India New Zealand
397-4 (50.0) 327-10 (48.5)
India beat New Zealand by 70 runs
Datetime 08:30 AM 2023-11-15 (UTC)
Match Semi Final 1
Series ICC World Cup 2023
Stadium Wankhede Stadium Mumbai
Player Of The Match Mohammed Shami

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India New Zealand
397-4 (50.0) 327-10 (48.5)
India beat New Zealand by 70 runs
Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
S.Iyer ★ 14 14 77 57 3
S.Iyer ★ 14 14 77 57 3

IND 397-4 (50.0)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
R.Sharma 47 29 4 4 162.1
c K.Williamson b T.Southee
S.Gill 80 66 8 3 121.2
not out
V.Kohli 117 113 9 2 103.5
c D.Conway b T.Southee
S.Iyer 105 70 4 8 150.0
c D.Mitchell b T.Boult
KL.Rahul 39 20 5 2 195.0
not out
S.Yadav 1 2 0 0 50.0
c G.Phillips b T.Southee
R.Jadeja DNY
J.Bumrah DNY
M.Shami DNY
K.Yadav DNY
M.Siraj DNY
Extra 8 b 1, lb 1, w 6, nb 0, p 0
Total 397-4 (50.0) 7.9 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
R.Ravindra 7.0 0 60 0 8.6 0
G.Phillips 5.0 0 33 0 6.6 0
M.Santner 10.0 1 51 0 5.1 0
L.Ferguson 8.0 0 65 0 8.1 0
T.Southee 10.0 0 100 3 10.0 0
T.Boult 10.0 0 86 1 8.6 0
Fall OF Wickets
Rohit Sharma71-18.2
Virat Kohli327-243.6
Shreyas Iyer381-348.5
Suryakumar Yadav382-449.1

NZ 327-10 (48.5)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
D.Conway 13 15 3 0 86.7
c KL.Rahul b M.Shami
R.Ravindra 13 22 3 0 59.1
c KL.Rahul b M.Shami
K.Williamson 69 73 8 1 94.5
c S.Yadav b M.Shami
D.Mitchell 134 119 9 7 112.6
c R.Jadeja b M.Shami
T.Latham 0 2 0 0 0.0
lbw b M.Shami
G.Phillips 41 33 4 2 124.2
c R.Jadeja b J.Bumrah
M.Chapman 2 5 0 0 40.0
c R.Jadeja b K.Yadav
M.Santner 9 10 0 0 90.0
c R.Sharma b M.Siraj
T.Southee 9 10 1 0 90.0
c KL.Rahul b M.Shami
T.Boult 2 2 0 0 100.0
not out
L.Ferguson 6 3 0 1 200.0
c KL.Rahul b M.Shami
Extra 29 b 4, lb 5, w 19, nb 1, p 0
Total 327-10 (48.5) 6.7 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
R.Jadeja 10.0 0 63 0 6.3 0
J.Bumrah 10.0 1 64 1 6.4 0
M.Shami 9.5 0 57 7 5.8 0
K.Yadav 10.0 0 56 1 5.6 0
M.Siraj 9.0 0 78 1 8.7 0
Fall OF Wickets
Devon Conway30-15.1
Rachin Ravindra39-27.4
Kane Williamson220-332.2
Tom Latham220-432.4
Glenn Phillips295-542.5
Mark Chapman298-643.5
Daryl Mitchell306-745.2
Mitchell Santner319-847.5
5015 Runs (W 1 6 0 4 4)IND : 397-4
4916 Runs (6 4 1 4 W 1)IND : 382-3
4812 Runs (6 1 1 1 2 1)IND : 366-2
477 Runs (1 4 0 1Lb 1 0)IND : 354-2
466 Runs (1 1 4 0 0 0)IND : 347-2
4514 Runs (6 0 1 1 0 6)IND : 341-2
4413 Runs (2 1 2 6 2 W)IND : 327-2
4311 Runs (Wd 0 6 0 1 1 Wd 1)IND : 314-1
4211 Runs (1 1 1 2 2 4)IND : 303-1
415 Runs (1 1 1 1 0 1)IND : 292-1
4010 Runs (1 1 Wd 4 1 1 1)IND : 287-1
392 Runs (0 1 1 0 0 0)IND : 277-1
385 Runs (0 1 1 1 1 1)IND : 275-1
375 Runs (1 1 1 0 1 1)IND : 270-1
3617 Runs (4 1 6 4 1 1)IND : 265-1
350 Runs (0 0 0 0 0 0)IND : 248-1
3410 Runs (1 1 1 6 1 0)IND : 248-1
3312 Runs (1 1 6 1 2 1)IND : 238-1
325 Runs (1 0 4 0 0 0)IND : 226-1
317 Runs (1 4 0 1 0 1)IND : 221-1
3011 Runs (1 6 1 1 1 1)IND : 214-1
296 Runs (4 0 1 1 0 0)IND : 203-1
283 Runs (0 1 0 1 0 1)IND : 197-1
2713 Runs (1 0 6 4 1B 1)IND : 194-1
263 Runs (0 2 0 0 0 1)IND : 181-1
255 Runs (0 1 1 2 0 1)IND : 178-1
248 Runs (1 1 1 0 4 1)IND : 173-1
238 Runs (1 1 4 1 0 1)IND : 165-1
224 Runs (0 1 1 0 1 1)IND : 157-1
213 Runs (1 0 0 1 0 1)IND : 153-1
208 Runs (0 1 6 1 0 0)IND : 150-1
194 Runs (0 0 1 1 1 1)IND : 142-1
186 Runs (0 1 1 2 1 1)IND : 138-1
1711 Runs (0 1 0 6 4 0)IND : 132-1
163 Runs (1 1 0 0 0 1)IND : 121-1
154 Runs (0 1 0 1 1 1)IND : 118-1
1410 Runs (2 1 1 2 4 0)IND : 114-1
1312 Runs (4 6 1 0 1 0)IND : 104-1
123 Runs (0 0 0 0 2 1)IND : 92-1
115 Runs (0 0 4 1 0 0)IND : 89-1
109 Runs (0 4 0 4 1 0)IND : 84-1
95 Runs (1 W 0 4 0 0)IND : 75-1
89 Runs (0 4 2 2 0 1)IND : 70-0
73 Runs (0 Wd 0 0 0 2 0)IND : 61-0
611 Runs (0 4 6 1 0 0)IND : 58-0
59 Runs (0 6 1 0 0 2)IND : 47-0
413 Runs (0 1 Wd 4 6 1 0)IND : 38-0
37 Runs (0 0 6 0 0 Wd 0)IND : 25-0
28 Runs (0 0 4 4 0 0)IND : 18-0
110 Runs (2 0 0 4 4 0)IND : 10-0
BowlRunBowlerTo :BatsmanDetails
48.5WM.Shami To : L.Ferguson OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Mohammed Shami finishes things off for India! He gets his seventh wicket of the match, incredible stuff from him. He serves this ull again and on middle, Lockie Ferguson stays there and tries to drill it but he too gets an outside edge behind where KL Rahul makes no mistake. IND
48.46M.Shami To : L.Ferguson SIX! Lockie Ferguson shows his strength here! This is fuller and on middle, Lockie Ferguson clears his front leg away and smokes it over the deep mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
48.30M.Shami To : L.Ferguson On a length and on middle, Lockie Ferguson steers it towards point.
