Bangladesh India
256-8 (50.0) 261-3 (41.3)
India beat Bangladesh by 7 wickets
Datetime 08:30 AM 2023-10-19 (UTC)
Match Match 17
Series ICC World Cup 2023
Stadium Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Pune

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Bangladesh India
256-8 (50.0) 261-3 (41.3)
India beat Bangladesh by 7 wickets
Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
V.Kohli ★ 103 97 6 4 106.2
L.Das ★ 39 45 5 0 86.7

BAN 256-8 (50.0)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
T.Hasan 51 43 5 3 118.6
lbw b K.Yadav
L.Das 66 82 7 0 80.5
c S.Gill b R.Jadeja
N.Shanto 8 17 0 0 47.1
lbw b R.Jadeja
M.Hasan 3 13 0 0 23.1
c KL.Rahul b M.Siraj
T.Hridoy 16 35 0 0 45.7
c S.Gill b S.Thakur
M.Rahim 38 46 1 1 82.6
c R.Jadeja b J.Bumrah
M.Mahmudullah 46 36 3 3 127.8
bowled b J.Bumrah
N.Ahmed 14 18 2 0 77.8
c KL.Rahul b M.Siraj
M.Rahman 1 7 0 0 14.3
not out
S.Islam 7 3 0 1 233.3
not out
H.Mahmud DNY
Extra 6 b 0, lb 1, w 5, nb 0, p 0
Total 256-8 (50.0) 5.1 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
V.Kohli 0.3 0 2 0 4.0 0
H.Pandya 0.3 0 8 0 16.0 0
R.Jadeja 10.0 0 38 2 3.8 0
S.Thakur 9.0 0 59 1 6.6 0
K.Yadav 10.0 0 47 1 4.7 0
J.Bumrah 10.0 1 41 2 4.1 0
M.Siraj 10.0 0 60 2 6.0 0
Fall OF Wickets
Tanzid Hasan93-114.4
Najmul Hossain Shanto110-219.6
Mehidy Hasan129-324.1
Liton Das137-427.4
Towhid Hridoy179-537.2
Mushfiqur Rahim201-642.3
Nasum Ahmed233-746.5

IND 261-3 (41.3)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
R.Sharma 48 40 7 2 120.0
c T.Hridoy b H.Mahmud
S.Gill 53 55 5 2 96.4
c M.Mahmudullah b M.Hasan
V.Kohli 103 97 6 4 106.2
not out
S.Iyer 19 25 2 0 76.0
c M.Mahmudullah b M.Hasan
KL.Rahul 34 34 3 1 100.0
not out
H.Pandya DNY
R.Jadeja DNY
S.Thakur DNY
J.Bumrah DNY
K.Yadav DNY
M.Siraj DNY
Extra 4 b 0, lb 0, w 2, nb 2, p 0
Total 261-3 (41.3) 6.3 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
M.Hasan 10.0 0 47 2 4.7 0
M.Mahmudullah 1.0 0 6 0 6.0 0
N.Ahmed 9.3 0 60 0 6.3 0
H.Mahmud 8.0 0 65 1 8.1 0
S.Islam 8.0 0 54 0 6.8 0
M.Rahman 5.0 0 29 0 5.8 0
Fall OF Wickets
Rohit Sharma88-112.4
Shubman Gill132-219.2
Shreyas Iyer178-329.1
508 Runs (0 W 1 1 0 6)BAN : 256-8
4910 Runs (2 0 6 Wd 1 0 0)BAN : 248-7
485 Runs (0 4 1 0 0 0)BAN : 238-7
478 Runs (4 0 0 4 W 0)BAN : 233-7
4615 Runs (1 2 4 6 1 1)BAN : 225-6
455 Runs (0 1 1 0 1 2)BAN : 210-6
444 Runs (1 0 0 1 1 1)BAN : 205-6
432 Runs (1 1 W 0 0 0)BAN : 201-6
421 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 0)BAN : 199-5
419 Runs (1 0 6 0 1 1)BAN : 198-5
403 Runs (1 1 0 1 0 0)BAN : 189-5
395 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 4)BAN : 186-5
383 Runs (1 W 1 1 0 0)BAN : 181-5
378 Runs (1 1 1 Wd 2 1 1)BAN : 178-4
365 Runs (0 4 1 0 0 0)BAN : 170-4
351 Runs (0 0 0 1 0 0)BAN : 165-4
343 Runs (0 2 0 0 0 1)BAN : 164-4
335 Runs (0 1 1 0 1 2)BAN : 161-4
327 Runs (6 1 0 0 0 0)BAN : 156-4
316 Runs (1 0 1 1 3 0)BAN : 149-4
303 Runs (0 1 0 2 0 0)BAN : 143-4
292 Runs (0 1 0 0 1 0)BAN : 140-4
282 Runs (0 0 1 W 1 0)BAN : 138-4
273 Runs (1 0 1 0 0 1)BAN : 136-3
262 Runs (0 0 1 1 0 0)BAN : 133-3
252 Runs (W 1 0 1 0 0)BAN : 131-3
2411 Runs (1 2 4 4 0 0)BAN : 129-2
234 Runs (1 0 1Lb 1 0 1)BAN : 118-2
221 Runs (0 0 1 0 0 0)BAN : 114-2
213 Runs (1 0 0 1 1 0)BAN : 113-2
203 Runs (0 0 1 1 1 W)BAN : 110-2
194 Runs (1 1 1 0 0 1)BAN : 107-1
185 Runs (1 1 1 0 0 2)BAN : 103-1
172 Runs (1 0 0 0 0 1)BAN : 98-1
162 Runs (0 0 0 1 0 1)BAN : 96-1
154 Runs (1 1 1 W 0 1)BAN : 94-1
148 Runs (1 1 0 4 1 1)BAN : 90-0
1310 Runs (1 4 2 1 1 Wd 0)BAN : 82-0
124 Runs (2 1 0 0 1 0)BAN : 72-0
115 Runs (1 0 1 2 0 1)BAN : 68-0
1016 Runs (0 6 4 6 0 0)BAN : 63-0
910 Runs (0 4 4 0 1 1)BAN : 47-0
810 Runs (0 1 4 Wd 0 4 0)BAN : 37-0
78 Runs (0 0 1 Wd 0 0 6)BAN : 27-0
69 Runs (0 4 0 4 0 1)BAN : 19-0
54 Runs (1 1 0 0 0 2)BAN : 10-0
41 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 0)BAN : 6-0
30 Runs (0 0 0 0 0 0)BAN : 5-0
24 Runs (4 0 0 0 0 0)BAN : 5-0
11 Runs (0 0 1 0 0 0)BAN : 1-0
BowlRunBowlerTo :BatsmanDetails
41.36N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli Six!
