
43 Runs (0 1 1 0 1 0)SL : 13-0
34 Runs (0 1 2 0 1 0)SL : 10-0
22 Runs (0 0 0 0 1 1)SL : 6-0
14 Runs (0 1 0 1 1 1)SL : 4-0
BowlRunBowlerTo :BatsmanDetails
45.21D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai DROPPED AND THAT IS IT!
45.11D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
44.61K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
44.51K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
44.44K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai FOUR! Just one hit away now!
44.31K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
44.21K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
44.10K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai On a hard length outside off, played away toward cover.
43.60D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi No run.
43.50D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi Full on middle, angled in from around the stumps, Hashmatullah Shahidi clips it straight to mid-wicket.
43.41D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
43.34D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai FOUR! Clubbed away for four more!
43.20D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai No run.
43.14D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai Four!
42.61K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
42.54K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai Four!
42.42K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai 2 runs.
42.30K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai No run.
42.21K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
42.11K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
41.64D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi Four!
41.5WdD.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai Wide!
41.51D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai Fuller now straight on the off stump. Azmatullah Omarzai drives it towards mid off and takes a quick single. He is safe as the fielder attempts a direct hit at the bowlers end.
41.40D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai No run.
41.30D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai No run.
41.20D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai No run.
41.11D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi FIFTY FOR Hashmatullah Shahidi! Dilshan Madushanka bowls it fuller and angling outside off. Hashmatullah Shahidi drives it to deep point to complete his 18th half-century in ODIs. He has played a very mature innings.
40.60M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai Floats this one, on off, Azmatullah Omarzai prods and works the ball to short mid-wicket.
40.54M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai FOUR! What a shot! Maheesh Theekshana goes full and on middle. Azmatullah Omarzai plays it low and scoops it over the fielder at short fine leg. He has a long chase and dives to stop the ball but the ball is out of his reach and Azmatullah Omarzai gets four runs.
40.40M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai IN THE AIR! BUT SAFE! Full-length delivery on off, Azmatullah Omarzai comes down the pitch driving the ball aerially towards mid-off, but just falls short in front of the fielder who dives to his right and collects it well on the bounce.
40.30M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai No run.
40.21WdM.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi 2 Wides!
40.20M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai No run.
40.10M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi Very full and outside off. Hashmatullah Shahidi blocks it out on the off side.
39.6WdD.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai Wide!
39.60D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai No run.
39.51D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
39.40D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi Nicely bowled but doesnt carry through to the keeper.
39.31D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
39.24D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai Four!
39.11D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
38.60M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai No run.
38.51M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
38.40M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi No run.
38.31M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
38.21M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
38.12M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi 2 runs.
37.66D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai Six!
37.50D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai No run.
37.42D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai 2 runs.
37.30D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai Falls in no mans land!
37.22D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai 2 runs.
37.10D.Madushanka To : A.Omarzai No run.
36.61M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
36.50M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai No run.
36.41M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
36.30M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi No run.
36.21M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
36.11M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi Flatter one around middle and off, hit away down the ground to long on for a single.
35.61D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
35.51D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
35.40D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai No run.
35.30D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai Back of a length and outside off, Azmatullah Omarzai gets on top of the bounce and keeps it down toward backward point.
35.20D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai Good comeback from Dushmantha Chameera!
35.16D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai SIX! BANG! Azmatullah Omarzai is turning on the heat here. Dushmantha Chameera steams in and bowls a short one outside off. Omarzai hangs back and bends his back before using the extra pace and ramping it over third man for another maximum.
34.60M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi Full and fired in straight at 100.5 clicks. Hashmatullah Shahidi firms it back to the bowler.
34.50M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi Flatter delivery around off, angled in as well, Hashmatullah Shahidi stays back and pushes it back to the bowler.
34.41M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai Short again, looks to pull again but this is mistimed to the deep for just a single.
34.36M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai SIX! All the way and that will take a lot of pressure off Afghanistan. The attempted googly by Maheesh Theekshana, ends up being a drag down on leg stump. Azmatullah Omarzai goes deep in his crease and pulls it over the leaping man at deep square leg for a maximum.
34.21M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi Comes from around the wicket and drops it short over middle. Hashmatullah Shahidi swivels and pulls it to deep mid-wicket for one more.
34.11M.Theekshana To : A.Omarzai Serves it full and quick around off, Azmatullah Omarzai with a good-looking straight drive down to long off for just a single.
33.61D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai Pitched a bit further up around off, Azmatullah Omarzai gets on the front foot and opens the bat face to drive it square on the off side for a single.
33.51D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi Should have been put away! Way too short and wide from around the stumps, Hashmatullah Shahidi stays on his toes and cuts it off the toe end to deep cover-point for only a single.
33.41D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai Shorter one around the hips, tucked away off the back foot down to deep backward square leg for a single.
33.30D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai Gets a crucial hand on it! Fuller in length outside off and inviting the drive. Azmatullah Omarzai does so with good timing but the fielder at extra cover dives to his right and gets a hand on it, deflecting the ball to mid off. They try to go for the single but decide against it.
33.20D.Chameera To : A.Omarzai Goes fuller now and looks to angle it into middle and leg, Azmatullah Omarzai drives it on the up but straight to mid on.
33.11D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi Starts the new spell with a hard-length delivery outside off. Hashmatullah Shahidi stands tall and hammers it square on the off side for a single.
32.61D.Silva To : H.Shahidi Speared in a nagging length around middle and leg, Hashmatullah Shahidi punches it down to long on for one more.
32.51D.Silva To : A.Omarzai Flatter and quicker on the stumps, tucked away behind square on the leg side for a run.
