South Africa Australia
212-10 (49.4) 215-7 (47.2)
Australia beat South Africa by 3 wickets
Datetime 08:30 AM 2023-11-16 (UTC)
Match Semi Final 2
Series ICC World Cup 2023
Stadium Eden Gardens Kolkata
Player Of The Match Travis Head

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South Africa Australia
212-10 (49.4) 215-7 (47.2)
Australia beat South Africa by 3 wickets
Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
R.Dussen ★ 3 16 0 0 18.8
A.Markram ★ 0 0 0 0 0.0

SA 212-10 (49.4)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
Q.Kock 3 14 0 0 21.4
c P.Cummins b J.Hazlewood
T.Bavuma 0 4 0 0 0.0
c J.Inglis b M.Starc
R.Dussen 6 31 0 0 19.4
c S.Smith b J.Hazlewood
A.Markram 10 20 2 0 50.0
c D.Warner b M.Starc
H.Klaasen 47 48 4 2 97.9
bowled b T.Head
D.Miller 101 116 8 5 87.1
c T.Head b P.Cummins
M.Jansen 0 1 0 0 0.0
lbw b T.Head
G.Coetzee 19 39 2 0 48.7
c J.Inglis b P.Cummins
K.Maharaj 4 8 0 0 50.0
c S.Smith b M.Starc
K.Rabada 10 12 0 1 83.3
c G.Maxwell b P.Cummins
T.Shamsi 1 5 0 0 20.0
not out
Extra 11 b 0, lb 4, w 7, nb 0, p 0
Total 212-10 (49.4) 4.3 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
T.Head 5.0 0 21 2 4.2 0
G.Maxwell 10.0 0 35 0 3.5 0
P.Cummins 9.4 0 51 3 5.3 0
M.Starc 10.0 1 34 3 3.4 0
A.Zampa 7.0 0 55 0 7.9 0
J.Hazlewood 8.0 3 12 2 1.5 0
Fall OF Wickets
Temba Bavuma1-10.6
Quinton de Kock8-25.4
Aiden Markram22-310.5
Rassie van der Dussen24-411.5
Heinrich Klaasen119-530.4
Marco Jansen119-630.5
Gerald Coetzee172-743.3
Keshav Maharaj191-846.2
David Miller203-947.2

AUS 215-7 (47.2)