41.20N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli No run.
41.10N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli No run.
40.61H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli 1 run.
40.50H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli No run.
40.42H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
40.30H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli No run.
40.2WdH.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Wide!
40.22H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
40.10H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli No run.
39.61N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli 1 run.
39.50N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli No run.
39.46N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli Six!
39.30N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli No run.
39.20N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli No run.
39.14N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli FOUR! Virat Kohli looks in a hurry now!
38.61H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Pitched up and on off, Virat Kohli drills it through covers for one. India need 19 runs for the win now.
38.56H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli SIX! Into the crowd goes Kohli now! Hasan Mahmud bowls the slower delivery now, full and around off, Virat Kohli picks it up early and drags it from there to deposit it way over the long on fence for a biggie.
38.40H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Full again and on off, Virat Kohli pushes it straight to short covers.
38.30H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Touch fuller and on middle, Virat Kohli short-arm jabs it wide of short mid-wicket where the fielder dives to his left to make a brilliant stop.
38.21H.Mahmud To : KL.Rahul Back of a length and on off, KL Rahul punches to towards sweeper covers for a single.
38.11H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli On a length and around middle, Virat Kohli swipes it towards deep square leg for a single.
37.61M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
37.51M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul Mehidy Hasan continues to bowl short here, on off, KL Rahul goes back and punches it through covers for one more.
37.41M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
37.31M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul Quicker, short and on leg, KL Rahul flicks it off the back foot towards deep mid-wicket for another run.
37.21M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Short and on middle, Virat Kohli moves back and swats it towards long on for a run.
37.11M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul Tossed up, full and on middle, KL Rahul eases it towards long on for a single.
36.61S.Islam To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
36.54S.Islam To : KL.Rahul Four!
36.46S.Islam To : KL.Rahul Six!
36.31S.Islam To : V.Kohli 1 run.
36.21S.Islam To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
36.11S.Islam To : V.Kohli 1 run.
35.61M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
35.51M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
35.40M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul No run.
35.30M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul No run.
35.21M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
35.10M.Hasan To : V.Kohli No run.
34.60S.Islam To : KL.Rahul No run.
34.50S.Islam To : KL.Rahul No run.
34.44S.Islam To : KL.Rahul FOUR! KL Rahul finds the fence now!
34.30S.Islam To : KL.Rahul No run.
34.20S.Islam To : KL.Rahul No run.
34.11S.Islam To : V.Kohli 1 run.
33.60M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul No run.
33.50M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul Fires this one full an don middle, KL Rahul turns it to the leg side.
33.41M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Tossed up, full and on middle, Virat Kohli flicks it wide of square leg for one.
33.31M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
33.21M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
33.10M.Hasan To : V.Kohli No run.
32.61M.Mahmudullah To : V.Kohli 1 run.
32.51M.Mahmudullah To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
32.41M.Mahmudullah To : V.Kohli 1 run.
32.31M.Mahmudullah To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
32.21M.Mahmudullah To : V.Kohli 1 run.
32.11M.Mahmudullah To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
31.61M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
31.51M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
31.40M.Hasan To : V.Kohli No run.
31.31M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
31.2WdM.Hasan To : KL.Rahul Wide!
31.20M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul No run.
31.10M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul Tossed up, full and on off, KL Rahul leans on and blocks it back to the bowler.
30.61N.Ahmed To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
30.51N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli 1 run.
30.41N.Ahmed To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
30.30N.Ahmed To : KL.Rahul No run.
30.20N.Ahmed To : KL.Rahul No run.
30.11N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli 1 run.
29.61M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
29.51M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
29.44M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul FOUR! Cut away right in front of the stumps!
29.30M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul No run.
29.20M.Hasan To : KL.Rahul No run.
29.1WM.Hasan To : S.Iyer OUT! c Mahmudullah b Mehidy Hasan.Shreyas Iyer c Mahmudullah b M Hasan 19 (25b 2x4 0x6)
28.64M.Rahman To : V.Kohli Four!
28.50M.Rahman To : V.Kohli No run.
28.40M.Rahman To : V.Kohli No run.
28.30M.Rahman To : V.Kohli No run.
28.20M.Rahman To : V.Kohli No run.
28.10M.Rahman To : V.Kohli No run.
27.60N.Ahmed To : S.Iyer No run.
27.51N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli 1 run.
27.41N.Ahmed To : S.Iyer 1 run.
27.30N.Ahmed To : S.Iyer No run.
27.21N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli 1 run.
27.10N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli No run.
26.61H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli 1 run.
26.54H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Four!
26.41H.Mahmud To : S.Iyer 1 run.
26.30H.Mahmud To : S.Iyer No run.
26.20H.Mahmud To : S.Iyer Length ball on off, pushed out toward covers by Iyer.
26.11H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Pitched up outside off, Virat Kohli gets on the front foot and drives it firmly in front of deep cover. Kohli looks for two and there is a slight fumble as well but he has to settle for the single.
25.60M.Hasan To : S.Iyer On a length and around middle, holding up in the pitch a touch as well. Iyer blocks it back to the bowler. India cruising through at the moment.
25.50M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Fuller on off and middle, hit away on the up but straight to mid on.
25.41M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Quicker one, pushed through on middle. Virat Kohli goes on the back foot and tucks it to deep mid-wicket for one more.
