Australia Netherlands
399-8 (50.0) 90-10 (21.0)
Australia beat Netherlands by 309 runs
Datetime 08:30 AM 2023-10-25 (UTC)
Match Match 24
Series ICC World Cup 2023
Stadium Arun Jaitley Stadium Delhi

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Australia Netherlands
399-8 (50.0) 90-10 (21.0)
Australia beat Netherlands by 309 runs
Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
D.Warner ★ 96 87 10 3 110.3
J.Inglis ★ 0 1 0 0 0.0

AUS 399-8 (50.0)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
M.Marsh 9 15 2 0 60.0
c C.Ackermann b L.Beek
D.Warner 104 93 11 3 111.8
c A.Dutt b L.Beek
S.Smith 71 68 9 1 104.4
c R.Merwe b A.Dutt
M.Labuschagne 62 47 7 2 131.9
c A.Dutt b B.Leede
J.Inglis 14 12 1 1 116.7
c S.Engelbrecht b B.Leede
G.Maxwell 106 44 9 8 240.9
c S.Engelbrecht b L.Beek
C.Green 8 11 1 0 72.7
run out (S.Engelbrecht)
P.Cummins 12 9 2 0 133.3
not out
M.Starc 0 1 0 0 0.0
c C.Ackermann b L.Beek
A.Zampa 1 1 0 0 100.0
not out
J.Hazlewood DNY
Extra 12 b 0, lb 0, w 11, nb 1, p 0
Total 399-8 (50.0) 8.0 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
V.Singh 4.0 0 27 0 6.8 0
C.Ackermann 4.0 0 19 0 4.8 0
B.Leede 10.0 0 115 2 11.5 0
R.Merwe 5.0 0 41 0 8.2 0
L.Beek 10.0 0 74 4 7.4 0
A.Dutt 7.0 0 59 1 8.4 0
P.Meekeren 10.0 0 64 0 6.4 0
Fall OF Wickets
Mitchell Marsh28-13.5
Steven Smith160-223.3
Marnus Labuschagne244-336.1
Josh Inglis266-438.6
David Warner267-539.1
Cameron Green290-642.2
Glenn Maxwell393-749.3
Mitchell Starc393-849.4

NED 90-10 (21.0)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
V.Singh 25 25 6 0 100.0
run out (G.Maxwell)
M.ODowd 6 9 1 0 66.7
bowled b M.Starc
C.Ackermann 10 11 2 0 90.9
lbw b J.Hazlewood
S.Engelbrecht 11 21 1 0 52.4
c D.Warner b M.Marsh
B.Leede 4 7 1 0 57.1
lbw b P.Cummins
S.Edwards 12 22 0 0 54.5
not out
T.Nidamanuru 14 18 2 0 77.8
c J.Inglis b M.Marsh
L.Beek 0 3 0 0 0.0
c J.Inglis b A.Zampa
R.Merwe 0 1 0 0 0.0
lbw b A.Zampa
A.Dutt 1 8 0 0 12.5
lbw b A.Zampa
P.Meekeren 0 1 0 0 0.0
st J.Inglis b A.Zampa
Extra 7 b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 0, p 0
Total 90-10 (21.0) 4.3 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
M.Marsh 4.0 0 19 2 4.8 0
P.Cummins 4.0 0 14 1 3.5 0
M.Starc 4.0 0 22 1 5.5 0
J.Hazlewood 6.0 0 27 1 4.5 0
A.Zampa 3.0 0 8 4 2.7 0
Fall OF Wickets
Max ODowd28-14.5
Vikramjit Singh37-25.5
Colin Ackermann47-39.2
Bas de Leede53-410.5
Sybrand Engelbrecht62-513.2
Teja Nidamanuru84-617.5
Logan van Beek86-718.3
Roelof van der Merwe86-818.4
Aryan Dutt90-920.5
5010 Runs (4 0 W W 1 Wd 4)AUS : 399-8
4928 Runs (4 4 6 6 7Nb 1 0)AUS : 389-6
4821 Runs (6 1 Wd Wd 4 1 6 1)AUS : 361-6
4715 Runs (2 6 0 6 0 1)AUS : 340-6
4613 Runs (1 1 4 6 0 1)AUS : 325-6
457 Runs (Wd 0 1 1 1 2 1)AUS : 312-6
448 Runs (4 0 0 0 2 2)AUS : 305-6
439 Runs (1 W 4 2 1 0)AUS : 297-6
426 Runs (0 4 1 0 0 1)AUS : 288-5
4114 Runs (4 1 0 4 4 1)AUS : 282-5
402 Runs (Wd W 0 0 0 0 1)AUS : 268-5
397 Runs (1 1 4 1 0 W)AUS : 266-4
3810 Runs (1 1 6 1 1 0)AUS : 259-3
375 Runs (W 0 0 4 0 1)AUS : 249-3
3613 Runs (6 4 1 0 1 1)AUS : 244-2
353 Runs (2 1 0 0 0 0)AUS : 231-2
3415 Runs (6 4 0 4 0 1)AUS : 228-2
3310 Runs (4 1 4 0 0 1)AUS : 213-2
324 Runs (0 1 1 1 0 Wd 0)AUS : 203-2
317 Runs (0 1 1 Wd 4 0 0)AUS : 199-2
307 Runs (0 0 1 1 4 1)AUS : 192-2
295 Runs (0 2 0 0 1 Wd 1)AUS : 185-2
284 Runs (0 1 0 1 2 0)AUS : 180-2
273 Runs (0 0 0 1 2 0)AUS : 176-2
267 Runs (1 1 4 1 0 0)AUS : 173-2
254 Runs (0 1 2 0 0 1)AUS : 166-2
244 Runs (0 2 W 1 0 1)AUS : 162-2
2319 Runs (6 4 1 4 0 4)AUS : 158-1
228 Runs (6 0 0 1 0 1)AUS : 139-1
217 Runs (1 1 1 0 4 0)AUS : 131-1
205 Runs (1 1 1 0 0 2)AUS : 124-1
194 Runs (0 1 0 1 1 1)AUS : 119-1
1816 Runs (6 4 0 0 4 2)AUS : 115-1
179 Runs (0 1 1 6 1 0)AUS : 99-1
162 Runs (0 0 1 1 0 0)AUS : 90-1
153 Runs (0 0 1 1 0 1)AUS : 88-1
146 Runs (Wd 0 0 1 0 4 0)AUS : 85-1
138 Runs (1 1 1 0 4 1)AUS : 79-1
123 Runs (1 0 0 1 0 1)AUS : 71-1
112 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 1)AUS : 68-1
1013 Runs (4 4 4 0 1 0)AUS : 66-1