48.2WM.Shami To : T.Southee OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! NUMBER SIX FOR SHAMI! He serves this full and around middle, takes pace off this time, Tim Southee backs away to drive it away but only manages to get an outside edge behind where KL Rahul initially gets wrong-footed but dives to his right to take a fine catch. India one wicket a
48.11M.Shami To : T.Boult Fuller one and on middle, Trent Boult flicks it through mid-wicket for a single
47.61M.Siraj To : T.Boult 1 run.
47.5WM.Siraj To : M.Santner OUT! TAKEN! Another one bites the dust!Mitchell Santner c R Sharma b M Siraj 9 (10b 0x4 0x6)
47.41M.Siraj To : T.Southee In the! This is back of a length and on middle, Tim Southee miscues his pull over the bowlers head as the ball lands safely between long on and long off. They cross.
47.30M.Siraj To : T.Southee No run.
47.24M.Siraj To : T.Southee Four!
47.11M.Siraj To : M.Santner Short of a length on off, Mitchell Santner pulls it towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
46.60J.Bumrah To : T.Southee No run.
46.50J.Bumrah To : T.Southee No run.
46.42J.Bumrah To : T.Southee DROPPED! Rohit Sharma is the culprit here!
46.31J.Bumrah To : M.Santner Another fine yorker, outside off, angling away, Mitchell Santner jams it out towards long off for another run.
46.21J.Bumrah To : T.Southee In the blockhole, angling into leg, Tim Southee backs away and digs it out towards point for a run.
46.11J.Bumrah To : M.Santner 1 run.
45.60M.Shami To : T.Southee No run.
45.51M.Shami To : M.Santner 1 run.
45.40M.Shami To : M.Santner No run.
45.31M.Shami To : T.Southee 1 run.
45.2WM.Shami To : D.Mitchell OUT! TAKEN! FIVE FOR SHAMI! That is probably the game for India as Daryl Mitchell walks back now.Daryl Mitchell c R Jadeja b M Shami 134 (119b 9x4 7x6)
45.10M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
44.62J.Bumrah To : M.Santner 2 runs.
44.51J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
44.4WdJ.Bumrah To : M.Santner Wide!
44.41J.Bumrah To : M.Santner 1 run.
44.31J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
44.20J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell No run.
44.11J.Bumrah To : M.Santner 1 run.
43.61K.Yadav To : M.Santner Brute of a delivery from Kuldeep Yadav and KL Rahul has dropped a really tough chance here.
43.5WK.Yadav To : M.Chapman OUT! c Ravindra Jadeja b Kuldeep Yadav.
43.40K.Yadav To : M.Chapman No run.
43.32K.Yadav To : M.Chapman 2 runs.
43.20K.Yadav To : M.Chapman No run.
43.11K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
42.60J.Bumrah To : M.Chapman No run.
42.5WJ.Bumrah To : G.Phillips OUT! c Ravindra Jadeja b Jasprit Bumrah.Glenn Phillips c R Jadeja b J Bumrah 41 (33b 4x4 2x6)
42.40J.Bumrah To : G.Phillips No run.
42.34J.Bumrah To : G.Phillips Four!
42.21J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
42.12J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell 2 runs.
41.61K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
41.50K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
41.40K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
41.31K.Yadav To : G.Phillips 1 run.
41.20K.Yadav To : G.Phillips No run.
41.10K.Yadav To : G.Phillips No run.
40.61M.Siraj To : G.Phillips 1 run.
40.50M.Siraj To : G.Phillips No run.
40.4WdM.Siraj To : G.Phillips Wide!
40.44M.Siraj To : G.Phillips FOUR! Races away to the fence! Sliding it across the off stump, too much width on offer and Glenn Phillips pounces on it. This is slashed away wide of the man at third man for four more runs.
40.36M.Siraj To : G.Phillips Six!
40.2WdM.Siraj To : G.Phillips Wide!
40.26M.Siraj To : G.Phillips Six!
40.11M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
39.61M.Shami To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
39.56M.Shami To : D.Mitchell SIX! Excellent batting from Daryl Mitchell!
39.40M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
39.31M.Shami To : G.Phillips 1 run.
39.20M.Shami To : G.Phillips Swing and a miss!
39.11M.Shami To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
38.62M.Siraj To : G.Phillips 2 runs.
38.51M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
38.44M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell FOUR! Another boundary!
38.31M.Siraj To : G.Phillips Pitched up and on middle, Glenn Phillips heaves it towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
38.24M.Siraj To : G.Phillips FOUR! A streaky one but New Zealand wont mind at all! This is full again and outside off, Glenn Phillips slashes hard at it and gets an outside edge past short third man for a boundary.
38.10M.Siraj To : G.Phillips Just short! This is full and around off, Glenn Phillips gets his bat down and squeezes it uppishly towards short third man where it just lands in front of Kuldeep Yadav who does well to gather it up on the bounce.
37.60M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
37.50M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
37.46M.Shami To : D.Mitchell SIX! Much-needed for New Zealand! Mohammed Shami continues with his fuller length and on middle, in the slot as well, Daryl Mitchell stays in his crease and tonks it away without any foot movement over the bowlers head for a biggie.
37.31M.Shami To : G.Phillips 1 run.
37.21M.Shami To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
37.11M.Shami To : G.Phillips 1 run.
36.6WdM.Siraj To : G.Phillips Wide!
36.61M.Siraj To : G.Phillips On a length and on middle, Glenn Phillips nudges it towards long on for one. Just four runs off the over then.
36.52M.Siraj To : G.Phillips 2 runs.
36.41M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
36.30M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell No run.
36.20M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell No run.
36.10M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell No run.
35.61R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
35.51R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips 1 run.
35.44R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips Four!
35.30R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips No run.