25.31M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Full on off, swerving in the air a bit, Iyer leans on and drives it down to long on for one.
25.21M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Short again, wristed off the back foot to deep mid-wicket for a single by Kohli.
25.10M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Pulls the length back and fires it in at the legs, Virat Kohli goes on the back foot and pushes it out to mid on.
24.64H.Mahmud To : S.Iyer FOUR! Crunched! Drops it short again and over the stumps, Shreyas Iyer gets in position quickly and nails the pull shot through square leg to pick up a boundary.
24.50H.Mahmud To : S.Iyer Brilliant stop! Full and angling into the legs, Shreyas Iyer flicks it firmly to the right of mid-wicket but Litton Das springs to his right and makes a one-handed stop.
24.41H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Short ball around off and hurrying the batter, Virat Kohli cant quite get on top of the bounce but manages to pull it down in front of mid-wicket for a single.
24.31H.Mahmud To : S.Iyer Quick single!
24.21H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli A touch fuller on off, angling it in, pushed away down to mid on without much timing but the batters scamper through for one.
24.10H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli No run.
23.61M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
23.50M.Hasan To : V.Kohli No run.
23.41M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Full and drifting into middle and leg, Iyer eases it through mid on and rotates the strike.
23.31M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Goes back to a shorter ball and forces it down to long on for one more.
23.21M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Pushed through on middle and leg, Shreyas Iyer punches it on the up and down to long on for a run.
23.10M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Fuller and quicker around off, getting it to drift a bit and Shreyas Iyer plays it back to the bowler.
22.60S.Islam To : V.Kohli No run.
22.50S.Islam To : V.Kohli A quick bumper over middle, this time the angle takes it across the right-hander and Virat Kohli just leaves it alone.
22.41S.Islam To : S.Iyer 1 run.
22.32S.Islam To : S.Iyer Hard length outside off, Shreyas Iyer stands tall and eases it off the back foot wide of deep cover for a couple of runs.
22.21S.Islam To : V.Kohli Good length outside off, Virat Kohli gets on the front foot and punches it away to deep cover for a single.
22.10S.Islam To : V.Kohli A well-directed short ball over middle and angling in. Virat Kohli bends his back and sways away from the line of the ball as the ball flies past his helmet.
21.61M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Pushed through a bit quicker on the pads, Virat Kohli tucks it round the corner for a run.
21.50M.Hasan To : V.Kohli No run.
21.40M.Hasan To : V.Kohli No run.
21.31M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Fuller on middle, punched down to long on for one more.
21.20M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Floated up on the pads, Shreyas Iyer looks to turn it leg side but ends up chipping it. Thankfully for him, the ball didnt carry to mid-wicket.
21.11M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Flatter one on off, Virat Kohli gets on the back foot and behind the line before punching it back past the bowler down to long on for one.
20.60S.Islam To : S.Iyer No run.
20.50S.Islam To : S.Iyer Runs in and grunts before banging in a bumper over middle. Shreyas Iyer simply ducks under it.
20.40S.Islam To : S.Iyer Back of a length around off, Iyer stays back and bunts it out to cover-point looking for one but Kohli sends him back.
20.31S.Islam To : V.Kohli 1 run.
20.20S.Islam To : V.Kohli No run.
20.10S.Islam To : V.Kohli No run.
19.64M.Hasan To : S.Iyer Four!
19.51M.Hasan To : V.Kohli 1 run.
19.44M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Four!
19.31M.Hasan To : S.Iyer 1 run.
19.2WM.Hasan To : S.Gill OUT! c Mahmudullah b Mehidy Hasan.Shubman Gill c Mahmudullah b M Hasan 53 (55b 5x4 2x6)
19.12M.Hasan To : S.Gill 2 runs.
18.60S.Islam To : V.Kohli Length again, on off, Virat Kohli drops it to the off side and wants the run but is sent back by Gill.
18.51S.Islam To : S.Gill This is on a good length and on middle, nips back in sharply, Shubman Gill stabs it past point for one.
18.41S.Islam To : V.Kohli 1 run.
18.30S.Islam To : V.Kohli Short of a length and on off, Virat Kohli stays back and keeps it out to the off side.
18.22S.Islam To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
18.11S.Islam To : S.Gill 1 run.
17.60M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Tossed up, full and on middle, Virat Kohli tucks it towards short mid-wicket.
17.51M.Hasan To : S.Gill 1 run.
17.40M.Hasan To : S.Gill Floated, full and on middle, Shubman Gill turns it towards short mid-wicket.
17.31M.Hasan To : V.Kohli Goes short again, on middle, Virat Kohli moves back and flicks it towards deep mid-wicket for a run.
17.21M.Hasan To : S.Gill Quicker and around middle, Shubman Gill uses his feet and drills it towards long on for a run.
17.10M.Hasan To : S.Gill No run.
16.61N.Ahmed To : S.Gill Darts this one full, on off, Shubman Gill forces it towards long off for one more.
16.51N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli Looped up, full and on off, Virat Kohli eases it towards long off for one.
16.42N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli A bit short and around leg, Virat Kohli moves back and flicks it through backward square leg for a brace.
16.31N.Ahmed To : S.Gill Flighted, full and on middle, Shubman Gill drills it towards long on for another run.
16.21N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli Floated, full and on middle, Virat Kohli tucks it wide of short mid-wicket for a run.
16.11N.Ahmed To : S.Gill Tossed up, full and on off, Shubman Gill drives it towards long off for a single.
15.61M.Rahman To : S.Gill Another slower one, full and on middle, Shubman Gill knocks it towards mid off and gets across for a quick run. Good running!
15.52M.Rahman To : S.Gill Back of a length and on off, Shubman Gill stands tall and punches it wide of sweeper covers for a brace.
15.40M.Rahman To : S.Gill A slower one now, on a length and on off, Shubman Gill waits for it and dabs it towards point.
15.31M.Rahman To : V.Kohli Mustafizur Rahman bangs in a bouncer now, on off, Virat Kohli is late into his pull shot and mistimes it towards mid on for a single.