92 Runs (1 0 1 0 0 0)AUS : 53-1
81 Runs (0 0 0 1 0 0)AUS : 51-1
712 Runs (Wd 0 1 2 4 0 4)AUS : 50-1
68 Runs (2 0 0 2 0 4)AUS : 38-1
51 Runs (0 0 0 0 1 0)AUS : 30-1
42 Runs (0 0 Wd 0 0 W 1)AUS : 29-1
316 Runs (0 4 4 4 4 0)AUS : 27-0
23 Runs (1 1 1 0 0 0)AUS : 11-0
18 Runs (0 4 0 0 4 0)AUS : 8-0
BowlRunBowlerTo :BatsmanDetails
20.6WA.Zampa To : P.Meekeren OUT! STUMPED! Adam Zampa wraps up the game with wickets off successive deliveries!Paul van Meekeren st J Inglis b A Zampa 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
20.5WA.Zampa To : A.Dutt OUT! lbw b Adam Zampa.Aryan Dutt lbw A Zampa 1 (8b 0x4 0x6)
20.41A.Zampa To : S.Edwards 1 run.
20.31A.Zampa To : A.Dutt Tossed up now, full and on off, Aryan Dutt plays it with the turn to long off for a single.
20.20A.Zampa To : A.Dutt Another googly, full and turning in, on middle and leg, Aryan Dutt has a swipe across the line but drags the ball back onto his feet.
20.11A.Zampa To : S.Edwards 1 run.
19.60M.Marsh To : A.Dutt No run.
19.50M.Marsh To : A.Dutt No run.
19.40M.Marsh To : A.Dutt No run.
19.31M.Marsh To : S.Edwards 1 run.
19.20M.Marsh To : S.Edwards No run.
19.10M.Marsh To : S.Edwards No run.
18.60A.Zampa To : A.Dutt No run.
18.50A.Zampa To : A.Dutt No run.
18.4WA.Zampa To : R.Merwe OUT! lbw b Adam Zampa.Roelof van der Merwe lbw A Zampa 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
18.3WA.Zampa To : L.Beek OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Adam Zampa joins in on the fun now. Logan van Beek departs for a duck as Netherlands slip further.Logan van Beek c J Inglis b A Zampa 0 (3b 0x4 0x6)
18.20A.Zampa To : L.Beek No run.
18.11A.Zampa To : S.Edwards 1 run.
17.60M.Marsh To : L.Beek No run.
17.6WdM.Marsh To : L.Beek Wide!
17.5WM.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru OUT! c Josh Inglis b Mitchell Marsh.Teja Nidamanuru c J Inglis b M Marsh 14 (18b 2x4 0x6)
17.41M.Marsh To : S.Edwards 1 run.
17.31M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru 1 run.
17.20M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru No run.
17.14M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru FOUR! Shot of authority!
16.60A.Zampa To : S.Edwards No run.
16.51A.Zampa To : T.Nidamanuru 1 run.
16.41A.Zampa To : S.Edwards Floats it up, on middle, Scott Edwards plants his foot forward and pushes it in front of long on for a run.
16.31A.Zampa To : T.Nidamanuru 1 run.
16.21A.Zampa To : S.Edwards 1 run.
16.10A.Zampa To : S.Edwards No run.
15.62M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru 2 runs.
15.50M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru A bit of away movement, on a good length, outside off, Teja Nidamanuru checks his shot and dabs it with soft hands to point.
15.41M.Marsh To : S.Edwards Bangs it in short, outside off, Scott Edwards rides on top of the bounce and controls the pull to deep square leg for one more run.
15.30M.Marsh To : S.Edwards No run.
15.21M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru Angling in, on the pads, on a back of a length, Teja Nidamanuru helps it away to fine leg for a run.
15.11M.Marsh To : S.Edwards Targets the stumps, on a full length, Scott Edwards turns this one in front of deep square leg and calls for two immediately. The fielder in the deep swoops in quickly and keeps it to a single.
14.60P.Cummins To : T.Nidamanuru No run.
14.50P.Cummins To : T.Nidamanuru Good bumper! Into the wicket, outside off, Teja Nidamanuru sways out of the way and lets the ball pass.
14.40P.Cummins To : T.Nidamanuru No run.
14.30P.Cummins To : T.Nidamanuru No run.
14.20P.Cummins To : T.Nidamanuru No run.
14.11P.Cummins To : S.Edwards 1 run.
13.64M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru Four!
13.50M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru No run.
13.5WdM.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru WIDE! A wayward delivery by Mitchell Marsh as this is short but way down leg. Left alone by Teja Nidamanuru for a wide.