32.41D.Silva To : H.Shahidi Nice use of feet from Hashmatullah Shahidi as he pushes this straight ball down to long on for a single.
32.30D.Silva To : H.Shahidi A bit more round-arm and angling into the body, Hashmatullah Shahidi gets cramped for room and can only play it back to the bowler.
32.20D.Silva To : H.Shahidi No run.
32.11D.Silva To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
31.6WdK.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai Wide!
31.61K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai Overthrows and they do get the single eventually. Back of a length outside off, Azmatullah Omarzai stays back and dabs it to the left of backward point looking for the single but the fielder makes a good stop. The ball is flicked back at the strikers end but the throw is wide and both batters are al
31.52K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai The timing on that is sublime.
31.40K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai No run.
31.30K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai No run.
31.21K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
31.11K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
30.60D.Silva To : H.Shahidi No run.
30.51D.Silva To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
30.41D.Silva To : H.Shahidi Floated up full and outside off, Hashmatullah Shahidi plays a flowing cover drive to the man in the deep and collects a run.
30.31D.Silva To : A.Omarzai Much straighter on the stumps, clipped away wide of square leg for a single.
30.20D.Silva To : A.Omarzai No run.
30.11D.Silva To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
29.60K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai No run.
29.50K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai No run.
29.40K.Rajitha To : A.Omarzai Short ball pitches wide outside off, Azmatullah Omarzai lets the ball travel to the keeper.
29.31K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi On the hard length and angling on the pads. Hashmatullah Shahidi nudges it away to square leg for a single.
29.20K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi No run.
29.10K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi Fiery from Kasun Rajitha. He bangs it short and over off. Hashmatullah Shahidi evades it well and the ball is collected by the keeper.
28.61D.Silva To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
28.50D.Silva To : H.Shahidi No run.
28.40D.Silva To : H.Shahidi Pitched up on off and middle, Hashmatullah Shahidi prods and drives the ball back to the bowler.
28.34D.Silva To : H.Shahidi Four!
28.21D.Silva To : A.Omarzai 1 run.
28.11D.Silva To : H.Shahidi Tossed up on off. Hashmatullah Shahidi drives it to long on for a single to begin the over.
27.6WK.Rajitha To : R.Shah OUT! TAKEN!Rahmat Shah c D Karunaratne b K Rajitha 62 (74b 7x4 0x6)
27.50K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
27.41K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
27.31K.Rajitha To : R.Shah On a good length and over leg. Rahmat Shah gets on top of it and nudges it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
27.23K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi 3 runs.
27.10K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi No run.
26.61D.Silva To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
26.50D.Silva To : H.Shahidi Floated up around off. Hashmatullah Shahidi drives it to the right of the bowler.
26.40D.Silva To : H.Shahidi No run.
26.31D.Silva To : R.Shah Tossed up on off. Rahmat Shah drives it to long on and takes a single.
26.20D.Silva To : R.Shah No run.
26.14D.Silva To : R.Shah FOUR! Dhananjaya de Silva is welcomed with a boundary! He bowls it short and over off. Rahmat Shah creates room and rocks back to cut it well in the gap through point. He has timed the shot well as the ball races away to the fence for four runs.
25.60K.Rajitha To : H.Shahidi No run.
25.51K.Rajitha To : R.Shah 1 run.
25.40K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
25.30K.Rajitha To : R.Shah Short again around off. Rahmat Shah punches it to the fielder at point.
25.20K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
25.10K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
24.60D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi No run.
24.51D.Chameera To : R.Shah Short again this time outside off. Rahmat Shah reaches for it and slaps it to deep point for one more run.
24.44D.Chameera To : R.Shah Four!
24.31D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi Short and around leg. Hashmatullah Shahidi clips it to deep square leg for one run to get to the other end.
24.20D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi No run.
24.11D.Chameera To : R.Shah 1 run.
23.60M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi No run.
23.51M.Theekshana To : R.Shah 1 run.
23.41M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
23.31M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Floated up on off. Rahmat Shah digs it out to the mid-wicket region for a single.
23.20M.Theekshana To : R.Shah No run.
23.14M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Four!
22.62D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi 2 runs.
22.51D.Chameera To : R.Shah 1 run.
22.41D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
22.30D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi No run.
22.20D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi Full now and straight on middle. Hashmatullah Shahidi blocks it back to the bowler.
22.10D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi On length and straight on middle. Hashmatullah Shahidi tries to block it but the ball deflects off the edge and rolls away to the off side.
21.61M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
21.51M.Theekshana To : R.Shah 1 run.
21.40M.Theekshana To : R.Shah No run.
21.4WdM.Theekshana To : R.Shah Wide!
21.32M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Floated up and on off. Rahmat Shah dances down the ground and plays it inside out over covers. The fielder chases it down as the batters get two.
21.21M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi Pitched back and outside off. Hashmatullah Shahidi punches it towards deep cover for one run.
21.10M.Theekshana To : H.Shahidi No run.
20.60D.Chameera To : R.Shah No run.
20.50D.Chameera To : R.Shah Banged in short again outside off. Rahmat Shah leaves it alone for the keeper to collect.
20.41D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
20.36D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi Six!
20.20D.Chameera To : H.Shahidi No run.
20.11D.Chameera To : R.Shah 1 run.
19.60A.Mathews To : H.Shahidi No run.
19.51A.Mathews To : R.Shah 1 run.
19.41A.Mathews To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
19.31A.Mathews To : R.Shah 1 run.
19.21A.Mathews To : H.Shahidi Good awareness from Hashmatullah Shahidi but lazy from Maheesh Theekshana.
19.10A.Mathews To : H.Shahidi No run.