15.20M.Rahman To : V.Kohli Touch fuller and on off again, Virat Kohli drives it nicely on the up but finds short covers again.
15.10M.Rahman To : V.Kohli On a length and around off, Virat Kohli gets forward and pushes it towards short covers.
14.60N.Ahmed To : S.Gill Gives this one some air again, in middle, Shubman Gill turns it to the leg side.
14.50N.Ahmed To : S.Gill Slower through the air, on middle, Shubman Gill once again defends it on the front foot.
14.40N.Ahmed To : S.Gill Quicker one, short and on middle, angling in, Shubman Gill leans on and blocks it back to the bowler.
14.31N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli 1 run.
14.20N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli No run.
14.14N.Ahmed To : V.Kohli Four!
13.61M.Rahman To : V.Kohli Length again, on off, Virat Kohli guides it towards third man for one.
13.50M.Rahman To : V.Kohli No run.
13.40M.Rahman To : V.Kohli No run.
13.31M.Rahman To : S.Gill 1 run.
13.20M.Rahman To : S.Gill No run.
13.11M.Rahman To : V.Kohli 1 run.
12.61H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli 1 run.
12.54NbH.Mahmud To : V.Kohli No ball and Four!
12.52NbH.Mahmud To : V.Kohli No ball!
12.56H.Mahmud To : V.Kohli Six!
12.4WH.Mahmud To : R.Sharma OUT! c Towhid Hridoy b Hasan Mahmud.Rohit Sharma c T Hridoy b H Mahmud 48 (40b 7x4 2x6)
12.36H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma Six!
12.21H.Mahmud To : S.Gill On a length and on off, Shubman Gill pushes it through covers for a single.
12.11H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma 1 run.
11.60M.Rahman To : S.Gill No run.
11.54M.Rahman To : S.Gill Four!
11.44M.Rahman To : S.Gill FOUR! Glorious from Gill!
11.30M.Rahman To : S.Gill No run.
11.24M.Rahman To : S.Gill FOUR! Just wide!
11.10M.Rahman To : S.Gill Fuller one and on off, Shubman Gill defends it with a straight bat as the ball rolls towards mid off.
10.60H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma This is on a good length, on middle, angling in, Rohit Sharma blocks it down the pitch.
10.54H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma Four!
10.40H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma Sharp bouncer!
10.30H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma No run.
10.21H.Mahmud To : S.Gill Short of a length and on middle, Shubman Gill pulls it along the ground towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
10.10H.Mahmud To : S.Gill On a length and on off, Shubman Gill steers it straight to point.
9.61N.Ahmed To : S.Gill 1 run.
9.50N.Ahmed To : S.Gill No run.
9.46N.Ahmed To : S.Gill Six!
9.30N.Ahmed To : S.Gill No run.
9.26N.Ahmed To : S.Gill SIX! Good footwork from Shubman Gill and he picks up a maximum now.
9.10N.Ahmed To : S.Gill No run.
8.61H.Mahmud To : S.Gill A tad shorter around the hips, tucked away neatly behind square leg for a single. The 50 comes up now for India as well.
8.50H.Mahmud To : S.Gill No run.
8.40H.Mahmud To : S.Gill No run.
8.31H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma 1 run.
8.20H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma No run.
8.10H.Mahmud To : R.Sharma Hitting the deck hard and keeping the line tight around off, Rohit Sharma stays back to defend.
7.61N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma 1 run.
7.50N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
7.40N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
7.30N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
7.20N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
7.14N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma Four!
6.60H.Mahmud To : S.Gill No run.
6.50H.Mahmud To : S.Gill No run.
6.40H.Mahmud To : S.Gill No run.
6.32H.Mahmud To : S.Gill 2 runs.
6.24H.Mahmud To : S.Gill Four!
6.10H.Mahmud To : S.Gill No run.
5.60N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
5.50N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
5.40N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
5.30N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
5.20N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma No run.
5.14N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma Four!
4.60S.Islam To : S.Gill No run.
4.50S.Islam To : S.Gill No run.
4.41S.Islam To : R.Sharma 1 run.
4.30S.Islam To : R.Sharma Pitched up on the stumps, driven off the inner half of the bat toward mid on.
4.24S.Islam To : R.Sharma Four!
4.10S.Islam To : R.Sharma No run.
3.60N.Ahmed To : S.Gill No run.
3.50N.Ahmed To : S.Gill No run.
3.41N.Ahmed To : R.Sharma 1 run.
3.31N.Ahmed To : S.Gill 1 run.
3.20N.Ahmed To : S.Gill No run.
3.10N.Ahmed To : S.Gill No run.
2.62S.Islam To : R.Sharma 2 runs.
2.56S.Islam To : R.Sharma Six!
2.40S.Islam To : R.Sharma No run.
2.30S.Islam To : R.Sharma No run.
2.24S.Islam To : R.Sharma Four!
2.10S.Islam To : R.Sharma No run.
1.60M.Rahman To : S.Gill A hat-trick of dots to end the over. Back of a length around off, extracting a bit of extra bounce from the surface and Shubman Gill does well to keep it down on the off side.
1.50M.Rahman To : S.Gill Pulls back the length a touch and clocks 140.5 kph as well, bowling it on middle. Shubman Gill defends it out.
1.40M.Rahman To : S.Gill Keeps it nice and full and bowls it around leg stump, Shubman Gill pushes it straight to mid on.
1.31M.Rahman To : R.Sharma Pitched up on off stump, a hint of shape on this one. Rohit Sharma gets forward well and punches it to the right od mid off for a quick single.
1.21M.Rahman To : S.Gill Full again and on middle and leg, Shubman Gill gets on the front foot and times it wide of mid on, this time just for the single.
1.14M.Rahman To : S.Gill FOUR! Elegantly timed and Shubman Gill is off the mark in style. Pitched up on middle stump, Gill leans on and with a gentle push gets the ball well wide of mid on and the ball races away to the fence.