35.21R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
35.10R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
34.60M.Shami To : G.Phillips No run.
34.51M.Shami To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
34.40M.Shami To : D.Mitchell Almost another for Shami!
34.31M.Shami To : G.Phillips 1 run.
34.21M.Shami To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
34.10M.Shami To : D.Mitchell Fuller one and on middle, angling in, Daryl Mitchell stays there and blocks it to the left of the bowler.
33.60R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips No run.
33.50R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips Another quicker delivery, short and on middle, angling in, Glenn Phillips manages to keep it out to the off side.
33.40R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips Pushed through quicker, short and on leg, Glenn Phillips stays back and bunts it down the pitch.
33.30R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips No run.
33.20R.Jadeja To : G.Phillips No run.
33.11R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Floated, short and around off, turns away, Daryl Mitchell stays there and pushes it through covers for a single.
32.60M.Shami To : G.Phillips No run.
32.50M.Shami To : G.Phillips No run.
32.4WM.Shami To : T.Latham OUT! lbw b Mohammed Shami.
32.30M.Shami To : T.Latham No run.
32.2WM.Shami To : K.Williamson OUT! c Suryakumar Yadav b Mohammed Shami.
32.11M.Shami To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
31.64R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson Four!
31.51R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
31.40R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Oh..some turn there!
31.30R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
31.20R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Flatter, full and on off, Daryl Mitchell blocks it towards short covers.
31.11R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson Short and around off, Kane Williamson punches it wide of sweeper covers but only for a single.
30.61J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson On a length and around off, Kane Williamson steers it towards third man for one. 14 runs off the over!
30.54J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson FOUR! Glorious shot! Jasprit Bumrah continues with his fuller length and around middle, Kane Williamson stays there and just opens the face of the bat at the last moment to drive it past mid off for a boundary.
30.41J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell A low full toss, on middle, angling in, Daryl Mitchell tucks it through mid-wicket for another run.
30.31J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson Overpitched and on middle, Kane Williamson drives it wide of mid on and scampers across for a run.
30.21J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell Full again and on middle, Daryl Mitchell drills it towards long on for a single. He moves to 97 now!
30.16J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell SIX! What a shot! Jasprit Bumrah serves this full and on middle, takes pace off, Daryl Mitchell waits for it this time and nonchalantly launches it over the long off fence for a biggie.
29.61K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell Floats it up slower and outside off, Daryl Mitchell gets across the stumps and paddles it down to fine leg for a single.
29.54K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell FOUR! Brilliant shot from Daryl Mitchell and even Ravindra Jadeja cant stop it! Full on middle, Mitchell opts to reverse sweep and nails it to the left of Jadeja at backward point for another boundary.
29.41K.Yadav To : K.Williamson Shorter on middle, turning in a long way, Kane Williamson backs away and manages to get it down to long on for a single.
29.34K.Yadav To : K.Williamson FOUR! Heaved away and finds the gap! This is tossed up full and wide outside off, Kane Williamson gets down on one knee, fetches the ball and slogs it with the turn in between long on and deep mid-wicket for a boundary.
29.20K.Yadav To : K.Williamson The googly now, on a length on off and turning in, Kane Williamson pushes it off the back foot toward cover.
29.11K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell This is dragged down on middle, turning in, Daryl Mitchell goes on the back foot and miscues the pull flat toward deep square leg for a run. The 150 of the stand comes up between these two as well.
28.61J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell A low full toss on off and angling in, Daryl Mitchell punches it down the ground for a single. 210 more needed in 21 overs, exactly 10 runs an over from here.
28.51J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson 1 run.
28.40J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
28.31J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
28.24J.Bumrah To : D.Mitchell FOUR! Positive from Daryl Mitchell, not letting Jasprit Bumrah settle. Pitched up around off, pace off again, Mitchell throws his bat at it and one hand comes off the handle as the ball is skied well wide of the man at deep mid-wicket and rolls away into the fence.
28.11J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson Starts the new spell with a shortish ball around off. This is slower too, Kane Williamson pats it away toward deep cover and picks up a single.
27.60K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
27.50K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
27.40K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell Pushed through a bit quicker on off, sliding across, Daryl Mitchell plays it with soft hands and toward covers.
27.30K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
27.24K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell Four!
27.12K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 2 runs.
26.61R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
26.56R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Six!
26.40R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
26.31R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson Just a fraction shorter around off, gripping a bit as well, Kane Williamson rocks back and lofts it down toward wide long off for just a run.
26.20R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson Pushed through quicker around off and this one turns as well, Kane Williamson stays watchful and opens the bat face to play it toward backward point.
26.11R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell On a length and outside off, Daryl Mitchell takes a half-step back and punches it through the cover region for a single.
25.60K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
25.51K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
25.40K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
25.31K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
25.21K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
25.11K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
24.60R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
24.52R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 2 runs.
24.46R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Six!
24.30R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
24.21R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 1 run.
24.11R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
23.60K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
23.50K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
23.40K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
23.31K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
23.21K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
23.11K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
22.64R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 4 runs.
22.51R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
22.40R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
22.31R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 1 run.
22.20R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson No run.
22.11R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
21.64K.Yadav To : K.Williamson Four!
21.51K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
21.41K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
21.30K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
21.20K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
21.11K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
21.12K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 2 runs.
20.60R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
20.56R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Six!
20.41R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 1 run.
20.31R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
20.20R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
20.11R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 1 run.
19.60K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
19.50K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
19.40K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell No run.
19.34K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell Four!
19.21K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
19.11K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
18.61R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
18.52R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 2 runs.
18.40R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Tossed up, full and on middle, Daryl Mitchell prods forward and defends it down the pitch.
18.31R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 1 run.
18.20R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson No run.
18.10R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson No run.
17.61K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
17.50K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
17.44LbK.Yadav To : K.Williamson 4 Leg byes.
17.30K.Yadav To : K.Williamson An appeal for LBW, but turned down!
17.24K.Yadav To : K.Williamson Four!
17.11K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
16.61M.Shami To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
16.50M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
16.44M.Shami To : D.Mitchell FOUR! Top shot!
16.30M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
16.26M.Shami To : D.Mitchell Six!
16.10M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
15.61K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
15.52K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 2 runs.
15.41K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
15.31K.Yadav To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
15.21K.Yadav To : K.Williamson 1 run.
15.10K.Yadav To : K.Williamson No run.
14.60M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell No run.
14.51M.Siraj To : K.Williamson Length again and on off too, Kane Williamson runs it down towards third man for another run.