18.61D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi 1 run.
18.51D.Madushanka To : R.Shah 1 run.
18.41D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi Unecessary!
18.30D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi No run.
18.21D.Madushanka To : R.Shah 1 run.
18.10D.Madushanka To : R.Shah No run.
17.62A.Mathews To : H.Shahidi 2 runs.
17.50A.Mathews To : H.Shahidi No run.
17.41A.Mathews To : R.Shah 1 run.
17.30A.Mathews To : R.Shah No run.
17.20A.Mathews To : R.Shah No run.
17.12A.Mathews To : R.Shah 2 runs.
16.6WdD.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi Wide!
16.60D.Madushanka To : H.Shahidi Ends with another bouncer, this time around off and angling in. Hashmatullah Shahidi ducks under it with ease.
16.5WD.Madushanka To : I.Zadran OUT! CAUGHT! Something had to give and Dilshan Madushanka has got the breakthrough for his side.Ibrahim Zadran c D Karunaratne b D Madushanka 39 (57b 4x4 1x6)
16.41D.Madushanka To : R.Shah Another one that in banged in short but well outside off this time. Rahmat Shah stays back and gives a tap on its head to get it wide of third man for one more.
16.31D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran Back of a length outside off, punched off the back foot toward backward point for a single.
16.20D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran Oh, a bit of spice on it! Dilshan Madushanka bowls the bumper now over middle and gets it to just zip and shoot off the deck. Ibrahim Zadran can only watch it fly over his head.
16.11D.Madushanka To : R.Shah Hard length around off, Rahmat Shah stays back and guides it down to third man for a single.
15.61M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Full and quick on off, driven nicely to the left of mid off for a quick single. Something has to give here as neither side seems to be willing to take risks.
15.51M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran Fuller one around off, Ibrahim Zadran leans on and drives it wide of sweeper cover, looking for two but has to settle for the single.
15.40M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran Floated up on a good length and on off, Ibrahim Zadran stands tall and pats it back to the bowler.
15.31M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Flighted delivery onto the stumps, worked away through mid-wicket for a single by Rahmat Shah.
15.20M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Another good stop! Full and outside off, driven along the ground but cant get it past extra cover.
15.10M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Good fielding! Tossed up full and middle, Rahmat Shah flicks it using his wrists to the right of silly mid on but Dhananjaya de Silva there makes a good diving stop.
14.60D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran Pitched up a bit around off and middle, Ibrahim Zadran blocks it out.
14.51D.Madushanka To : R.Shah Banged in halfway down the track but a bit slower, Rahmat Shah has to wait before rolling his hands over the top of the bounce and pulling it through square leg for one.
14.41D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran Pitched up and angled into the pads, flicked away through backward square leg for a single.
14.30D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran No run.
14.21D.Madushanka To : R.Shah 1 run.
14.10D.Madushanka To : R.Shah No run.
13.61M.Theekshana To : R.Shah 1 run.
13.51M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran 1 run.
13.41M.Theekshana To : R.Shah 1 run.
13.30M.Theekshana To : R.Shah No run.
13.21M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran 1 run.
13.10M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran No run.
12.61D.Chameera To : I.Zadran 1 run.
12.52D.Chameera To : I.Zadran 2 runs.
12.40D.Chameera To : I.Zadran On a hard length around the fifth stump line and at over 140 clicks. Ibrahim Zadran defends it down with soft hands and in front of covers.
12.30D.Chameera To : I.Zadran No run.
12.21D.Chameera To : R.Shah Short and at the body, Rahmat Shah gets hurried on but gets inside the line and hooks it down to fine leg for a single.
12.10D.Chameera To : R.Shah No run.
11.61M.Theekshana To : R.Shah 1 run.
11.50M.Theekshana To : R.Shah No run.
11.5WdM.Theekshana To : R.Shah Wide!
11.41M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran A touch slower and floated full on the pads, this is worked away in front of mid-wicket for one more.
11.31M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Goes for the leggie and ends up dragging it down on middle and leg. The ball stays low and Rahmat Shah manages to drag the ball through mid-wicket for a run.
11.21M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran 1 run.
11.10M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran No run.
10.60D.Chameera To : R.Shah Another dot to end and just the single comes off it. Hard length over off, Rahmat Shah stays put and solidly blocks it off.
10.50D.Chameera To : R.Shah Banged in on a shorter length at over 141 clicks. Rahmat Shah stays on the back foot and manages to fend it off.
10.41D.Chameera To : I.Zadran 1 run.
10.30D.Chameera To : I.Zadran No run.
10.20D.Chameera To : I.Zadran On a good length and in the channel, angling it in, Ibrahim Zadran blocks it under his eyes.
10.10D.Chameera To : I.Zadran Full and quick on off, tailing in a bit at 144.3 clicks. Ibrahim Zadran firms it back to the bowler.
9.61M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran Flat and full on middle. Ibrahim Zadran drives it to long on for a single to end the over.
9.50M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran Tossed up on leg. Ibrahim Zadran flicks it away to the fielder at mid-wicket.
9.44M.Theekshana To : I.Zadran FOUR! Ibrahim Zadran is in a good rhythm.! Maheesh Theekshana goes a bit full and outside off. Ibrahim Zadran drives it through the gap at covers and times it well. The ball runs away to the fence for four more runs.
9.31M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Floated up on leg. Rahmat Shah drives it to long on for a single.
9.20M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Pitched up and on off. Maheesh Theekshana blocks it solidly off his front foot.
9.10M.Theekshana To : R.Shah Maheesh Theekshana starts his spell with a full ball on the pads. Rahmat Shah miscues his flick as the ball rolls away to the off side.
8.60D.Chameera To : I.Zadran No run.