0.60S.Islam To : R.Sharma Top delivery to finish the over but 8 runs come off it. Pitched up in the channel, Rohit Sharma looks to step out and lift ity back over the bowlers head but the ball swings in late and beats the inside edge.
0.54S.Islam To : R.Sharma FOUR! Through the gap and into the fence! Good length, outside off, Rohit Sharma sees the width and throws his hands at it, hammering the ball uppishly and well to the left of Mehidy Hasan at backward point for a boundary.
0.40S.Islam To : R.Sharma Bowled back of a length this time and around off, Rohit Sharma stands tall and taps it in front of the point region.
0.30S.Islam To : R.Sharma Just a touch fuller on middle and leg, just a hint of movement there and Rohit Sharma tucks it toward mid on.
0.24S.Islam To : R.Sharma FOUR! Rohit Sharma is up and running! Full and outside off, floated up, trying to get it swinging but Rohit just gets on the front foot and caresses it through cover-point for a boundary. India are off the mark as well.
0.10S.Islam To : R.Sharma No run.
49.66J.Bumrah To : S.Islam Six!
49.50J.Bumrah To : S.Islam No run.
49.41J.Bumrah To : M.Rahman 1 run.
49.31J.Bumrah To : S.Islam 1 run.
49.2WJ.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah OUT! b Jasprit Bumrah.Mahmudullah b J Bumrah 46 (36b 3x4 3x6)
49.10J.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
48.60M.Siraj To : M.Rahman No run.
48.50M.Siraj To : M.Rahman No run.
48.4WdM.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah Wide!
48.41M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah 1 run.
48.36M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah Six!
48.20M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
48.12M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah 2 runs.
47.60J.Bumrah To : M.Rahman No run.
47.50J.Bumrah To : M.Rahman No run.
47.40J.Bumrah To : M.Rahman No run.
47.31J.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah 1 run.
47.24J.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah FOUR! Excellent placement!
47.10J.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
46.60M.Siraj To : M.Rahman No run.
46.5WM.Siraj To : N.Ahmed OUT! c KL Rahul b Mohammed Siraj.
46.44M.Siraj To : N.Ahmed Four!
46.30M.Siraj To : N.Ahmed No run.
46.20M.Siraj To : N.Ahmed No run.
46.14M.Siraj To : N.Ahmed FOUR! That is a cracking shot!
45.61S.Thakur To : N.Ahmed 1 run.
45.51S.Thakur To : M.Mahmudullah 1 run.
45.46S.Thakur To : M.Mahmudullah SIX! BANG! Mahmudullah laying into Shardul Thakur here.
45.34S.Thakur To : M.Mahmudullah FOUR! Poor delivery from Shardul Thakur as he bowls a half-volley down leg, Mahmudullah whips it away to the right of deep backward square leg for a boundary.
45.22S.Thakur To : M.Mahmudullah Nicely played by Mahmudullah. Good length over middle, Mahmudullah hops back and tucks it away with soft hands toward the vacant mid-wicket region and picks up a couple of runs.
45.11S.Thakur To : N.Ahmed Swung away for one! Banged in short over leg stump, Nasum Ahmed backs away and pulls it down crisply to deep mid-wicket for a single.
44.62J.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah 2 runs.
44.51J.Bumrah To : N.Ahmed Another slower one, full and around off, Nasum Ahmed slices it towards the third man where the fielder is very fine and collects it. They cross.
44.40J.Bumrah To : N.Ahmed Jasprit Bumrah bangs in a sharp bouncer, on middle, Nasum Ahmed backs away and tries to pull it away but misses.
44.31J.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah Slower delivery, on a length and on off, Mahmudullah steers it towards third man for a run.
44.21J.Bumrah To : N.Ahmed Run out chance...missed! This is full and on middle, Nasum Ahmed drills it wide of mid on and sets off for the run, Mohammed Siraj picks up and has a shy in the same motion but misses with Ahmed well short of his crease.
44.10J.Bumrah To : N.Ahmed Short of a length and on middle, Nasum Ahmed sways away and tries to ramp it but fails to connect.
43.61K.Yadav To : N.Ahmed Quicker, short once more, on leg, Nasum Ahmed clips it wide of short mid-wicket and scampers across for a run.
43.51K.Yadav To : M.Mahmudullah Another short delivery, on off, Mahmudullah slaps it towards sweeper covers for one.
43.41K.Yadav To : N.Ahmed Short again, on middle, Nasum Ahmed moves back and punches it towards long on for a run.
43.30K.Yadav To : N.Ahmed Floated, short and on off, turning away, Nasum Ahmed looks to push it away but toe-ends it towards the bowler.
43.20K.Yadav To : N.Ahmed Tossed up, full and on middle, Nasum Ahmed knocks it back to the bowler.
43.11K.Yadav To : M.Mahmudullah 1 run.
42.60J.Bumrah To : N.Ahmed No run.
42.50J.Bumrah To : N.Ahmed No run.
42.40J.Bumrah To : N.Ahmed No run.
42.3WJ.Bumrah To : M.Rahim OUT! c Ravindra Jadeja b Jasprit Bumrah.
42.21J.Bumrah To : M.Mahmudullah 1 run.
42.11J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim 1 run.
41.60R.Jadeja To : M.Mahmudullah Another dot to end the over! This is short and on middle, Mahmudullah stays back and knocks it to the left of the bowler where Jadeja dives to his left but lets it through as the fielder from short covers mops it up well.
41.50R.Jadeja To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
41.40R.Jadeja To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
41.30R.Jadeja To : M.Mahmudullah Flatter, short and around off, Mahmudullah dabs it towards point.
41.21R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim Angles this one into the batter, on leg, Mushfiqur Rahim works it towards short fine leg for a single.
41.10R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim Tossed up, full and on off, Mushfiqur Rahim pushes it towards short covers.
40.61K.Yadav To : M.Rahim 1 run.
40.51K.Yadav To : M.Mahmudullah 1 run.
40.40K.Yadav To : M.Mahmudullah Flighted full and on middle, Mahmudullah turns it to the leg side.