14.44M.Siraj To : K.Williamson FOUR! So close! Mohammed Siraj lands this on a hard length and on off, shaping in, Kane Williamson looks to push it away but gets an inside edge past the stumps and towards the fine leg fence for a boundary.
14.31M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell Touch fuller and on middle, Daryl Mitchell drills it towards long on for a run.
14.21M.Siraj To : K.Williamson On a length and around off, Kane Williamson opens the face of the bat and guides it towards third man for a single.
14.16M.Siraj To : K.Williamson SIX! TOP EDGE AND OVER THE ROPES! Mohammed Siraj bangs in a sharp bouncer, on middle, Kane Williamson is a bit late into his pull shot and the ball flies off the top edge over the keepers head for a biggie.
13.60R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell A bit short and on off, Daryl Mitchell stabs it towards short covers.
13.50R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Gives this one some air, full and on middle, Daryl Mitchell pushes it back to the bowler again.
13.40R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Flatter, full and on middle, Daryl Mitchell drills it wide of short mid-wicket.
13.32R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Flighted, full and on off, grips and turns away, Daryl Mitchell loses his bottom hand and chips it over covers for a brace.
13.20R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Floated, full and on middle, Daryl Mitchell knocks it back to the bowler.
13.10R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell Tossed up, full and on off, Daryl Mitchell strides forward and guides it with the outer half of the bat towards backward point.
12.61LbM.Siraj To : D.Mitchell Leg bye.
12.50M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell Goes fuller and on off, Daryl Mitchell blocks it towards short covers.
12.41M.Siraj To : K.Williamson 1 run.
12.30M.Siraj To : K.Williamson No run.
12.24M.Siraj To : K.Williamson Four!
12.14BM.Siraj To : K.Williamson FOUR BYES! More extras!
11.60R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
11.51R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 1 run.
11.45NbR.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No ball and Four!
11.41R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell 1 run.
11.30R.Jadeja To : D.Mitchell No run.
11.21R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson 1 run.
11.10R.Jadeja To : K.Williamson Ravindra Jadeja starts with a short delivery, on off, Kane Williamson stays back and knocks it towards the bowler.
10.60M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell No run.
10.54M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell FOUR! Nicely played!
10.40M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell On a length and on middle, Daryl Mitchell tucks it towards short mid-wicket.
10.30M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell Back of a length and around off, shaping in, Daryl Mitchell lifts his bat and lets it go to the keeper.
10.24M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell FOUR! Good shot! Mohammed Siraj serves this full again and on off, Daryl Mitchell stays back and shows the full of the bat to loft it over extra covers for a boundary. He got it from the toe-end of the bat but it had enough power to go to the fence.
10.10M.Siraj To : D.Mitchell No run.
9.60M.Shami To : K.Williamson No run.
9.50M.Shami To : K.Williamson No run.
9.40M.Shami To : K.Williamson No run.
9.35WdM.Shami To : D.Mitchell 5 Wides!
9.31M.Shami To : D.Mitchell Close but not close enough!
9.20M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
9.10M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
8.60J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
8.50J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
8.40J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
8.30J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
8.20J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
8.10J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
7.6WdM.Shami To : D.Mitchell Wide!
7.60M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
7.50M.Shami To : D.Mitchell No run.
7.4WM.Shami To : R.Ravindra OUT! c KL Rahul b Mohammed Shami.
7.34M.Shami To : R.Ravindra Four!
7.20M.Shami To : R.Ravindra No run.
7.10M.Shami To : R.Ravindra No run.
6.60J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
6.50J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
6.40J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
6.30J.Bumrah To : K.Williamson No run.
6.21J.Bumrah To : R.Ravindra 1 run.
6.10J.Bumrah To : R.Ravindra No run.
5.64M.Shami To : K.Williamson Four!
5.50M.Shami To : K.Williamson No run.
5.40M.Shami To : K.Williamson No run.
5.30M.Shami To : K.Williamson No run.
5.20M.Shami To : K.Williamson No run.
5.1WM.Shami To : D.Conway OUT! c KL Rahul b Mohammed Shami.
4.60J.Bumrah To : R.Ravindra No run.
4.50J.Bumrah To : R.Ravindra No run.
4.40J.Bumrah To : R.Ravindra No run.
4.30J.Bumrah To : R.Ravindra No run.
4.2WdJ.Bumrah To : D.Conway Wide!
4.25WdJ.Bumrah To : D.Conway 5 Wides!
4.21J.Bumrah To : D.Conway 1 run.
4.10J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
3.60M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
3.54M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra Four!
3.40M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
3.30M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
3.20M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
3.10M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
2.6WdJ.Bumrah To : D.Conway Wide!
2.60J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
2.54J.Bumrah To : D.Conway Four!
2.40J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
2.3WdJ.Bumrah To : D.Conway Wide!
2.30J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
2.2WdJ.Bumrah To : D.Conway Wide!
2.20J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
2.10J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
1.60M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
1.54M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra Four!
1.40M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
1.30M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
1.20M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
1.10M.Siraj To : R.Ravindra No run.
0.60J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
0.50J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
0.40J.Bumrah To : D.Conway No run.
0.34J.Bumrah To : D.Conway FOUR! Another boundary and New Zealand are up and running here!
0.20J.Bumrah To : D.Conway Pitches this one up on off stump, Devon Conway pushes this one out toward mid off. Much better from Bumrah!
0.14J.Bumrah To : D.Conway FOUR! What a way to start the chase! A bit of a loosener from Jasprit Bumrah as he bowls this one a touch short and wide, Devon Conway stands tall and just slaps it away in front of point to get going with a boundary.
49.64T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Four!
49.54T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Four!
49.40T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Misses out on this occasion!
49.36T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Six!
49.21T.Southee To : S.Gill 1 run.
49.1WT.Southee To : S.Yadav OUT! c Glenn Phillips b Tim Southee.
48.61T.Boult To : S.Yadav 1 run.
48.5WT.Boult To : S.Iyer OUT! c Daryl Mitchell b Trent Boult.Shreyas Iyer c D Mitchell b T Boult 105 (70b 4x4 8x6)
48.44T.Boult To : S.Iyer FOUR! Pinged off the bat and 15 already off this over. Looks for the yorker yet again but serves it in the slot on middle and leg, Shreyas Iyer clears the front leg and whips it wide of long on for a boundary.
48.31T.Boult To : KL.Rahul Nails the yorker on middle, KL Rahul jams it out to the right of the diving bowled and down to long on for a single.