13.40M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru No run.
13.4WdM.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru WIDE! On a length but angling down leg, Teja Nidamanuru lets it go for a wide.
13.30M.Marsh To : T.Nidamanuru Back of a length, on middle, Teja Nidamanuru gets behind the line and pushes it towards mid off.
13.2WM.Marsh To : S.Engelbrecht OUT! c David Warner b Mitchell Marsh.Sybrand Engelbrecht c D Warner b M Marsh 11 (21b 1x4 0x6)
13.10M.Marsh To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
12.60P.Cummins To : S.Edwards Full and on the off stump line, Scott Edwards tries to drive this one towards mid off but the ball seams in. He mishits the shot to mid on for another dot.
12.50P.Cummins To : S.Edwards Full and honing in at the stumps, at 141.1 clicks, Scott Edwards plays this one cautiously and dabs it to backward point.
12.41P.Cummins To : S.Engelbrecht 1 run.
12.31P.Cummins To : S.Edwards Just outside off, on a length, Scott Edwards plays it right under his eyes and steers it past backward point for a single.
12.20P.Cummins To : S.Edwards No run.
12.11P.Cummins To : S.Engelbrecht 1 run.
11.63J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht 3 runs.
11.51J.Hazlewood To : S.Edwards 1 run.
11.40J.Hazlewood To : S.Edwards At 135.9 clicks, on a good length, outside off, Scott Edwards gives the charge and lifts his bat to let the ball pass.
11.31J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht 1 run.
11.3WdJ.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht Wide!
11.20J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
11.10J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
10.60P.Cummins To : S.Edwards No run.
10.5WP.Cummins To : B.Leede OUT! lbw b Pat Cummins.Bas de Leede lbw P Cummins 4 (7b 1x4 0x6)
10.44P.Cummins To : B.Leede Four!
10.30P.Cummins To : B.Leede No run.
10.21P.Cummins To : S.Engelbrecht In the channel on off, on a length, Sybrand Engelbrecht pushes at the delivery away from the body. Gets an outside edge that rolls to third man for a single.
10.10P.Cummins To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
9.60J.Hazlewood To : B.Leede No run.
9.6WdJ.Hazlewood To : B.Leede Wide!
9.50J.Hazlewood To : B.Leede No run.
9.40J.Hazlewood To : B.Leede No run.
9.30J.Hazlewood To : B.Leede On the good length again outside the off stump. Bas de Leede pushes the ball to covers off the front foot.
9.2WJ.Hazlewood To : C.Ackermann OUT! lbw b Josh Hazlewood.Colin Ackermann lbw J Hazlewood 10 (11b 2x4 0x6)
9.10J.Hazlewood To : C.Ackermann No run.
8.60P.Cummins To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
8.51P.Cummins To : C.Ackermann 1 run.
8.44P.Cummins To : C.Ackermann Four!
8.30P.Cummins To : C.Ackermann just short at the leg stump line. Colin Ackermann flicks the ball off the back foot straight to the man at mid-wicket.
8.20P.Cummins To : C.Ackermann Good length ball again on top of the off stump. Colin Ackermann stands on the crease to block the ball to covers.
8.10P.Cummins To : C.Ackermann Starts off with a good length ball outside the off stump. Colin Ackermann plays it late but straight to the man at point.
7.60J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht Just short outside the off stump and Sybrand Engelbrecht is beaten by the pace while playing a back foot punch through covers. The Australians appeal for a caught behind but the umpire says no.
7.50J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht Another good length ball coming into the right hander. Sybrand Engelbrecht blocks it off the front foot back to the bowler.
7.40J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht Just short on the off stump line, Sybrand Engelbrecht blocks it off from the crease.
7.30J.Hazlewood To : S.Engelbrecht Good length ball again on the stumps. Sybrand Engelbrecht pushes the ball straight to mid on off the front foot.
7.21J.Hazlewood To : C.Ackermann 1 run.
7.10J.Hazlewood To : C.Ackermann No run.
6.60M.Starc To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
6.50M.Starc To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
6.40M.Starc To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
6.30M.Starc To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
6.24M.Starc To : S.Engelbrecht Four!
6.10M.Starc To : S.Engelbrecht No run.
5.60J.Hazlewood To : C.Ackermann No run.
5.5WJ.Hazlewood To : V.Singh OUT! run out (Glenn Maxwell).Vikramjit Singh run out (Glenn Maxwell) 25 (25b 6x4 0x6)
5.44J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh Four!
5.30J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh No run.
5.20J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh No run.
5.10J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh No run.
4.64M.Starc To : C.Ackermann FOUR! That superbly timed off the front foot to get off the mark. Colin Ackermann gets off the mark with a beauty. Mitchell Starc pitches the ball up on the middle stump line with some in swing. Colin Ackermann takes the front leg out and pushes the ball straight back beating mid on for a welcome bo
4.6WdM.Starc To : C.Ackermann Wide! Wayward swing outside the leg stump. Wide called.
4.5WM.Starc To : M.ODowd OUT! GETS THE TIMBER! It was coming and the Australians could see it coming. Mitchell Starc bowls this one outside the off stump to generate some in swing from there. The ball pitches and moves straight. Max ODowd takes the front leg out and looks to push the ball through covers, but in the end only
4.40M.Starc To : M.ODowd Another inswinger at the middle stump by Mitchell Starc. Max ODowd gets a hit again on the pads after a slight inside edge. Max ODowd living dangerously at the moment.
4.30M.Starc To : M.ODowd Swinging in from a very good area at the stumps. Max ODowd gets a hit on the pads after a slight inside edge.