40.36K.Yadav To : M.Mahmudullah Six!
40.20K.Yadav To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
40.11K.Yadav To : M.Rahim A bit short and around middle, Mushfiqur Rahim flicks it off the back foot through square leg for a single.
39.60R.Jadeja To : M.Mahmudullah Angled in on middle, looking to turn it away, Mahmudullah defends it out with a straight bat.
39.50R.Jadeja To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
39.41R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim On the shorter side around off, played off the back foot toward covers for a single.
39.30R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim Flatter this time at 100.4 clicks and around off. Mushfiqur Rahim looks to cut off the back foot but chops it toward backward point.
39.21R.Jadeja To : M.Mahmudullah Full again on off, eased away on the up to sweeper cover for one more.
39.11R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim 1 run.
38.64M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah FOUR! Mahmudullah gets going now with a lovely shot and rakes up a much-needed boundary.
38.50M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah Shorter in length this time over middle and leg, Mahmudullah fails to get it away past square leg and the dot balls keep piling up.
38.40M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah No run.
38.30M.Siraj To : M.Mahmudullah Back of a length and around off, Mahmudullah goes on the back foot and eases it toward cover.
38.21M.Siraj To : M.Rahim Shorter and on the body, tucked away neatly through mid-wicket for a run.
38.10M.Siraj To : M.Rahim Good length on middle, at over 141 clicks and angling into the pads, Mushfiqur Rahim looks to play at it but misses and gets hit high on the pads.
37.60S.Thakur To : M.Mahmudullah Hard length around off, Mahmudullah gets behind the line and blocks it out.
37.50S.Thakur To : M.Mahmudullah Just short! Short and wide, Mahmudullah rocks back and looks to punch it square but the ball goes a bit uppishly and down to the right of Ravindra Jadeja at backward point. Jadeja does manage to get his body behind it though.
37.41S.Thakur To : M.Rahim Shorter and outside off, Mushfiqur Rahim hops and gets on top of the bounce before slapping it to deep cover-point for another single.
37.31S.Thakur To : M.Mahmudullah 1 run.
37.2WS.Thakur To : T.Hridoy OUT! c Shubman Gill b Shardul Thakur.Towhid Hridoy c S Gill b S Thakur 16 (35b 0x4 0x6)
37.11S.Thakur To : M.Rahim Just the single, excellent work in the deep again by Kuldeep Yadav.
36.61M.Siraj To : M.Rahim 1 run.
36.51M.Siraj To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
36.4WdM.Siraj To : T.Hridoy Wide! Short ball over off, a bit too short and sails over the batters head as well.
36.42M.Siraj To : T.Hridoy Chancing his arm there Towhid Hridoy!
36.31M.Siraj To : M.Rahim Good length around off, Mushfiqur Rahim gets on the front foot this time and eases it away to deep cover for another single.
36.21M.Siraj To : T.Hridoy Hits the deck hard again and bowls it over middle, Towhid Hridoy stays on the back foot and pushes it away through mid on for a run.
36.11M.Siraj To : M.Rahim On a hard length over middle and at the body, Mushfiqur Rahim gets inside the line and works it off his hips behind square leg for a single.
35.60J.Bumrah To : T.Hridoy A touch fuller at 141 clicks and attacking the stumps, Towhid Hridoy keeps it out to the on side.
35.50J.Bumrah To : T.Hridoy No run.
35.40J.Bumrah To : T.Hridoy Bang on!
35.31J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim Hard length outside off, punched away in front of cover-point for a single.
35.24J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim FOUR! Beautifully played!
35.10J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim On the money! Length ball, 139.6 clicks and angling in sharply into the off stump. Mushfiqur Rahim defends it out from his crease.
34.60K.Yadav To : T.Hridoy No run.
34.50K.Yadav To : T.Hridoy No run.
34.41K.Yadav To : M.Rahim 1 run.
34.30K.Yadav To : M.Rahim No run.
34.20K.Yadav To : M.Rahim No run.
34.10K.Yadav To : M.Rahim No run.
33.61J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim Almost gets chopped on!
33.50J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim No run.
33.40J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim No run.
33.30J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim No run.
33.22J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim Excellent fieldeing in the deep!
33.10J.Bumrah To : M.Rahim No run.
32.62K.Yadav To : T.Hridoy 2 runs.
32.51K.Yadav To : M.Rahim 1 run.
32.40K.Yadav To : M.Rahim No run.
32.31K.Yadav To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
32.21K.Yadav To : M.Rahim 1 run.
32.10K.Yadav To : M.Rahim No run.
31.60R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
31.50R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
31.40R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
31.30R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
31.21R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim 1 run.
31.16R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim SIX! Mushfiqur Rahim breaks the shackles with a fine shot.
30.60S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy No run.
30.53S.Thakur To : M.Rahim 3 runs.
30.41S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
30.31S.Thakur To : M.Rahim 1 run.
30.20S.Thakur To : M.Rahim No run.
30.11S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
29.60R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim No run.
29.50R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim No run.
29.42R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim 2 runs.
29.30R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim No run.
29.21R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
29.10R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
28.60S.Thakur To : M.Rahim Overpitched and on middle, Mushfiqur Rahim knocks it back to the bowler.
28.51S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
28.40S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy No run.
28.30S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy Full again and on off, Towhid Hridoy leans on and blocks it out towards short covers.
28.21S.Thakur To : M.Rahim 1 run.
28.10S.Thakur To : M.Rahim No run.
27.60R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
27.51R.Jadeja To : M.Rahim 1 run.
27.4WR.Jadeja To : L.Das OUT! c Shubman Gill b Ravindra Jadeja.Litton Das c S Gill b R Jadeja 66 (82b 7x4 0x6)
27.31R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
27.20R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
27.10R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy No run.
26.61S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
26.50S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy Overpitched and on middle, Towhid Hridoy drills it towards mid on.
26.40S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy No run.
26.31S.Thakur To : L.Das 1 run.
26.20S.Thakur To : L.Das No run.