8.50D.Chameera To : I.Zadran Full again, and this one swing into middle. Ibrahim Zadran defends it back towards the bowler.
8.40D.Chameera To : I.Zadran Fuller and outside off. Ibrahim Zadran blocks it out towards point. Good bowling from Dushmantha Chameera.
8.30D.Chameera To : I.Zadran No run.
8.24D.Chameera To : I.Zadran FOUR! Good shot! Dushmantha Chameera goes full and straight on the pads. Ibrahim Zadran stays back and uses the pace to flick it in the gap through square leg. The ball runs away to the fence for four runs off his bat.
8.10D.Chameera To : I.Zadran No run.
7.60K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
7.54K.Rajitha To : R.Shah Four!
7.40K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
7.30K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
7.20K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
7.10K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
6.60A.Mathews To : I.Zadran Short and over middle. Ibrahim Zadran blocks it out on the leg side. A good over for Afghanistan.
6.54A.Mathews To : I.Zadran Four!
6.40A.Mathews To : I.Zadran No run.
6.31A.Mathews To : R.Shah On the hard length and outside off. Rahmat Shah guides it wide of point for a single.
6.20A.Mathews To : R.Shah No run.
6.14A.Mathews To : R.Shah Four!
5.66K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran Six!
5.50K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
5.40K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
5.3WdK.Rajitha To : I.Zadran Wide!
5.30K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran On a good length and over leg. Ibrahim Zadran blocks it off towards mid-wicket.
5.20K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran Full and straight on middle. Ibrahim Zadran drives it directly to the fielder at mid on.
5.10K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
4.64D.Madushanka To : R.Shah Four!
4.51D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran On the hard length and outside off. Ibrahim Zadran drives it towards mid off and sets off for a quick single.
4.40D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran No run.
4.31D.Madushanka To : R.Shah Very full and straight on middle. Rahmat Shah clips it away to mid-wicket. Another good delivery.
4.20D.Madushanka To : R.Shah No run.
4.10D.Madushanka To : R.Shah No run.
3.60K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
3.50K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
3.41LbK.Rajitha To : R.Shah Leg bye.
3.34K.Rajitha To : R.Shah Four!
3.20K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
3.10K.Rajitha To : R.Shah No run.
2.64D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran Four!
2.50D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran No run.
2.40D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran No run.
2.30D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran On the hard length and straight into the pads. Ibrahim Zadran defends it solidly down the track.
2.20D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran No run.
2.10D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran No run.
1.63K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran 3 runs.
1.50K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
1.40K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
1.30K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
1.20K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
1.10K.Rajitha To : I.Zadran No run.
0.61D.Madushanka To : I.Zadran 1 run.
0.51D.Madushanka To : R.Shah 1 run.
0.4WD.Madushanka To : R.Gurbaz OUT! b Dilshan Madushanka.Rahmanullah Gurbaz b D Madushanka 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)
0.30D.Madushanka To : R.Gurbaz Short again this time just outside off. Rahmanullah Gurbaz stays back and punches this towards covers.
0.20D.Madushanka To : R.Gurbaz Fuller now in line with leg stump. Rahmanullah Gurbaz flicks it off to the fielder at square leg.
0.10D.Madushanka To : R.Gurbaz Dilshan Madushanka starts off the innings with a shortish ball angling outside off. Rahmanullah Gurbaz blocks it off towards mid off from his back foot.
49.4WWdN.Haq To : D.Madushanka OUT! RUN OUT!
49.30N.Haq To : D.Madushanka Run out chance...missed!
49.21N.Haq To : K.Rajitha Fuller one and on middle, angling in, Kasun Rajitha tucks it towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
49.10N.Haq To : K.Rajitha Naveen-ul-Haq nails the yorker as well, on off, angling in, Kasun Rajitha fails to dig it out.
48.60F.Farooqi To : D.Madushanka No run.
48.50F.Farooqi To : D.Madushanka No run.
48.40F.Farooqi To : D.Madushanka No run.
48.3WF.Farooqi To : A.Mathews OUT! c Mohammad Nabi b Fazalhaq Farooqi.
48.21F.Farooqi To : K.Rajitha 1 run.
48.10F.Farooqi To : K.Rajitha No run.
47.64N.Haq To : A.Mathews FOUR! Powered away!
47.51N.Haq To : K.Rajitha 1 run.
47.40N.Haq To : K.Rajitha No run.
47.32N.Haq To : K.Rajitha 2 runs.
47.21N.Haq To : A.Mathews On a length and around middle, Angelo Mathews tucks it through mid-wicket for a single.
47.10N.Haq To : A.Mathews No run.
46.6WF.Farooqi To : M.Theekshana OUT! BOWLEDEM! Fazalhaq Farooqi has three now!Maheesh Theekshana b F Farooqi 29 (31b 3x4 1x6)
46.51F.Farooqi To : A.Mathews Change of pace, back of a length and around off, Angelo Mathews drops it towards point for one.
46.41F.Farooqi To : M.Theekshana Touch fuller and around off, Maheesh Theekshana stabs it towards point where a fumble allows the single. Afghanistan need to tidy up here.
46.36F.Farooqi To : M.Theekshana SIX! Into the stands! Fazalhaq Farooqi bangs this short and around middle, slower too, Maheesh Theekshana is already standing on his back foot and waits for it to hammer it over the deep mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
46.20F.Farooqi To : M.Theekshana Fazalhaq Farooqi takes pace off, on a length and on middle, Maheesh Theekshana knocks it down the pitch where Fazalhaq Farooqi sticks out his right leg and parries it towards mid on.