4.20M.Starc To : M.ODowd That one comes in sharp after pitching at a good length on the leg stump. Max ODowd gets a hit on the thigh pad as he looks to block the ball from the crease.
4.10M.Starc To : M.ODowd Pitched up outside the off stump by Mitchell Starc. Max ODowd mistimes the cover driver straight to covers on the bounce.
3.60J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh Hits the good length hard on the off stump. Vikramjit Singh takes the front leg out and pushes the ball straight to mid off to end the over.
3.50J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh Well directed bouncer at the batter from around the wicket. Vikramjit Singh lets the ball go through.
3.40J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh Just short outside the off stump and Vikramjit Singh punches the ball off the backfoot straight to the fielder.
3.30J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh Swing and a miss again for Vikramjit Singh to the length ball outside the off stump. Misses the edge again.
3.21J.Hazlewood To : M.ODowd CHANCE MISSED! That is missed by a mile. Josh Hazlewood hits the length and Max ODowd taps the ball next to the bowler and calls for a single. Josh Hazlewood picks up and takes a throw at the strikers end where Vikramjit Singh is well short of his ground and he misses. Netherlands take a run.
3.10J.Hazlewood To : M.ODowd Hits the good length hard outside the off stump with some inswing on the ball. Max ODowd blocks it off the front foot and the ball hits his inner thigh.
2.60M.Starc To : V.Singh At 143.9 clicks, full and honing in at the pads, Vikramjit Singh gets hurried and misses out to clip it away. Gets weared on the front pad but the impact was outside leg.
2.50M.Starc To : V.Singh Full and zoning in at the pads, Vikramjit Singh does not account for the inward movement and gets rapped on the back leg. Half an appeal for LBW but turned down by the umpire. Australia do not go for the review as the ball seemed to be heading down leg.
2.40M.Starc To : V.Singh Pitched up at the stumps. Vikramjit Singh offers a front foot defence.
2.4WdM.Starc To : V.Singh WIDE! A wayward delivery by Mitchell Starc as he bangs it in short and way down leg. Vikramjit Singh lets it go. Josh Inglis moves to his right but fails to grab the ball cleanly but the batters do not run on the fumble.
2.34M.Starc To : V.Singh FOUR! Lucky again. Just short by Mitchell Starc outside the off stump and Vikramjit Singh launches a cut to get a thick outside edge that flies to the left of the second slip to take the ball to the third man boundary.
2.24M.Starc To : V.Singh FOUR! Thats lucky for Vikramjit Singh and the Netherlands. Mitchell Starc pitches the ball up on the stumps with a hint of out swing movement and Vikramjit Singh gets a top edge over point as he looks to flick the ball on the leg side. The ball races away to the point boundary.
2.10M.Starc To : V.Singh Pitches the ball up on the off stump. Vikramjit Singh pushes the ball straight to covers off the front foot.
1.61J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh Change of angle for Josh Hazlewood, hits the length from around the wicket. Vikramjit Singh gets an inside edge to deep square leg for a single as he looks to block the ball.
1.54J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh FOUR! That is back-to-back boundaries for Vikramjit Singh. Good length ball this time and he takes the front leg out and slams the ball between point and cover point for another boundary. What a shot!
1.44J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh FOUR! That is elegant through the point area. Just short ball outside the off stump and Vikramjit Singh stands tall and flows his arms in the line of the ball timing it to perfection between point and cover point for his second boundary.
1.30J.Hazlewood To : V.Singh Swing and a miss again for Vikramjit Singh. Good length ball outside the off stump and Vikramjit Singh gets beaten while swinging the bat in the line.
1.21J.Hazlewood To : M.ODowd On the pads from the length. Flicked away to fine leg for a single by Max ODowd.
1.14J.Hazlewood To : M.ODowd FOUR! Lucky for Max ODowd, lucky for Netherlands. Short ball outside the off stump to start with and Max ODowd goes for the cut but gets a bottom edge to take the ball to the third man boundary in a flash.
0.64M.Starc To : V.Singh FOUR! That is timed very well to bring up the first boundary of the innings. Netherlands away with a boundary. Pitched up on the stumps and Vikramjit Singh flicks the ball between mid-wicket and mid on for his first boundary of the innings.
0.50M.Starc To : V.Singh Swing and a miss again. Swinging away from the fuller length again outside the off stump. Vikramjit Singh looks to play another shot through covers but the late swing beats the bat again.
0.40M.Starc To : V.Singh Pitched up again, swinging away. Vikramjit Singh takes the front foot out and punches the ball to mid off.
0.30M.Starc To : V.Singh Bowls further up with the seems position taking it away from the left hander. Vikramjit Singh is beaten again looking to push it through covers off the front foot.
0.20M.Starc To : V.Singh Short and wide with a bit of an outswinger. Vikramjit Singh gets beaten completely as he looks to cut the ball hard.
0.10M.Starc To : V.Singh Starts off full on the off stump looking for that away movement to the left hander. Vikramjit Singh offers a front foot defence back to the bowler.
49.6Wd1L.Beek To : P.Cummins Wide!
49.64L.Beek To : P.Cummins Four!
49.51L.Beek To : A.Zampa No hat-trick for Logan van Beek! Nails the yorker, at the toes, Adam Zampa makes room and digs it out to mid-wicket for a single.
49.4WL.Beek To : M.Starc OUT! c Colin Ackermann b Logan van Beek.Mitchell Starc c C Ackermann b Lv Beek 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
49.3WL.Beek To : G.Maxwell OUT! c Sybrand Engelbrecht b Logan van Beek.Glenn Maxwell c S Engelbrecht b Lv Beek 106 (44b 9x4 8x6)
49.20L.Beek To : G.Maxwell No run.