48.24T.Boult To : KL.Rahul FOUR! Squeezed through the gap! Full and wide, gets it in the blockhole this time, KL Rahul stays deep in his crease and opens the bat face at the last moment to slice it wide of short third for another boundary.
48.16T.Boult To : KL.Rahul SIX! Wow, thats an upper decker from KL Rahul! Trent Boult misses his mark with the yorker and serves a juicy full toss around middle. Rahul takes the front leg out of the way and slogs it away over the mid-wicket fence for a 104-meter monster maximum.
47.61T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Good decision not to go in for the catch! Another slower one, bowled shorter and outside off, KL Rahul stays back and clubs it over the point region. The fielder from the deep comes charging in but steps on the brakes to collect it on the bounce. Just the single then.
47.52T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Takes pace off a bit and bowls it fuller outside off, KL Rahul shuffles well across the stumps and sits down before sweeping it away behind deep square leg for a couple of runs.
47.41T.Southee To : S.Iyer Hard length over off, Shreyas Iyer looks to stand tall and swing it away but doesnt get much timing on it. The ball goes toward deep mid-wicket and they pick up another run.
47.31T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Back of a length over middle, KL Rahul looks to pull off the back foot but gets it off the inside edge and down to deep backward square leg for a single.
47.21T.Southee To : S.Iyer BACK-TO-BACK HUNDREDS FOR SHREYAS IYER! What a fiery knock this has been from him and he takes off his helmet to rightfully soak in the applause from the crowd. This is pitched up on middle and Iyer just pushes it down to long on for a single.
47.16T.Southee To : S.Iyer SIX! Into the crowd again and Shreyas Iyer moves on to 99! Attempted slower delivery, right in the slot around middle, Iyer slogs this one away high and over the square leg fence for his eighth maximum of the game.
46.60T.Boult To : KL.Rahul Nice change of pace to end the over. This is dug into the pitch and pushed well across the right-hander but it is the slower ball. KL Rahul looks to fetch and pull but is comprehensively beaten.
46.51T.Boult To : S.Iyer Nice and full again, in the blockhole outside off, Shreyas Iyer jams this one out square through the point region and picks up a single.
46.41LbT.Boult To : KL.Rahul Leg bye! Half an appeal from Trent Boult but the umpire says now. This is full again around off, angling across, KL Rahul attempts a cheeky reverse sweep but misses and the ball goes off the pads toward backward point. They pick up a leg bye.
46.30T.Boult To : KL.Rahul Goes pace on now and nails the yorker around the off stump, KL Rahul looks to get across the stumps and play at it but misses.
46.24T.Boult To : KL.Rahul FOUR! A little bit of width is all KL Rahul needs! A slower delivery, short and angled across the right-hander, Rahul stays back and shows tremendous bat speed to cut it hard past point for a boundary.
46.11T.Boult To : S.Iyer Boult begins the new spell from over the wicket and serves it full and wide, in the blockhole. Shreyas Iyer clears the front leg and drills it through wide mid off for a single.
45.60T.Southee To : KL.Rahul And again! Another well-disguised slower ball, shorter and angling into the body. KL Rahul misses the pull and takes a blow to the mid rif. Just 6 off that over, a great one under these circumstances.
45.50T.Southee To : KL.Rahul No run.
45.40T.Southee To : KL.Rahul No run.
45.34T.Southee To : KL.Rahul Four!
45.21T.Southee To : S.Iyer 1 run.
45.11T.Southee To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
44.66R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Six!
44.50R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer No run.
44.41R.Ravindra To : KL.Rahul 1 run.
44.31R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer 1 run.
44.20R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer No run.
44.16R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Six!
43.6WT.Southee To : V.Kohli OUT! c Devon Conway b Tim Southee.Virat Kohli c D Conway b T Southee 117 (113b 9x4 2x6)
43.52T.Southee To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
43.46T.Southee To : V.Kohli Six!
43.32T.Southee To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
43.21T.Southee To : S.Iyer 1 run.
43.12T.Southee To : S.Iyer 2 runs.
42.61R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer 1 run.
42.6WdR.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Wide!
42.51R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 1 run.
42.41R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer 1 run.
42.30R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer No run.
42.26R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Six!
42.1WdR.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Wide!
42.10R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer No run.
41.64L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Four!
41.52L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
41.42L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
41.31L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer 1 run.
41.21L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 1 run.
41.11L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer 1 run.
40.61R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer 1 run.
40.50R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer No run.
40.41R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 1 run.
40.31R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer 1 run.
40.21R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli Tossed up, full and on middle, turns away, Virat Kohli looks pushes it wide of cover-point for a run.
40.11R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer 1 run.
39.61L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer 1 run.
39.51L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Back of a length over off stump, punched off the back foot in front of mid on for a quick single. Kohli has to dive in to make his ground and moves to 95 now.
39.41L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer 1 run.
39.34L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer FOUR! Finds the gap!
39.3WdL.Ferguson To : S.Iyer Wide! Looks to bang it in hard and attack the body but slides it down leg for a wide.
39.21L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Hard length around the hips, tucked away down to fine leg for one more.
39.11L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer Banged in short over middle and leg, Shreyas Iyer gets inside the line and pulls it down to fine leg for a single.
38.60M.Santner To : V.Kohli No run.
38.50M.Santner To : V.Kohli No run.
38.40M.Santner To : V.Kohli No run.
38.31M.Santner To : S.Iyer 1 run.
38.21M.Santner To : V.Kohli This is shorter and around off, Virat Kohli pushes it away with an angled bat behind point and collects a run.
38.10M.Santner To : V.Kohli Almost gets caught out! This is full and around off, Virat Kohli looks to hammer the cover drive but ends up slicing it firmly on the bounce to man at short extra cover.
37.61T.Boult To : V.Kohli A good bumper over middle and leg, Virat Kohli gets inside the line and helps the pull shot down to fine leg for a fifth single in the over.
37.51T.Boult To : S.Iyer 1 run.
37.41T.Boult To : V.Kohli 1 run.
37.31T.Boult To : S.Iyer 1 run.
37.21T.Boult To : V.Kohli 1 run.
37.10T.Boult To : V.Kohli No run.
36.61M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
36.51M.Santner To : S.Iyer 1 run.
36.40M.Santner To : S.Iyer No run.
36.31M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
36.21M.Santner To : S.Iyer FIFTY for Shreyas Iyer and he makes it a fourth consecutive score of 50 or more in this World Cup! This is nicely flighted outside off, Iyer leans into the shot and strokes it away through cover-point for a single. He will now look to attack even more.
36.11M.Santner To : V.Kohli Full and quick, angling in from around off, Virat Kohli gets on the front foot and firms it down to long off for a single.