46.10F.Farooqi To : M.Theekshana Fazalhaq Farooqi lands this back of a length and outside off, Maheesh Theekshana backs away and has a swing at it but misses.
45.61N.Haq To : M.Theekshana Short of a length and on middle, Maheesh Theekshana nudges it towards deep square leg for one more. 10 runs off the over!
45.51N.Haq To : A.Mathews Another slower one, length again, on middle, Angelo Mathews clips it through square leg for one.
45.41N.Haq To : M.Theekshana On a length and around off, Maheesh Theekshana pushes it through covers for a run.
45.31N.Haq To : A.Mathews A slower one now, full and on off, Angelo Mathews taps it towards point for a single.
45.20N.Haq To : A.Mathews No run.
45.16N.Haq To : A.Mathews SIX! BANG! What a shot!
44.60R.Khan To : M.Theekshana Ends with a dot does Rashid Khan. Floated up full and outside off, Theekshana drives it away to extra cover.
44.51R.Khan To : A.Mathews 1 run.
44.41R.Khan To : M.Theekshana 1 run.
44.30R.Khan To : M.Theekshana Play and a miss!
44.20R.Khan To : M.Theekshana Tossed up a bit, around middle, Maheesh Theekshana defends it off the front foot.
44.2WdR.Khan To : M.Theekshana Wide! Quicker and flatter, looking to attack the pads but this is spilled down the leg side.
44.11R.Khan To : A.Mathews Flatter delivery on the stumps, Angelo Mathews stays back and flicks it toward mid-wicket for a single.
43.60N.Haq To : M.Theekshana Almost carried! On a good length in the channel, angling in and straightening off the deck. Maheesh Theekshana is pushed back and plays at it with jarring hands on ly to get an outside edge. The ball goes to the right of Rahmanullah Gurbaz and goes down quickly as Gurbaz manages to pluck it on the b
43.51LbN.Haq To : A.Mathews Leg bye.
43.41N.Haq To : M.Theekshana 1 run.
43.30N.Haq To : M.Theekshana No run.
43.24N.Haq To : M.Theekshana Four!
43.10N.Haq To : M.Theekshana Starts the new spell witnh a shortish ball around off, angling in and bouncing a tad extra as well. Maheesh Theekshana looks to fend it off but gets it off the handle of the bat into the ribs.
42.61A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana 1 run.
42.54A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana Four!
42.44A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana Four!
42.30A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana No run.
42.20A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana No run.
42.10A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana Full on off stump, punched on the bounce over the head of Azmatullah Omarzai who leaps up and makes the stop.
41.61R.Khan To : M.Theekshana Rashid Khan playing a few games with the batter now.
41.51R.Khan To : A.Mathews Quicker one on the pads, Angelo Mathews works it off the back foot toward deep square leg for another single.
41.41R.Khan To : M.Theekshana The attempted googly, spinning in from around off, Maheesh Theekshana leans on and smothers the spin before pushing it through mid on for a single.
41.30R.Khan To : M.Theekshana Shortens the length and bowls it around middle, Maheesh Theekshana goes on the back foot to block it out.
41.21R.Khan To : A.Mathews 1 run.
41.11R.Khan To : M.Theekshana 1 run.
40.61A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana Hard length outside off, eased away on the up to sweeper cover for another single.
40.51A.Omarzai To : A.Mathews Short ball around off, Angelo Mathews tries to get inside the line and half-pulls it down through short fine leg for one more.
40.41A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana 1 run.
40.30A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana No run.
40.20A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana Just a touch fuller this time and angling into the stumps, Maheesh Theekshana strokes it toward cover.
40.10A.Omarzai To : M.Theekshana Right on the money!
39.6WR.Khan To : D.Chameera OUT! run out (Ibrahim Zadran).
39.51R.Khan To : A.Mathews 1 run.
39.42R.Khan To : A.Mathews Flighted, full and on middle, Angelo Mathews tucks it towards long on for a run, the fielder hits the stumps at the bowlers end and the ball deflects away as the batter gets across for an extra run.
39.30R.Khan To : A.Mathews Floated, full and on off, Angelo Mathews defends it on the front foot.
39.21R.Khan To : D.Chameera 1 run.
39.10R.Khan To : D.Chameera Short and around off, Dushmantha Chameera punches it towards short covers.
38.61LbF.Farooqi To : D.Chameera Leg bye.
38.5WF.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka OUT! TAKEN! Fazalhaq Farooqi gets his man now! This was coming as the dot balls were piling up.Charith Asalanka c R Khan b F Farooqi 22 (28b 2x4 0x6)
38.40F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka No run.
38.30F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka A slower one now, on a length and on off, Charith Asalanka pushes it back to the bowler. Three dots in a row!
38.20F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka Fazalhaq Farooqi bangs in a bouncer around off, Charith Asalanka lets it go to the keeper.
38.10F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka Full and on middle, Charith Asalanka knocks it towards mid on.
37.61R.Khan To : C.Asalanka 1 run.
37.51R.Khan To : A.Mathews 1 run.
37.40R.Khan To : A.Mathews No run.
37.30R.Khan To : A.Mathews Flighted, full and on off, Angelo Mathews defends it on the front foot.
37.24WdR.Khan To : C.Asalanka FIVE WIDES!
37.21R.Khan To : C.Asalanka Floated, full and around off, Charith Asalanka taps it towards point for a single.
37.14R.Khan To : C.Asalanka FOUR! A lucky boundary!
36.60F.Farooqi To : A.Mathews No run.
36.50F.Farooqi To : A.Mathews Overpithed and on off, Angelo Mathews drills it straight to mid off once again.
36.40F.Farooqi To : A.Mathews No run.
36.30F.Farooqi To : A.Mathews No run.