49.14L.Beek To : G.Maxwell Four!
48.60B.Leede To : P.Cummins No run.
48.56NbB.Leede To : G.Maxwell No ball and Six!
48.51B.Leede To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
48.46B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Six!
48.36B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Six!
48.24B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Four!
48.14B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Four!
47.61L.Beek To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
47.56L.Beek To : G.Maxwell Six!
47.41L.Beek To : P.Cummins 1 run.
47.3WdL.Beek To : P.Cummins Wide!
47.34L.Beek To : P.Cummins Four!
47.21L.Beek To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
47.16L.Beek To : G.Maxwell Six!
46.61B.Leede To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
46.50B.Leede To : G.Maxwell No run.
46.46B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Six!
46.30B.Leede To : G.Maxwell No run.
46.26B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Six!
46.12B.Leede To : G.Maxwell 2 runs.
45.61P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
45.50P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell No run.
45.46P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell Six!
45.34P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell Four!
45.21P.Meekeren To : P.Cummins 1 run.
45.11P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
44.61B.Leede To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
44.52B.Leede To : G.Maxwell 2 runs.
44.41B.Leede To : P.Cummins 1 run.
44.31B.Leede To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
44.21B.Leede To : P.Cummins 1 run.
44.10B.Leede To : P.Cummins No run.
44.1WdB.Leede To : P.Cummins Wide!
43.62P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell 2 runs.
43.52P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell 2 runs.
43.40P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell Bends his back and bangs it in short, left alone by Glenn Maxwell thinking it is a wide but the umpire thinks otherwise.
43.30P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell Full and honing in at the pads, Glenn Maxwell looks to help the ball on its way but misses out and wears it on the pads.
43.20P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell Shortish length, wide outside off as well, Glenn Maxwell backs away to cut it hard but does not connect.
43.14P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell FOUR! Smart batting! Back of a length, outside off, Glenn Maxwell picks the line and length early and gets into a good position. Opens the bat face and guides it wide of short third man for a boundary. 300 comes up for Australia!
42.60R.Merwe To : P.Cummins No run.
42.51R.Merwe To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
42.42R.Merwe To : G.Maxwell 2 runs.
42.34R.Merwe To : G.Maxwell Four!
42.2WR.Merwe To : G.Maxwell OUT! RUN OUT!  A direct hit by Sybrand Engelbrecht and Cameron Green is gone!Cameron Green run out (Sybrand Engelbrecht) 8 (11b 1x4 0x6)
42.11R.Merwe To : C.Green 1 run.
41.61P.Meekeren To : C.Green 1 run.
41.50P.Meekeren To : C.Green No run.
41.40P.Meekeren To : C.Green No run.
41.31P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
41.24P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell Four!
41.10P.Meekeren To : G.Maxwell No run.
40.61B.Leede To : G.Maxwell 1 run.
40.54B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Four!
40.44B.Leede To : G.Maxwell Four!
40.30B.Leede To : G.Maxwell No run.
40.21B.Leede To : C.Green 1 run.
40.14B.Leede To : C.Green Four!
39.61L.Beek To : C.Green 1 run.
39.50L.Beek To : C.Green No run.
39.40L.Beek To : C.Green No run.
39.30L.Beek To : C.Green No run.
39.20L.Beek To : C.Green No run.
39.1WdL.Beek To : D.Warner Wide!
39.1WL.Beek To : D.Warner OUT! c Aryan Dutt b Logan van Beek.David Warner c A Dutt b Lv Beek 104 (93b 11x4 3x6)
38.6WB.Leede To : J.Inglis OUT! c Sybrand Engelbrecht b Bas de Leede.Josh Inglis c S Engelbrecht b Bd Leede 14 (12b 1x4 1x6)
38.50B.Leede To : J.Inglis No run.
38.41B.Leede To : D.Warner 1 run.
38.34B.Leede To : D.Warner Four!
38.21B.Leede To : J.Inglis 1 run.
38.11B.Leede To : D.Warner 1 run.
37.60L.Beek To : J.Inglis No run.
37.51L.Beek To : D.Warner 1 run.
37.41L.Beek To : J.Inglis 1 run.
37.36L.Beek To : J.Inglis Six!
37.21L.Beek To : D.Warner 1 run.
37.11L.Beek To : J.Inglis 1 run.
36.61B.Leede To : J.Inglis 1 run.
36.50B.Leede To : J.Inglis No run.
36.44B.Leede To : J.Inglis Four!
36.30B.Leede To : J.Inglis No run.
36.20B.Leede To : J.Inglis No run.
36.1WB.Leede To : M.Labuschagne OUT! c Aryan Dutt b Bas de Leede.Marnus Labuschagne c A Dutt b Bd Leede 62 (47b 7x4 2x6)
35.61A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
35.51A.Dutt To : D.Warner 1 run.
35.40A.Dutt To : D.Warner No run.
35.31A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
35.24A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Four!
35.16A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Six!
34.60B.Leede To : D.Warner No run.
34.50B.Leede To : D.Warner No run.
34.40B.Leede To : D.Warner No run.
34.30B.Leede To : D.Warner No run.
34.21B.Leede To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
34.12B.Leede To : M.Labuschagne On the pads from a good length and Marnus Labuschagne flicks it to the left of fine leg and runs a couple.
33.61R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne Drops it short, on the pads, Marnus Labuschagne tucks it gently towards deep square leg and he has to settle for a single.
33.50R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne Floated up, on off, Marnus Labuschagne lunges forward and drives it hard to extra cover.