35.61T.Boult To : V.Kohli 1 run.
35.51T.Boult To : S.Iyer 1 run.
35.44T.Boult To : S.Iyer Four!
35.36T.Boult To : S.Iyer Six!
35.21T.Boult To : V.Kohli 1 run.
35.14T.Boult To : V.Kohli FOUR! Immaculate timing!
34.60M.Santner To : S.Iyer A maiden out of nowhere by Mitchell Santner! This is quicker and flatter around off, Iyer hits it straight to the man at point.
34.50M.Santner To : S.Iyer Drifts this one in much fuller and onto middle, Shreyas Iyer defends it out.
34.40M.Santner To : S.Iyer Nicely bowled! Slows it up a few notches and serves it shorter outside off, the ball grips and turns as Shreyas Iyer is beaten on the cut shot.
34.30M.Santner To : S.Iyer No run.
34.20M.Santner To : S.Iyer Fires one in on middle and leg, looking to sneak it through but Iyer does well to keep it out on the off side.
34.10M.Santner To : S.Iyer Flatter delivery outside off, Shreyas Iyer stands tall and eases it with the turn toward point.
33.60G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
33.51G.Phillips To : S.Iyer 1 run.
33.46G.Phillips To : S.Iyer SIX! Shreyas Iyer has only gotten better with every single game. Phillips comes from around the wicket and tosses this one up, Iyer advances down the track and lifts it dead straight over the bowlers head for a biggie.
33.31G.Phillips To : V.Kohli 1 run.
33.21G.Phillips To : S.Iyer 1 run.
33.11G.Phillips To : V.Kohli Bowls this one from wider of the crease and bowls it full on middle and leg. Virat Kohli clips it away in front of mid-wicket and collects a single.
32.61T.Southee To : V.Kohli 1 run.
32.52T.Southee To : V.Kohli Devon Conway does really well in the deep!
32.41T.Southee To : S.Iyer 1 run.
32.36T.Southee To : S.Iyer SIX! Stand and deliver!
32.21T.Southee To : V.Kohli 1 run.
32.11T.Southee To : S.Iyer Bowled on a hard length and angled into the pads, Shreyas Iyer looks to whip it away but the ball comes slower off the deck and the shot is mistimed uppishly toward the vacant square leg region. They pick up a single.
31.60G.Phillips To : V.Kohli Pulls the length back and bowls it onto middle and leg, Virat Kohli goes deep in his crease and nudges it behind square leg for no run. Just the boundary and a single off that over.
31.50G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
31.40G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
31.34G.Phillips To : V.Kohli FOUR! Deft touch from Kohli!
31.20G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
31.11G.Phillips To : S.Iyer 1 run.
30.61T.Boult To : S.Iyer 1 run.
30.50T.Boult To : S.Iyer Banged in quick and hard outside off, Shreyas Iyer looks to take on the pull but gets it off the under edge down to short mid-wicket.
30.41T.Boult To : V.Kohli 1 run.
30.30T.Boult To : V.Kohli No run.
30.24T.Boult To : V.Kohli Four!
30.11T.Boult To : S.Iyer 1 run.
29.61T.Southee To : S.Iyer 1 run.
29.51T.Southee To : V.Kohli 1 run.
29.41T.Southee To : S.Iyer 1 run.
29.31T.Southee To : V.Kohli 1 run.
29.26T.Southee To : V.Kohli Six!
29.11T.Southee To : S.Iyer 1 run.
28.60T.Boult To : V.Kohli No run.
28.50T.Boult To : V.Kohli No run.
28.41T.Boult To : S.Iyer Length again and on off again, Shreyas Iyer pushes it through covers for a run.
28.31T.Boult To : V.Kohli 1 run.
28.20T.Boult To : V.Kohli Short of a length and on middle, Virat Kohli mistimes his pull towards short mid-wicket.
28.14T.Boult To : V.Kohli FOUR! Up and over!
27.61L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 1 run.
27.50L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli No run.
27.41L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer 1 run.
27.30L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer No run.
27.21L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 1 run.
27.10L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli No run.
26.61R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 1 run.
26.51BR.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Slower through the air, short and on off, turns away again, Shreyas Iyer goes through his pull way early and Tom Latham behind the stumps only manages to parry it towards short third man. A bye is taken.
26.44R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer FOUR! Almost a wicket for New Zealand! This is pushed through quicker, full and outside off, turns away, Shreyas Iyer throws his bat at it but slices it in the air just wide of Tim Southee at short third man. He dives to his right but fails to reach the ball as it races away to the fence for a bound
26.36R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer SIX! BOOM! Shreyas Iyer breaks the shackles now!
26.20R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Floated, full and on off, Shreyas Iyer drives it straight to short extra covers.
26.11R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli Tossed up, full and around off, Virat Kohli pushes it through covers for a single.
25.61L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Touch fuller and down the leg side, Virat Kohli clips it towards fine leg for one.
25.50L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Lockie Ferguson bangs in a sharp and quick bouncer, on middle, Virat Kohli ducks underneath it well.
25.40L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Another full delivery, on middle, angling in, Virat Kohli looks to work it away but misses to get hit on the pads.
25.30L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Pitches this one up and on off, Virat Kohli miscues his drive off the inner half of the bat towards mid on.
25.22L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli On a length and on middle, Virat Kohli tucks it with soft hands towards deep square leg and comes back for the second run quite easily. Excellent running!
25.10L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Fuller one and on off, Virat Kohli keeps it out to the off side.
24.61R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 1 run.
24.50R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli No run.
24.42R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli Buzzers!
24.31R.Ravindra To : S.Iyer Flatter, full and on middle, Shreyas Iyer eases it towards long off for a run.
24.21R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli Floated, full and on off, Virat Kohli drives it towards long off for a single.
24.10R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli Tossed up, full and on off, Virat Kohli pushes it towards short covers.
23.61L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 1 run.
23.54L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli Four!
23.40L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli No run.
23.31L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer 1 run.
23.21L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 1 run.
23.11L.Ferguson To : S.Iyer Back of a length and around off, Shreyas Iyer runs it down to third man for a single.
22.61M.Santner To : S.Iyer 1 run.
22.50M.Santner To : S.Iyer Drifts this one into the legs, Shreyas Iyer works it away just behind square leg.
22.41M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
22.34M.Santner To : V.Kohli Four!
22.21M.Santner To : S.Gill Flatter delivery outside off, pushed away toward sweeper cover for a single by Shubman Gill.