26.11S.Thakur To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
25.60R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
25.50R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
25.41R.Jadeja To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
25.31R.Jadeja To : L.Das 1 run.
25.20R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
25.10R.Jadeja To : L.Das Flatter, short and on middle, Litton Das stays back and stabs it towards short covers.
24.60M.Siraj To : T.Hridoy No run.
24.50M.Siraj To : T.Hridoy No run.
24.41M.Siraj To : L.Das 1 run.
24.30M.Siraj To : L.Das No run.
24.21M.Siraj To : T.Hridoy 1 run.
24.1WM.Siraj To : M.Hasan OUT! c KL Rahul b Mohammed Siraj.Mehidy Hasan c K Rahul b M Siraj 3 (13b 0x4 0x6)
23.60R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
23.50R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
23.44R.Jadeja To : L.Das Four!
23.34R.Jadeja To : L.Das Four!
23.22R.Jadeja To : L.Das 2 runs.
23.11R.Jadeja To : M.Hasan 1 run.
22.61M.Siraj To : M.Hasan 1 run.
22.50M.Siraj To : M.Hasan No run.
22.41M.Siraj To : L.Das 1 run.
22.31LbM.Siraj To : M.Hasan Leg bye.
22.20M.Siraj To : M.Hasan Back of a length and around off, Mehidy Hasan dabs it towards point.
22.11M.Siraj To : L.Das 1 run.
21.60R.Jadeja To : M.Hasan No run.
21.50R.Jadeja To : M.Hasan No run.
21.40R.Jadeja To : M.Hasan No run.
21.31R.Jadeja To : L.Das 1 run.
21.20R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
21.10R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
20.60K.Yadav To : M.Hasan No run.
20.51K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
20.41K.Yadav To : M.Hasan 1 run.
20.30K.Yadav To : M.Hasan Pushed through quicker, short and on middle, Mehidy Hasan moves back again and blocks it down the pitch.
20.20K.Yadav To : M.Hasan No run.
20.11K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
19.6WR.Jadeja To : N.Shanto OUT! lbw b Ravindra Jadeja.
19.51R.Jadeja To : L.Das 1 run.
19.41R.Jadeja To : N.Shanto 1 run.
19.31R.Jadeja To : L.Das 1 run.
19.20R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
19.10R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
18.61K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
18.50K.Yadav To : L.Das No run.
18.40K.Yadav To : L.Das No run.
18.31K.Yadav To : N.Shanto 1 run.
18.21K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
18.11K.Yadav To : N.Shanto 1 run.
17.62R.Jadeja To : L.Das Risky double but they manage to push through.
17.50R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
17.40R.Jadeja To : L.Das No run.
17.31R.Jadeja To : N.Shanto 1 run.
17.21R.Jadeja To : L.Das 1 run.
17.11R.Jadeja To : N.Shanto Starts off with a quicker one on leg stump. Najmul Hossain Shanto tucks it away toward backward square leg for a quick run.
16.61K.Yadav To : N.Shanto 1 run.
16.50K.Yadav To : N.Shanto No run.
16.40K.Yadav To : N.Shanto No run.
16.30K.Yadav To : N.Shanto No run.
16.20K.Yadav To : N.Shanto No run.
16.11K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
15.61S.Thakur To : L.Das 1 run.
15.50S.Thakur To : L.Das No run.
15.41S.Thakur To : N.Shanto 1 run.
15.30S.Thakur To : N.Shanto No run.
15.20S.Thakur To : N.Shanto No run.
15.10S.Thakur To : N.Shanto No run.
14.61K.Yadav To : N.Shanto 1 run.
14.50K.Yadav To : N.Shanto No run.
14.4WK.Yadav To : T.Hasan OUT! lbw b Kuldeep Yadav.Tanzid Hasan lbw K Yadav 51 (43b 5x4 3x6)
14.31K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
14.21K.Yadav To : T.Hasan 1 run.
14.11K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
13.61S.Thakur To : L.Das 1 run.
13.51S.Thakur To : T.Hasan 1 run.
13.44S.Thakur To : T.Hasan Four!
13.30S.Thakur To : T.Hasan No run.
13.21S.Thakur To : L.Das 1 run.
13.11S.Thakur To : T.Hasan 1 run.
12.6WdK.Yadav To : L.Das Wide!
12.60K.Yadav To : L.Das No run.
12.51K.Yadav To : T.Hasan 1 run.
12.41K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
12.32K.Yadav To : L.Das 2 runs.
12.24K.Yadav To : L.Das Four!
12.11K.Yadav To : T.Hasan 1 run.
11.60S.Thakur To : L.Das No run.
11.51S.Thakur To : T.Hasan 1 run.
11.40S.Thakur To : T.Hasan No run.
11.30S.Thakur To : T.Hasan No run.
11.21S.Thakur To : L.Das 1 run.
11.12S.Thakur To : L.Das 2 runs.
10.61K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
10.50K.Yadav To : L.Das No run.
10.42K.Yadav To : L.Das Excellent work in the deep from the substitute fielder!
10.31K.Yadav To : T.Hasan 1 run.
10.20K.Yadav To : T.Hasan No run.
10.11K.Yadav To : L.Das 1 run.
9.60S.Thakur To : T.Hasan No run.
9.50S.Thakur To : T.Hasan No run.
9.46S.Thakur To : T.Hasan Six!
9.34S.Thakur To : T.Hasan Four!
9.26S.Thakur To : T.Hasan SIX! BOOM! Tanzid Hasan clears the fence again!
9.10S.Thakur To : T.Hasan No run.
8.61V.Kohli To : T.Hasan 1 run.
8.51V.Kohli To : L.Das 1 run.
8.40V.Kohli To : L.Das No run.
8.34H.Pandya To : L.Das Four!
8.24H.Pandya To : L.Das Four!
8.10H.Pandya To : L.Das No run.
7.60M.Siraj To : T.Hasan No run.
7.54M.Siraj To : T.Hasan FOUR! Terrific shot!