36.20F.Farooqi To : A.Mathews Fuller one and on off, Angelo Mathews blocks it out towards short covers.
36.11F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka Back of a length and around off, Charith Asalanka punches it through covers for a single.
35.6WR.Khan To : D.Silva OUT! b Rashid Khan.Dhananjaya de Silva b R Khan 14 (26b 1x4 0x6)
35.50R.Khan To : D.Silva No run.
35.40R.Khan To : D.Silva No run.
35.30R.Khan To : D.Silva No run.
35.20R.Khan To : D.Silva Quicker, short and around off, Dhananjaya de Silva pushes it towards short covers.
35.11R.Khan To : C.Asalanka Floated, full and on middle, Charith Asalanka nudges it through square leg for a single.
34.62F.Farooqi To : D.Silva 2 runs.
34.50F.Farooqi To : D.Silva No run.
34.40F.Farooqi To : D.Silva A slower one now, full and on middle, Dhananjaya de Silva blocks it out down the pitch.
34.31F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka Goes fuller but down the leg side, Charith Asalanka clips it towards fine leg for a single.
34.20F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka On a length and on off again, Charith Asalanka dabs it towards point.
34.10F.Farooqi To : C.Asalanka Back of a length and around off, Charith Asalanka punches it straight to short covers.
33.60R.Khan To : D.Silva No run.
33.51R.Khan To : C.Asalanka 1 run.
33.44R.Khan To : C.Asalanka EDGED AND FOUR!
33.30R.Khan To : C.Asalanka Tossed up, full and on off, Charith Asalanka drills it straight back to the bowler.
33.21R.Khan To : D.Silva 1 run.
33.10R.Khan To : D.Silva Quicker, short and on off, Dhananjaya de Silva stabs it back to the bowler.
32.60M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka No run.
32.51M.Nabi To : D.Silva 1 run.
32.41M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka 1 run.
32.31M.Nabi To : D.Silva 1 run.
32.20M.Nabi To : D.Silva No run.
32.13M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka 3 runs.
31.60M.Rahman To : D.Silva No run.
31.50M.Rahman To : D.Silva Pushed through quicker, full and on off, Dhananjaya de Silva taps it towards short covers.
31.41M.Rahman To : C.Asalanka 1 run.
31.31M.Rahman To : D.Silva Tossed up, full and on off, Dhananjaya de Silva drives it towards long off for a single.
31.20M.Rahman To : D.Silva A bit short and around off, Dhananjaya de Silva steers it towards short third man, Asalanka sets off for the run but is sent back.
31.10M.Rahman To : D.Silva No run.
30.60M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka Looped up, full and on off, Charith Asalanka defends it on the front foot.
30.51M.Nabi To : D.Silva Goes short and around off, Dhananjaya de Silva stays back and pushes it through cover-point for one more.
30.41M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka Flighted, full and on off, turns away, Charith Asalanka taps it towards point and scampers across for one.
30.31M.Nabi To : D.Silva 1 run.
30.21M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka 1 run.
30.11M.Nabi To : D.Silva 1 run.
29.60M.Rahman To : C.Asalanka No run.
29.51M.Rahman To : D.Silva Shortish length on middle and leg, this is pushed down to long on for a single.
29.44M.Rahman To : D.Silva Four!
29.30M.Rahman To : D.Silva Flatter again around off, eased away toward cover.
29.20M.Rahman To : D.Silva Quicker and flatter angled into middle, Dhananjaya de Silva rocks back and punches it to the right of the bowler who picks it up and tries to throw it back onto the stumps.
29.1WM.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama OUT! LBW! Mujeeb Ur Rahman strikes again and Sri Lanka lose another set batter. Mujeeb floats this one up a lot fuller on the stumps and it is the googly that just skids on and Samarawickrama is caught on the back foot. Samarawickrama doesnt pick it up and gets beaten on the inside edge before getti
28.61M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama On the shorter side, Sadeera Samarawickrama gets across a bit and pushes it down to long on for one.
28.52M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama Nicely done! Slower and shorter, angling into middle and leg, Sadeera Samarawickrama gets inside the line and paddles it past the keeper toward fine leg. The batters push hard for two and get it with ease in the end.
28.41M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka Full and drifting into off, Charith Asalanka knocks it down to long off for a run.
28.30M.Nabi To : C.Asalanka Bowled from around the stumps and in the channel, Charith Asalanka drives it off the front foot toward extra cover.
28.21M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama Fuller delivery on middle, simply eased down to long on for a single.
28.10M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama Slight hesitation in the middle! Floated up on the pads, Sadeera Samarawickrama flicks it to the right of backward square leg but the fielder makes a good diving stop. The batters start to go for the single but eventually decide against it.
27.60M.Rahman To : C.Asalanka No run.
27.50M.Rahman To : C.Asalanka No run.
27.4WM.Rahman To : K.Mendis OUT! CAUGHT! Kusal Mendis once again gets out to his favorite shot and he has thrown his wicket away. Mujeeb Ur Rahman flicks this one from the back of the hand and bowls it on a length around off, skidding through as well. Mendis gets down on one knee looking for the slog-sweep but the bounce of th
27.31M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama Full and quick around middle, Sadeera Samarawickrama steps out and goes across the stumps a bit before adjusting and whips it through square leg for a single.
27.21M.Rahman To : K.Mendis 1 run.
27.11M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama Quicker one onto middle and off, Sadeera Samarawickrama shows the full face of the bat and pushes it past the diving fielder at silly mid on and down to long on for a single.
26.61M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
26.51M.Nabi To : K.Mendis 1 run.
26.40M.Nabi To : K.Mendis No run.