22.11M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
21.61G.Phillips To : V.Kohli Flighted delivery, turning in from outside off, Virat Kohli presses forward and uses his wrists to stroke it down to long on for another single.
21.51G.Phillips To : S.Gill 1 run.
21.40G.Phillips To : S.Gill No run.
21.31G.Phillips To : V.Kohli 1 run.
21.21G.Phillips To : S.Gill 1 run.
21.10G.Phillips To : S.Gill No run.
20.61M.Santner To : S.Gill 1 run.
20.50M.Santner To : S.Gill No run.
20.41M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
20.30M.Santner To : V.Kohli No run.
20.20M.Santner To : V.Kohli No run.
20.11M.Santner To : S.Gill 1 run.
19.60G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
19.50G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
19.41G.Phillips To : S.Gill 1 run.
19.36G.Phillips To : S.Gill Six!
19.21G.Phillips To : V.Kohli 1 run.
19.10G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
18.61M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
18.51M.Santner To : S.Gill 1 run.
18.41M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
18.31M.Santner To : S.Gill 1 run.
18.20M.Santner To : S.Gill Flatter this time and around off, jabbed off the back foot but straight to point.
18.10M.Santner To : S.Gill No run.
17.61G.Phillips To : S.Gill 1 run.
17.51G.Phillips To : V.Kohli 1 run.
17.42G.Phillips To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
17.31G.Phillips To : S.Gill 1 run.
17.21G.Phillips To : V.Kohli 1 run.
17.10G.Phillips To : V.Kohli No run.
16.60M.Santner To : S.Gill No run.
16.54M.Santner To : S.Gill Four!
16.46M.Santner To : S.Gill Six!
16.30M.Santner To : S.Gill No run.
16.21M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
16.10M.Santner To : V.Kohli No run.
15.61R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 1 run.
15.50R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli No run.
15.40R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli No run.
15.30R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli No run.
15.21R.Ravindra To : S.Gill 1 run.
15.11R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 1 run.
14.61M.Santner To : V.Kohli 1 run.
14.51M.Santner To : S.Gill 1 run.
14.41M.Santner To : V.Kohli Slower and shorter on middle, forced away off the back foot down to long on for a single.
14.30M.Santner To : V.Kohli Nicely bowled! Holds it back a touch, drifts it into middle and leg and gets it to grip a bit. Virat Kohli watchfully defends it out.
14.21M.Santner To : S.Gill Excellent running! Flighted one, fuller and around off, Gill eases it toward cover and scampers across for one.
14.10M.Santner To : S.Gill Quicker and a touch shorter, angling in from around off, Shubman Gill looks to cut off the back foot but fails to get it away.
13.60R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli Short and over off stump, pushed away off the back foot toward covers.
13.54R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli FOUR! Hammered away and India flying high even after the first Powerplay. A bit too full, right in the slot around off, Virat Kohli stays leg side of the ball and creams it through extra cover for a boundary.
13.42R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli Full again, right around middle, Virat Kohli whips this one down to wide long on and picks up another brace.
13.31R.Ravindra To : S.Gill 1 run.
13.21R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 1 run.
13.12R.Ravindra To : V.Kohli 2 runs.
12.60L.Ferguson To : S.Gill No run.
12.51L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli 1 run.
12.40L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli No run.
12.31L.Ferguson To : S.Gill 1 run.
12.26L.Ferguson To : S.Gill Six!
12.14L.Ferguson To : S.Gill Four!
11.61M.Santner To : S.Gill 1 run.
11.52M.Santner To : S.Gill 2 runs.
11.40M.Santner To : S.Gill No run.
11.30M.Santner To : S.Gill No run.
11.20M.Santner To : S.Gill No run.
11.10M.Santner To : S.Gill Tossed up, full and on middle, Shubman Gill prods  forward and blocks it out.
10.60T.Southee To : V.Kohli Another full delivery, on middle, Virat Kohli drills it towards mid on.
10.50T.Southee To : V.Kohli No run.
10.41T.Southee To : S.Gill 1 run.
10.34T.Southee To : S.Gill Four!
10.20T.Southee To : S.Gill No run.
10.10T.Southee To : S.Gill No run.
9.60L.Ferguson To : V.Kohli No run.
9.51L.Ferguson To : S.Gill 1 run.
9.44L.Ferguson To : S.Gill Four!
9.30L.Ferguson To : S.Gill No run.
9.24L.Ferguson To : S.Gill Four!
9.10L.Ferguson To : S.Gill No run.
8.60T.Southee To : V.Kohli No run.
8.50T.Southee To : V.Kohli No run.
8.44T.Southee To : V.Kohli Four!
8.30T.Southee To : V.Kohli No run.
8.2WT.Southee To : R.Sharma OUT! c Kane Williamson b Tim Southee.
8.11T.Southee To : S.Gill 1 run.
7.61L.Ferguson To : S.Gill 1 run.
7.50L.Ferguson To : S.Gill No run.
7.42L.Ferguson To : S.Gill 2 runs.
7.32L.Ferguson To : S.Gill Full again and on middle, angling in, Shubman Gill flicks it past mid-wicket and comes back for the second runs.
7.24L.Ferguson To : S.Gill FOUR! Cracking shot!
7.10L.Ferguson To : S.Gill Lockie Ferguson begins with a hard-length delivery, outside off, Shubman Gill slaps it with no timing towards short covers.
6.60T.Boult To : R.Sharma This is on a hard length and on off again, Rohit Sharma stays back and taps it towards short covers.
6.52T.Boult To : R.Sharma Trent Boult bangs this short again and around off, Rohit Sharma rides the bounce and punches it past point for a couple of runs.
6.40T.Boult To : R.Sharma Short of a length and outside off, Rohit Sharma looks for the cut again but bunts it in front of point, he wants the run but is sent back and rightly so.
6.30T.Boult To : R.Sharma This is pitched up and around off, Rohit Sharma throws his bat at it but it goes off the inside half of the bat towards mid on.
6.20T.Boult To : R.Sharma Touch fuller this time, on leg, Rohit Sharma tucks it towards short mid-wicket.
6.2WdT.Boult To : R.Sharma On a length but down the leg side once again, Rohit Sharma misses his flick. It is called a wide. Sloppy from the Kiwi pacers.
6.10T.Boult To : R.Sharma Back of a length and outside off, Rohit Sharma looks to cut but chops it onto the ground as the ball goes towards the right of the keeper.
5.60M.Santner To : S.Gill Flighted, full and on middle again, Shubman Gill strides forward and knocks it back towards the bowler. 11 runs off Santners first over!
5.50M.Santner To : S.Gill Tossed up, full and on middle, Shubman Gill works it towards short mid-wicket.