33.44R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne FOUR! Deft touch! Closer to the off stump, short in length, Marnus Labuschagne hangs on the back foot and allows the ball to come to him and plays it right under his eyes. Opens the bat face and beats Aryan Dutt at short third man to his left despite the dive. Roelof van der Merwe expresses his disa
33.30R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne Darts this one back in, short and on off, Marnus Labuschagne makes room and punches it hard to extra cover.
33.24R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne FOUR! On the pads and Marnus Labuschagne helps it on its way to find back to back boundaries for Australia. Plays it late to find the fine leg boundary.
33.16R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne SIX! fetches the ball from outside the off stump and deposits it rows behind deep mid-wicket boundary. Pitched up ball by Roelof van der Merwe does not work.
32.61B.Leede To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
32.50B.Leede To : M.Labuschagne No run.
32.40B.Leede To : M.Labuschagne No run.
32.34B.Leede To : M.Labuschagne Four!
32.21B.Leede To : D.Warner 1 run.
32.14B.Leede To : D.Warner Four!
31.60R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne No run.
31.6Wd1R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne Wide!
31.50R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne No run.
31.41R.Merwe To : D.Warner Just short at the leg stump line. David Warner taps it to deep mid-wicket and runs a single.
31.31R.Merwe To : M.Labuschagne Tossed up on the leg stump. Marnus Labuschagne moves around and drives the ball to long off for a single.
31.21R.Merwe To : D.Warner On the pads again. David Warner turns it to deep square leg for a single.
31.10R.Merwe To : D.Warner bowls just short on the stumps. David Warner flicks it straight to mid-wicket.
30.60P.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne No run.
30.50P.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne Hits the deck outside the off stump. Marnus Labuschagne tucks it straight to point.
30.44P.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne FOUR! It was coming, everyone could see it. Marnus Labuschagne has been middling the ball well this entire over and now picks up a beautiful boundary behind square. Short ball on his helmet but this time he pulls it well behind deep square leg for another boundary.
30.4WdP.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne Wide! Wayward slower ball outside the leg stump. Marnus Labuschagne looks to run it down but is beaten. Umpire says wide.
30.31P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Just short on top of the off stump. David Warner punches the ball to sweepers and takes a run.
30.21P.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne Short and a little bit of width offered and Marnus Labuschagne cuts it hard but finds sweepers waiting. Picks up a single.
30.10P.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne Pitches the ball up to Marnus Labuschagne on the off stump and he crunches the ball off the front foot straight to mid off.
29.61A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
29.54A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Four!
29.41A.Dutt To : D.Warner A bit of away turn, fractionally short, on off, David Warner crouches and plays it with the turn to deep point for a single.
29.31A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne A bit wide outside off, Marnus Labuschagne stands tall and punches this short delivery to long on for a run.
29.20A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Pitched up again just outside off, Marnus Labuschagne pushes the ball back to bowler.
29.10A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Drops it short and quicker, on off, pushed back to the bowler by Marnus Labuschagne.
28.61P.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne Back of a length, around off, Marnus Labuschagne walks across and nudges it in front of square on the leg side for a single.
28.6WdP.Meekeren To : M.Labuschagne WIDE! Bangs this one way too short, the ball sails over the head of Marnus Labuschagne for a wide.
28.51P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Slower and fuller again on the 4th wicket, David Warner tries to drive the ball camping back to his cover but gets an inside edge, the ball was moving just at the side of the pitch but quick single taken by the batters.
28.40P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Takes pace off now and bowls it full, on middle, David Warner drives well but straight to mid off.
28.30P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Good bouncer, straight to the shoulder of David Warner, he had to duck as it contained a really good amount of pace.
28.22P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Good cricket all around! Pacy delivery, on a length, outside off, David Warner gets the width he needs and slaps it past backward point. Bas de Leede in the deep, covers good ground and slides to his right to keep it to two runs.
28.10P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Slower yorker pitched on the leg of David Warner, he looks to block the ball to his on side, but got a soft leading edge back to the bowler.
27.60A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Pushed through, short and on the fourth stump line, Marnus Labuschagne stays on the back foot and pats it back to the bowler.
27.52A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Short, outside off, Marnus Labuschagne cuts the ball to deep extra cover for quick double.
27.41A.Dutt To : D.Warner Slanting in, full and on off, David Warner pushes with a straight bat and beats the diving Aryan Dutt to his right for a single.
27.30A.Dutt To : D.Warner Drifts on the pads this time, David Warner works this full delivery straight to short fine leg.
27.21A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Flight and full, on off, Marnus Labuschagne lunges forward and drives the ball to long on for a single.
27.10A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Flatter delivery, short and at the pads, Marnus Labuschagne tries to tickle it fine but the ball skids a bit and catches the inside edge before rolling to short fine leg.
26.60L.Beek To : D.Warner Bowls it from closer to the stumps, honing in, on a length, at the pads, David Warner stabs it watchfully towards short mid-wicket.
26.52L.Beek To : D.Warner Tries for a yorker, but bowls full and on middle and off, Warner opens the bat face and places the ball to deep backward point for double.
26.41L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne At 130.6 clicks, shortish delivery, on off, Marnus Labuschagne rises on the back foot and helps it down to fine leg for a single.
26.30L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne No run.
26.20L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne No run.
26.10L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne No run.
25.60A.Dutt To : D.Warner No run.
25.50A.Dutt To : D.Warner No run.
25.41A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
25.34A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne Four!
25.21A.Dutt To : D.Warner 1 run.
25.11A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
24.61L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
24.50L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne No run.