26.30M.Nabi To : K.Mendis Fuller one on off stump, Kusal Mendis blocks it off the front foot.
26.20M.Nabi To : K.Mendis No run.
26.10M.Nabi To : K.Mendis No run.
25.61M.Rahman To : K.Mendis 1 run.
25.51M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
25.40M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
25.31M.Rahman To : K.Mendis Full and on the stumps, knocked down to long on for a single.
25.20M.Rahman To : K.Mendis Bowls it from wider of the crease and gets it to drift away from around middle, Kusal Mendis watchfully blocks it out.
25.11M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
24.61M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
24.52M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama 2 runs.
24.40M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
24.30M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
24.22M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama Short and wide, staying a bit low, Sadeera Samarawickrama with a lovely late cut off the back foot toward third man. The fielder from deep backward point runs around well to his left and keeps it down to a brace.
24.11M.Nabi To : K.Mendis 1 run.
23.61M.Rahman To : K.Mendis 1 run.
23.51M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
23.40M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
23.31M.Rahman To : K.Mendis Fuller one angled onto the pads, Kusal Mendis gest inside the line and flicks it toward backward square leg for a single.
23.20M.Rahman To : K.Mendis Nagging length, drifting into the stumps, Kusal Mendis gets well forward and keeps it out on the off side.
23.11M.Rahman To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
22.61M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
22.54M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama Four!
22.41M.Nabi To : K.Mendis 1 run.
22.31M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama Flatter delivery outside off, Sadeera Samarawickrama rocks back and cuts it to deep point for one more.
22.21M.Nabi To : K.Mendis 1 run.
22.11M.Nabi To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
21.64R.Khan To : K.Mendis Four!
21.51R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
21.40R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
21.31R.Khan To : K.Mendis 1 run.
21.21R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
21.11R.Khan To : K.Mendis 1 run.
20.64A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama Four!
20.50A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
20.44A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama Four!
20.31A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis 1 run.
20.21A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama Back of a length around off, Sadeera Samarawickrama awkwardly rides the bounce and plays it past square leg for a run.
20.11A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis 1 run.
19.61R.Khan To : K.Mendis 1 run.
19.51R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
19.40R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
19.30R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
19.20R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
19.10R.Khan To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
18.61A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama 1 run.
18.50A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
18.40A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
18.30A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
18.20A.Omarzai To : S.Samarawickrama No run.
18.1WA.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka OUT! c Rahmanullah Gurbaz b Azmatullah Omarzai.Pathum Nissanka c R Gurbaz b A Omarzai 46 (60b 5x4 0x6)
17.60R.Khan To : K.Mendis No run.
17.51R.Khan To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
17.40R.Khan To : P.Nissanka No run.
17.30R.Khan To : P.Nissanka No run.
17.21R.Khan To : K.Mendis 1 run.
17.11R.Khan To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
16.61A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
16.51A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis 1 run.
16.42A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis 2 runs.
16.3WdA.Omarzai To : K.Mendis Wide!
16.34A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis Four!
16.20A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis No run.
16.11A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
15.61R.Khan To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
15.50R.Khan To : P.Nissanka No run.
15.40R.Khan To : P.Nissanka No run.
15.32R.Khan To : P.Nissanka 2 runs.
15.21R.Khan To : K.Mendis 1 run.
15.11R.Khan To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
14.62N.Haq To : K.Mendis 2 runs.
14.50N.Haq To : K.Mendis No run.
14.40N.Haq To : K.Mendis No run.
14.34N.Haq To : K.Mendis Four!
14.21N.Haq To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
14.10N.Haq To : P.Nissanka No run.
13.60A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis No run.
13.51A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
13.40A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka No run.
13.30A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka No run.
13.20A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka No run.
13.10A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka No run.
12.61N.Haq To : P.Nissanka Back of a length and around off Pathum Nissanka punches it through covers for one.
12.51N.Haq To : K.Mendis Naveen-ul-Haq bangs this into the pitch and around off, Kusal Mendis pulls it along the ground through mid-wicket for another run.
12.41N.Haq To : P.Nissanka This is on a good length and around off, Pathum Nissanka runs it down towards third man for a run.
12.30N.Haq To : P.Nissanka No run.
12.24N.Haq To : P.Nissanka FOUR! Fine shot!
12.11N.Haq To : K.Mendis On a length and around off, Kusal Mendis pushes it through covers for a single.
11.60A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka Another full delivery, on off, Pathum Nissanka knocks it with a straight bat towards mid off.
11.50A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka Goes back to his fuller length, on middle, angling in, Pathum Nissanka tucks it towards short mid-wicket.
11.40A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka BEATEN! Azmatullah Omarzai lands this on a good length and around off, nips away a shy bit, Pathum Nissanka tries to punch it away but gets beaten on the outside edge.
11.31A.Omarzai To : K.Mendis This is pitched up and on middle, Kusal Mendis nudges it in front of mid on and scampers across for a run.
11.21A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka Full again but around off this time, Pathum Nissanka pushes it towards sweeper covers for a single.
11.10A.Omarzai To : P.Nissanka Azmatullah Omarzai begins with a fuller delivery, on middle, Pathum Nissanka stays there and knocks it down the pitch.
10.60N.Haq To : K.Mendis This is on a hard length and around off, Kusal Mendis dabs it down towards point again.
10.50N.Haq To : K.Mendis Naveen-ul-Haq pitches this one up, on middle, angling in, Kusal Mendis taps it away towards point.
10.5WdN.Haq To : K.Mendis Goes for another bouncer, on middle, but this one is too high, Kusal Mendis sways away from it. It is called a wide.
10.41N.Haq To : P.Nissanka Touch fuller and around off, Pathum Nissanka pushes it through covers for a run.