7.40M.Siraj To : T.Hasan No run.
7.4WdM.Siraj To : T.Hasan Wide!
7.34M.Siraj To : T.Hasan Four!
7.21M.Siraj To : L.Das 1 run.
7.10M.Siraj To : L.Das On a length and on middle, Litton Das tucks it towards short mid-wicket.
6.66J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan SIX! BANG! Tanzid Hasan goes big now!
6.50J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan No run.
6.4WdJ.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Wide!
6.40J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan No run.
6.31J.Bumrah To : L.Das 1 run.
6.20J.Bumrah To : L.Das No run.
6.10J.Bumrah To : L.Das No run.
5.61M.Siraj To : L.Das 1 run.
5.50M.Siraj To : L.Das On a length and on off, Litton Das stabs it towards point.
5.44M.Siraj To : L.Das FOUR! Lovely shot! Mohammed Siraj serves this full again and on off, Litton Das moves across a bit and uses his wrists beautifully to flick it between mid-wicket and mid on for another boundary.
5.30M.Siraj To : L.Das Fullish and on off, Litton Das drives it straight to mid off.
5.24M.Siraj To : L.Das FOUR! Good shot! Mohammed Siraj lands this short of a length and outside off, Litton Das finally gets the chance to free his arms and slashes it towards the deep backward point fence for a boundary.
5.10M.Siraj To : L.Das Oh..some bounce! Mohammed Siraj bowls this on a good length and around off, takes off from the surface, Litton Das gets surprised by the extra bounce as he looks to tap it away and the ball zips past the outside edge to the keeper.
4.62J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan In the! This is full and outside off, Tanzid Hasan slashes at it and gets a top edge which lands wide of the third man fielder who runs to his left and stop it. Two runs taken.
4.50J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Overpitched and on middle, Tanzid Hasan drills it towards mid on.
4.40J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Another brilliant inswinging yorker from Bumrah, on middle, Tanzid Hasan is late as he tries to work it away and misses to get hit on the pads.
4.30J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Pitched up but way outside off, angling further away, Tanzid Hasan throws his bat at it but fails to conect.
4.21J.Bumrah To : L.Das Litton Das finally gets off the mark! This is full and on middle, Litton Das tucks it towards mid-wicket for a run.
4.11J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Jasprit Bumrah nails the yorker this time, on middle, Tanzid Hasan somehow manages to get some bat on it as the ball deflects onto his boot and the batters scampers across for a single.
3.60M.Siraj To : L.Das Short of a length and outside off, Litton Das shoulders arms to it.
3.50M.Siraj To : L.Das Mohammed Siraj lands this on a good length and on off, nips back in, Litton Das watches it through and steers it towards point. Das has faced 12 balls now without opening his account.
3.40M.Siraj To : L.Das Back of a length and around off again, Litton Das bunts it towards backward point.
3.30M.Siraj To : L.Das Length again, on off, Litton Das taps it towards point.
3.21M.Siraj To : T.Hasan On a length and around off, Tanzid Hasan stays back and guides it towards third man for a single.
3.10M.Siraj To : T.Hasan Fuller one and on off, shaping in, Tanzid Hasan mistimes his drive towards mid off.
2.60J.Bumrah To : L.Das A maiden over from Bumrah! He goes back to his hard length and outside off, shaping away, Litton Das lets it go to the keeper.
2.50J.Bumrah To : L.Das Goes fuller this time, on middle, swinging in a long way, Litton Das looks to flick it away but misses and gets hit on the pads. Das is yet to get off the mark and the dot balls are piling up.
2.40J.Bumrah To : L.Das On a length and on off, Litton Das stabs it towards point. Four dots now!
2.30J.Bumrah To : L.Das A peach of a delivery! Jasprit Bumrah lands this on a good length around off, the ball nips back in sharply after hitting the deck, Litton Das plays for the swing away and gets cramped as the ball hits him high on the pads. There is a slight appeal for LBW, but turned down.
2.20J.Bumrah To : L.Das Back of a length, on off, Litton Das dabs it towards backward point.
2.10J.Bumrah To : L.Das Jasprit Bumrah bowls this on a hard length and just around off, straightens after hitting the deck, Litton Das leaves it alone.
1.60M.Siraj To : T.Hasan Mohammed Siraj serves this on a good length, on middle, Tanzid Hasan shuffles across and tries to slog it across the line but misses and gets hit high on the pads as the ball goes nowhere.
1.50M.Siraj To : T.Hasan Back of a length and on off once again, Tanzid Hasan keeps it out to the off side.
1.40M.Siraj To : T.Hasan On a length and around off, Tanzid Hasan gets behind the line of it and pats it down to the left of short covers.
1.30M.Siraj To : T.Hasan Pitched up again from Siraj, on middle, Tanzid Hasan tucks it towards mid on this time.
1.20M.Siraj To : T.Hasan No run.
1.14M.Siraj To : T.Hasan FOUR! Just wide!
0.60J.Bumrah To : L.Das Fuller one and around middle this time, Litton Das defends it out well to the right of the bowler. Only one run from the first over then!
0.50J.Bumrah To : L.Das BEAUTY! Jasprit Bumrah lands this on a good length and on off, nips away a shy bit after hitting the deck, Litton Das prods forward to block but gets beaten on the outside edge.
0.40J.Bumrah To : L.Das This is pitched up and on the sixth stump line, shaping away a bit, Litton Das offers no shot at it.
0.31J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Tanzid Hasan and Bangladesh are underway now! Jasprit Bumrah pulls his length back this time, on off, Tanzid Hasan taps it wide of covers for a single.
0.20J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Goes touch fuller this time, on off again, angling away, Tanzid Hasan lets it go to the keeper.
0.10J.Bumrah To : T.Hasan Jasprit Bumrah starts with a good-length delivery around off, shaping further away a bit too much, Tanzid Hasan leaves it alone.
Match Info
Match IND vs BAN (Match 17) ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
Time 08:30 AM 2023-10-19 (UTC)
Toss Bangladesh won the toss and opt to bat
Stadium Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Pune