24.40L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne No run.
24.32L.Beek To : M.Labuschagne 2 runs.
24.21L.Beek To : D.Warner 1 run.
24.10L.Beek To : D.Warner No run.
23.61A.Dutt To : D.Warner 1 run.
23.50A.Dutt To : D.Warner No run.
23.41A.Dutt To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
23.3WA.Dutt To : S.Smith OUT! c Roelof van der Merwe b Aryan Dutt.
23.22A.Dutt To : S.Smith 2 runs.
23.10A.Dutt To : S.Smith No run.
22.64B.Leede To : D.Warner Four!
22.50B.Leede To : D.Warner No run.
22.44B.Leede To : D.Warner Four!
22.31B.Leede To : S.Smith 1 run.
22.24B.Leede To : S.Smith Four!
22.16B.Leede To : S.Smith Six!
21.61R.Merwe To : S.Smith 1 run.
21.50R.Merwe To : S.Smith No run.
21.41R.Merwe To : D.Warner 1 run.
21.30R.Merwe To : D.Warner No run.
21.20R.Merwe To : D.Warner No run.
21.16R.Merwe To : D.Warner Six!
20.60B.Leede To : S.Smith No run.
20.54B.Leede To : S.Smith Four!
20.40B.Leede To : S.Smith No run.
20.31B.Leede To : D.Warner 1 run.
20.21B.Leede To : S.Smith 1 run.
20.11B.Leede To : D.Warner 1 run.
19.62R.Merwe To : S.Smith 2 runs.
19.50R.Merwe To : S.Smith No run.
19.40R.Merwe To : S.Smith No run.
19.31R.Merwe To : D.Warner 1 run.
19.21R.Merwe To : S.Smith 1 run.
19.11R.Merwe To : D.Warner 1 run.
18.61C.Ackermann To : D.Warner 1 run.
18.51C.Ackermann To : S.Smith 1 run.
18.41C.Ackermann To : D.Warner 1 run.
18.30C.Ackermann To : D.Warner No run.
18.21C.Ackermann To : S.Smith 1 run.
18.10C.Ackermann To : S.Smith No run.
17.62V.Singh To : D.Warner 2 runs.
17.54V.Singh To : D.Warner Four!
17.40V.Singh To : D.Warner No run.
17.30V.Singh To : D.Warner No run.
17.24V.Singh To : D.Warner Four!
17.16V.Singh To : D.Warner Six!
16.60C.Ackermann To : S.Smith No run.
16.51C.Ackermann To : D.Warner 1 run.
16.46C.Ackermann To : D.Warner Six!
16.31C.Ackermann To : S.Smith 1 run.
16.21C.Ackermann To : D.Warner 1 run.
16.10C.Ackermann To : D.Warner No run.
15.60V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
15.50V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
15.41V.Singh To : D.Warner 1 run.
15.31V.Singh To : S.Smith 1 run.
15.20V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
15.10V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
14.61C.Ackermann To : S.Smith 1 run.
14.50C.Ackermann To : S.Smith No run.
14.41C.Ackermann To : D.Warner 1 run.
14.31C.Ackermann To : S.Smith 1 run.
14.20C.Ackermann To : S.Smith No run.
14.10C.Ackermann To : S.Smith No run.
13.60V.Singh To : D.Warner No run.
13.54V.Singh To : D.Warner Four!
13.40V.Singh To : D.Warner No run.
13.31V.Singh To : S.Smith 1 run.
13.20V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
13.1WdV.Singh To : S.Smith Wide!
13.10V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
12.61P.Meekeren To : S.Smith 1 run.
12.54P.Meekeren To : S.Smith Four!
12.40P.Meekeren To : S.Smith No run.
12.31P.Meekeren To : D.Warner 1 run.
12.21P.Meekeren To : S.Smith 1 run.
12.11P.Meekeren To : D.Warner 1 run.
11.61V.Singh To : D.Warner 1 run.
11.50V.Singh To : D.Warner No run.
11.41V.Singh To : S.Smith 1 run.
11.30V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
11.20V.Singh To : S.Smith No run.
11.11V.Singh To : D.Warner 1 run.
10.61P.Meekeren To : D.Warner 1 run.
10.50P.Meekeren To : D.Warner No run.
10.40P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Sharp bumper!
10.30P.Meekeren To : D.Warner No run.
10.21P.Meekeren To : S.Smith 1 run.
10.10P.Meekeren To : S.Smith No run.
9.60L.Beek To : D.Warner No run.
9.51L.Beek To : S.Smith 1 run.
9.40L.Beek To : S.Smith No run.
9.34L.Beek To : S.Smith Four!
9.24L.Beek To : S.Smith Four!
9.14L.Beek To : S.Smith FOUR! As easy as you like!
8.60P.Meekeren To : D.Warner No run.
8.50P.Meekeren To : D.Warner No run.
8.40P.Meekeren To : D.Warner No run.
8.31P.Meekeren To : S.Smith 1 run.
8.20P.Meekeren To : S.Smith No run.
8.11P.Meekeren To : D.Warner 1 run.
7.60L.Beek To : S.Smith No run.
7.50L.Beek To : S.Smith No run.
7.41L.Beek To : D.Warner 1 run.
7.30L.Beek To : D.Warner No run.
7.20L.Beek To : D.Warner No run.
7.10L.Beek To : D.Warner No run.
6.64P.Meekeren To : S.Smith Four!
6.50P.Meekeren To : S.Smith No run.
6.44P.Meekeren To : S.Smith Four!
6.32P.Meekeren To : S.Smith 2 runs.
6.21P.Meekeren To : D.Warner 1 run.