10.34N.Haq To : P.Nissanka FOUR! SLASHED! Naveen-ul-Haq lands this short of a length and outside off, Pathum Nissanka throws his bat at it and gets an outside edge as the ball flies to the third man fence for a boundary.
10.20N.Haq To : P.Nissanka Naveen-ul-Haq bangs in a bouncer now around off, Pathum Nissanka looks to ramp it away but misses.
10.11N.Haq To : K.Mendis Naveen-ul-Haq starts with a back-of-a-length delivery around middle, Kusal Mendis rides the bounce and nudges it towards square leg for a single.
9.60F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka A dot to end the first Powerplay and Sri Lanka are 41/1! On a good length around off, angling in as well, Pathum Nissanka bunts it out on the off side.
9.52F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka Hard length outside off, Pathum Nissanka stays there and jabs it away past the point region for a couple of runs.
9.40F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka Good comeback! Full around off but the pace is taken off completely and the ball dips a bit as well. Pathum Nissanka is beaten all ends up.
9.34F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka FOUR! Nailed! Banged in short over leg stump, Pathum Nissanka is quick to swivel and pulls it with disdain into the fine leg fence for four runs.
9.21F.Farooqi To : K.Mendis Bowled back of a length and over off, Kusal Mendis gets across and tucks it away behind square leg for a single.
9.10F.Farooqi To : K.Mendis Good length outside off and angled in, Kusal Mendis crouches and defends it under his eyeline to cover.
8.61M.Rahman To : K.Mendis Shorter again but a bit too straight and Kusal Mendis is able to get inside the line and nudge it round the corner for a single.
8.50M.Rahman To : K.Mendis Slightly slower and shorter around middle, Kusal Mendis makes another block.
8.40M.Rahman To : K.Mendis Flatter delivery at the stumps, Kusal Mendis defends it from his crease.
8.31M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka Catch it, is the call but the ball is well wide of silly mid on. Gives it some air, Pathum Nissanka steps out and looks to go straight but the ball comes off the inner half of the bat and goes uppishly to the right of silly mid on. They get a single.
8.20M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka Full and quick around off, stroked away to the man at cover-point.
8.14M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka FOUR! Gets it through! A tad short and wide, Pathum Nissanka latches onto it and cuts it to the left of the diving fielder at point for a boundary.
7.60F.Farooqi To : K.Mendis BEAUTY! On a nagging length, outside off and looking to angle it in. Kusal Mendis gets squared up as he tries to get across and cover the line but the ball straightens off the deck and goes agonizingly past the outside edge. There is a slight murmur but they dont go for the review this time around.
7.51F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
7.40F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka No run.
7.30F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka No run.
7.24F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka Four!
7.10F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka No run.
6.61M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
6.50M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka No run.
6.40M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka No run.
6.30M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka No run.
6.20M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka No run.
6.10M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka Nagging length outside off, turning in sharply, Pathum Nissanka stays back and dabs it really late down to short third.
5.60F.Farooqi To : K.Mendis No run.
5.50F.Farooqi To : K.Mendis Goes fuller and bowls it straight on off stump, Kusal Mendis solidly blocks it out.
5.40F.Farooqi To : K.Mendis No run.
5.30F.Farooqi To : K.Mendis No run.
5.2WF.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne OUT! LBW! What a review!Dimuth Karunaratne lbw F Farooqi 15 (21b 1x4 0x6)
5.14F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne Four!
4.61M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne 1 run.
4.50M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne No run.
4.41M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
4.31M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne 1 run.
4.21M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
4.11M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne 1 run.
3.60F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka On a hard length over middle and angling in, Pathum Nissanka tucks it away to square leg for no run. A rather watchful start by Sri Lanka.
3.51F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne A touch fuller and swinging back into the stumps, Karunaratne drives it off the inner half to wide mid on and picks up a single.
3.40F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne No run.
3.31F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
3.21F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne 1 run.
3.10F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne No foot movement! Shortish length, well outside off and shaping away. This one skids on as well and Karunaratne looks to play away from the body but is well beaten.
2.60M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka No run.
2.51M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne 1 run.
2.40M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne No run.
2.32M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne 2 runs.
2.21M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
2.10M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka No run.
1.61F.Farooqi To : P.Nissanka A slight mix-up but no harm is done.
1.51F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne 1 run.
1.40F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne Pitched up on middle and leg, shaping into the front pad, Karunaratne jams it out to mid-wicket.
1.30F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne No run.
1.20F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne No run.
1.10F.Farooqi To : D.Karunaratne No run.
0.61M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne A sedate start, just the four singles off the first over. Full and angled in at the pads, flicked away by Karunaratne to deep square leg for one more.
0.51M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka 1 run.
0.41M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne Dimuth Karunaratne is off the mark as well. Flatter delivery on middle, Karunaratne drives it down to long on and turns the strike over.
0.30M.Rahman To : D.Karunaratne Good fielding! Comes from around the wicket to the left-hander and serves it a touch shorter around off. Dimuth Karunaratne punches it out to the left of short cover where Rashid Khan dives in and saves the single.
0.21M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka Pathum Nissanka and Sri Lanka are underway! Another one that curves into the stumps, Nissanka eases it toward mid on and gets across for a quick single.
0.10M.Rahman To : P.Nissanka Right on target! This is quicker and flatter, swerving into the stumps, Pathum Nissanka stays watchful and keeps it out.
Match Info
Match AFG vs SL (Match 30) ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
Time 08:30 AM 2023-10-30 (UTC)
Toss Afghanistan won the toss and opt to bowl
Stadium Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Pune