5.41M.Santner To : R.Sharma Quicker one, short and on leg, Rohit Sharma clips it towards short fine leg for a quick single.
5.36M.Santner To : R.Sharma SIX! There is no stopping Rohit Sharma here! Mitchell Santner drags his length back this time, on middle, Rohit Sharma rocks back quickly and heaves it over the deep square leg fence for his fourth maximum of the match.
5.24M.Santner To : R.Sharma FOUR! Just wide! This is floated, full and on middle and leg, Rohit Sharma goes down on one knee and sweeps it uppishly but past the diving short fine leg fielder for a boundary. 50 up for India in no time!
5.10M.Santner To : R.Sharma Mitchell Santner starts with a flatter delivery, full and on middle, Rohit Sharma keeps it out to the leg side.
4.62T.Boult To : S.Gill Back of a length and outside off, Shubman Gill cuts it towards point where Glenn Phillips goes down to stop it but lets it through as the batters get across for two more runs.
4.50T.Boult To : S.Gill On a length and around leg again, Shubman Gill nudges it towards short mid-wicket.
4.40T.Boult To : S.Gill This is on a hard length and on leg, Shubman Gill misses his flick and gets hit high on the pads as the ball goes nowhere.
4.31T.Boult To : R.Sharma A low full toss and around off, Rohit Sharma drills it towards sweeper covers for a single.
4.26T.Boult To : R.Sharma SIX! Up, up and away! Trent Boult bangs in a bouncer but around leg, Rohit Sharma picks up the length early, swivels and hooks it way over the fine leg fence into the second tier for his record-breaking 50th maximum in World Cups. Edge of the seat stuff!
4.10T.Boult To : R.Sharma Fuller in length and outside off, Rohit Sharma mistimes his push in front of short covers.
3.60T.Southee To : S.Gill Overpitched and on off, Shubman Gill prods forward and defends it solidly as the ball rolls towards mid off.
3.51T.Southee To : R.Sharma Short of a length and on middle, Rohit Sharma pulls it along the ground towards deep backward square leg for a run.
3.46T.Southee To : R.Sharma SIX! Rohit Sharma is in some touch here! Tim Southee bowls this full and on the pads, Rohit Sharma stays in his crease and picks it up from there to whack it over the deep square leg fence for a biggie. A record-equalling 49th maximum in World Cups for the Hitman.
3.34T.Southee To : R.Sharma FOUR! Lovely shot! Tim Southee bangs this short and on middle, sits up nicely for the batter, Rohit Sharma gets into a good position, rolls his wrists to pull it towards the deep backward square leg fence for a boundary.
3.3WdT.Southee To : R.Sharma Tim Southee loses his line and pitches this well down the leg side, Rohit Sharma misses his glance. It is called a wide.
3.21T.Southee To : S.Gill Full again and around off, Shubman Gill gets to the pitch of it and knocks it towards mid off for a single.
3.10T.Southee To : S.Gill Full and on off, swinging away in the air, Shubman Gill drives it straight to short covers again.
2.60T.Boult To : R.Sharma Oh..that must have hurt! Trent Boult bangs this one into the pitch, on middle, angling in once more, Rohit Sharma goes for the pull shot but misses it and gets hit around the lower stomach area.
2.6WdT.Boult To : R.Sharma Goes fuller but down the leg side, Rohit Sharma looks to heave it away but misses. Wided.
2.50T.Boult To : R.Sharma Length again and on middle, as well, Rohit Sharma blocks it back to the bowler.
2.40T.Boult To : R.Sharma Pulls his length back now, on middle, angling in again, Rohit Sharma has no room to work with and turns it to the leg side.
2.36T.Boult To : R.Sharma SIX! BANG! Rohit Sharma goes big now! Trent Boult serves this full and on off, angling in, Rohit Sharma dances down the track and smacks it through the line over the deep extra covers fence for a biggie.
2.20T.Boult To : R.Sharma Back of a length and on middle, Rohit Sharma stays back and pats it towards short mid-wicket.
2.10T.Boult To : R.Sharma On a length and on off, Rohit Sharma gets behind the line of it and blocks it down the pitch.
1.60T.Southee To : S.Gill This is on a good length and outside off, Shubman Gill leaves it alone.
1.50T.Southee To : S.Gill Another full delivery, on off, Shubman Gill pushes it gently towards short covers.
1.44T.Southee To : S.Gill FOUR! Unlucky for Tim Southee! He bowls this full again and around off, angling in, Shubman Gill looks to tuck it away again but gets an inside edge just past the stumps towards the fine leg fence for another boundary.
1.34T.Southee To : S.Gill FOUR! Easy pickings! Tim Southee bowls a half-volley around the leg stump line, Shubman Gill uses his wrists well to flick it with good timing through square leg as the fielders chase after it and dives but fails to stop it from going to the fence for a boundary.
1.20T.Southee To : S.Gill Full again but around off this time, Shubman Gill drives it firmly but straight short covers.
1.10T.Southee To : S.Gill Tim Southee begins with a full delivery as well, on middle, Shubman Gill tucks it straight to short mid-wicket.
0.60T.Boult To : R.Sharma Pulls his length back a bit, on off, Rohit Sharma steers it towards point. 10 runs off the first over then!
0.54T.Boult To : R.Sharma FOUR! Two in two!  Trent Boult continues with his fuller length but this time it is around off, Rohit Sharma absolutely drills it past mid off for another boundary.
0.44T.Boult To : R.Sharma FOUR! Just over! Trent Boult pitches this one up once more, on middle, Rohit Sharma takes a couple of strides forward and whips it elegantly with his back foot in the air over the leaping short mid-wicket fielder for a boundary.
0.30T.Boult To : R.Sharma Goes fuller again and on middle,too, Rohit Sharma looks to work it away but gets a leading edge along the ground towards short covers.
0.20T.Boult To : R.Sharma This is on a good length and around off, Rohit Sharma stays there and dabs it towards point.
0.12T.Boult To : R.Sharma Rohit Sharma and India are underway straightaway! Trent Boult looks for some swing and starts with a full delivery, on middle, Rohit Sharma flicks it away nicely through mid-wicket as Lockie Ferguson from mid on runs to his right and slides to stop it. Two runs taken.
Match Info
Match IND vs NZ (Semi Final 1) ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
Time 08:30 AM 2023-11-15 (UTC)
Toss India won the toss and opt to bat
Stadium Wankhede Stadium Mumbai
Umpire Richard Illingworth, Rod Tucker
Third Umpire Joel Wilson
Match Referee Andy Pycroft