6.1WdP.Meekeren To : D.Warner Wide!
6.10P.Meekeren To : D.Warner No run.
5.64L.Beek To : S.Smith Four!
5.50L.Beek To : S.Smith No run.
5.42L.Beek To : S.Smith 2 runs.
5.30L.Beek To : S.Smith No run.
5.20L.Beek To : S.Smith No run.
5.12L.Beek To : S.Smith A bit too striaght by Logan van Beek, on a back of a length, on middle, Steven Smith gets into a tangle but still manages to pull it away towards deep backward square leg for a couple of runs.
4.60P.Meekeren To : D.Warner Hurls it at the batter, on a back of a length, David Warner accounts for the inward movement and keeps it out.
4.51P.Meekeren To : S.Smith 1 run.
4.40P.Meekeren To : S.Smith No run.
4.30P.Meekeren To : S.Smith No run.
4.20P.Meekeren To : S.Smith No run.
4.10P.Meekeren To : S.Smith Bowls it on a back of a length, angling in, on off, Steven Smith shuffles across and defends it down the wicket.
3.61L.Beek To : S.Smith Gets this one to slant back in, on a length, on off, Steven Smith gets half-forward to defend. The ball jags back in and he gets it off the inner half of the bat to deep backward square leg for a run.
3.5WL.Beek To : M.Marsh OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! Logan van Beek strikes in his very first over! The first over of seam brings the wicket for the Netherlands. Bowls with a scrambled seam on a back of a length, Mitchell Marsh hangs on the back foot and tries to fetch the pull from way outside off. He fails to get the proper
3.40L.Beek To : M.Marsh Fuller in length and shaping away, outside off, Mitchell Marsh watches the ball all the way through and lets it go.
3.30L.Beek To : M.Marsh In the channel on off, on a length, Mitchell Marsh shoulders arms to the delivery.
3.3WdL.Beek To : M.Marsh WIDE! Bangs it in short but down leg, Mitchell Marsh gets inside the line to help the ball on its way but misses. Wided.
3.20L.Beek To : M.Marsh Pulls the length back and hurls it on off, Mitchell Marsh stays back and stabs it towards short extra cover.
3.10L.Beek To : M.Marsh Starts off on a good length, on the fourth stump line, Mitchell Marsh gets behind the line and defends it on the off side.
2.60A.Dutt To : D.Warner Another short delivery but this time, at the batter, David Warner taps it off the back foot on the off side.
2.54A.Dutt To : D.Warner FOUR! David Warner is putting on an exhibition! Aryan Dutt continues to bowl it short, turning away, outside off, David Warner picks the length early and gets into a good positon by crouching. Cuts it late and gets it between backward point and short third man for four more runs.
2.44A.Dutt To : D.Warner FOUR! Make that three boundaries in a row! Drops it short yet again, but outside off, David Warner does not miss out as he cuts this one in front of square and beats the infield for the third boundary of the over.
2.34A.Dutt To : D.Warner FOUR! Short again, four again! Bowls it closer to off this time but short, David Warner creates room from almost nothing and cuts it late. Gets it past backward point for four more runs.
2.24A.Dutt To : D.Warner FOUR! Short and punished! Offers width and bowls it short, David Warner hangs back and latches onto the width. Slaps it past point for a boundary.
2.10A.Dutt To : D.Warner Almost dragged it on! Flighted delivery, full and outside off, David Warner frees his arms to go down the ground but the ball does not turn and he ends up getting an outside edge onto the back pad. Luckily for him, the ball does not trickle back onto the stumps.
1.60C.Ackermann To : M.Marsh Lands it full again, turning in, on off, kept out on the off side.
1.50C.Ackermann To : M.Marsh Loops it up, full and outside off, Mitchell Marsh blocks it onto the deck off the front foot.
1.40C.Ackermann To : M.Marsh A bit of turn in, short and on middle, Mitchell Marsh hangs back and pats it down the wicket.
1.31C.Ackermann To : D.Warner Full again and on off, David Warner drives it with a straight bat past the right of the diving Colin Ackermann for a single.
1.21C.Ackermann To : M.Marsh Tossed up, full and on middle, Mitchell Marsh lunges forward and knocks it down to long on for a run.
1.11C.Ackermann To : D.Warner Starts from round the wicket and bowls it short and around leg, David Warner clips it off his pads in front of square on th leg side for a single.
0.60A.Dutt To : M.Marsh Turning in, at the stumps, Mitchell Marsh pushes it back to the bowler.
0.54A.Dutt To : M.Marsh FOUR! Edgy! Serves it full and outside off, Mitchell Marsh plants his foot forward and looks to defend rather tentatively. Gets an outside edge that rolls past first slip and beats short third man to his left for a boundary.
0.40A.Dutt To : M.Marsh Floated up again, outside off, Mitchell Marsh gets on the front foot and blocks it towards point.
0.30A.Dutt To : M.Marsh Fires this one straight, full and outside off, Mitchell Marsh lets the ball go through.
0.24A.Dutt To : M.Marsh FOUR! A misfield and Mitchell Marsh is away! Gives the ball air and serves it full and outside off, Mitchell Marsh gets a good stride in and times the drive towards cover. The cover fielder fails to get his body behind the ball as it goes past him for a boundary.
0.10A.Dutt To : M.Marsh Starts from over the wicket and gets the ball to turn in, full and around off, Mitchell Marsh goes back and defends it on the off side.
Match Info
Match AUS vs NED (Match 24) ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
Time 08:30 AM 2023-10-25 (UTC)
Toss Australia won the toss and opt to bat
Stadium Arun Jaitley Stadium Delhi