Batsman R B 4s 6s SR
T.Head 62 48 9 2 129.2
bowled b K.Maharaj
D.Warner 29 18 1 4 161.1
bowled b A.Markram
M.Marsh 0 6 0 0 0.0
c R.Dussen b K.Rabada
S.Smith 30 62 2 0 48.4
c Q.Kock b G.Coetzee
M.Labuschagne 18 31 2 0 58.1
lbw b T.Shamsi
G.Maxwell 1 5 0 0 20.0
bowled b T.Shamsi
J.Inglis 28 49 3 0 57.1
bowled b G.Coetzee
M.Starc 16 38 2 0 42.1
not out
P.Cummins 14 29 2 0 48.3
not out
A.Zampa DNY
J.Hazlewood DNY
Extra 17 b 0, lb 3, w 12, nb 2, p 0
Total 215-7 (47.2) 4.5 runs/over
Bowler Over M R W Eco EXT
D.Miller 0 0
A.Markram 8.0 1 23 1 2.9 0
M.Jansen 4.2 0 35 0 8.1 0
K.Maharaj 10.0 0 24 1 2.4 0
G.Coetzee 9.0 0 47 2 5.2 0
K.Rabada 6.0 0 41 1 6.8 0
T.Shamsi 10.0 0 42 2 4.2 0
Fall OF Wickets
David Warner60-16.1
Mitchell Marsh61-27.4
Travis Head106-314.1
Marnus Labuschagne133-421.5
Glenn Maxwell137-523.4
Steven Smith174-633.3
Josh Inglis193-739.5
497 Runs (0 0 6 0 0 1Lb)SA : 210-9
487 Runs (6 Wd W 0 0 0 0)SA : 203-9
476 Runs (1Lb W 1 1 Wd 2 0)SA : 196-8
468 Runs (1 4 1 0 1 1)SA : 190-7
458 Runs (4 2 0 1 0 1)SA : 182-7
443 Runs (0 1 W 1 1 0)SA : 174-7
437 Runs (0 6 0 1 0 0)SA : 171-6
424 Runs (2 0 0 Wd 0 1 0)SA : 164-6
414 Runs (0 1 1 Wd 0 1 0)SA : 160-6
402 Runs (0 1 0 0 1 0)SA : 156-6
395 Runs (0 4 0 0 0 1)SA : 154-6
388 Runs (4 1 1 1 0 1)SA : 149-6
372 Runs (1 0 1 0 0 0)SA : 141-6
365 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 4)SA : 139-6
355 Runs (4 0 1 0 0 0)SA : 134-6
342 Runs (1 0 0 0 0 1)SA : 129-6
332 Runs (0 1 1 0 0 0)SA : 127-6
326 Runs (0 0 4 0 1 1)SA : 125-6
318 Runs (4 4 0 W W 0)SA : 119-6
303 Runs (1 0 0 1 0 1)SA : 111-4
298 Runs (1 1 0 6 0 0)SA : 108-4
285 Runs (2 1 0 1 0 1)SA : 100-4
2714 Runs (1 1 6 6 0 0)SA : 95-4
262 Runs (2 0 0 0 0 0)SA : 81-4
252 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 1)SA : 79-4
246 Runs (0 1 0 4 0 1)SA : 77-4
231 Runs (0 0 0 1 0 0)SA : 71-4
222 Runs (0 0 1 0 0 1)SA : 70-4
211 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 0)SA : 68-4
205 Runs (0 0 1 0 4 0)SA : 67-4
197 Runs (1 0 0 0 6 0)SA : 62-4
180 Runs (0 0 0 0 0 0)SA : 55-4
179 Runs (0 1 1 0 6 1)SA : 55-4
160 Runs (0 0 0 0 0 0)SA : 46-4
152 Runs (0 1 1 0 0 0)SA : 46-4
1412 Runs (4 2 0 1 4 1)SA : 44-4
134 Runs (1 Wd 0 0 1 1 0)SA : 32-4
126 Runs (0 0 1 1 W 4)SA : 28-4
114 Runs (4 0 0 0 W 0)SA : 22-3
101 Runs (0 0 0 0 0 1)SA : 18-2
97 Runs (0 Wd 1 0 4 0 1Lb)SA : 17-2
82 Runs (0 0 1 0 0 1)SA : 10-2
70 Runs (0 0 0 0 0 0)SA : 8-2
60 Runs (0 0 0 W 0 0)SA : 8-2
52 Runs (0 0 0 0 2 0)SA : 8-1
42 Runs (0 0 1 0 0 1)SA : 6-1
32 Runs (0 0 1Lb Wd 0 0 0)SA : 4-1
21 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 0)SA : 2-1
11 Runs (0 1 0 0 0 W)SA : 1-1
BowlRunBowlerTo :BatsmanDetails
47.24M.Jansen To : P.Cummins FOUR! THATS IT! Pat Cummins finishes things off with a boundary!
47.10M.Jansen To : P.Cummins No run.
46.60A.Markram To : M.Starc Swing and a miss! Slows it up and bowls it around off, Mitchell Starc is tempted by the flight and has a swipe across the line. He gets beaten on the outside edge by the away turn.
46.50A.Markram To : M.Starc A bit fuller this time, on off, Mitchell Starc gets a good stride in and works it towards point.
46.40A.Markram To : M.Starc Pushed through, short and on off, dabbed off the back foot by Mitchell Starc towards cover.
46.31A.Markram To : P.Cummins Full again, on the pads, Pat Cummins looks to knock this one down the ground but hits it a bit uppishly to the right of Aiden Markram for a single.
46.20A.Markram To : P.Cummins Tempts the batter by offering flight, full and on middle, Pat Cummins does not take the bait and keeps it out on the leg side.
46.10A.Markram To : P.Cummins Pushed through, on middle, Pat Cummins prods forward and pushes it back to the bowler.
45.60M.Jansen To : M.Starc On a fullish length, on middle, Mitchell Starc jams it out down back towards the bowler.
45.50M.Jansen To : M.Starc Slanting in, on middle and leg, on a length, clipped on the bounce to mid-wicket by Mitchell Starc.
45.44M.Jansen To : M.Starc FOUR! Clipped away! That should do it for Australia!
45.30M.Jansen To : M.Starc No run.
45.20M.Jansen To : M.Starc No run.
45.10M.Jansen To : M.Starc No run.
44.61A.Markram To : M.Starc 1 run.
44.51A.Markram To : P.Cummins 1 run.
44.40A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
44.30A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
44.20A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
44.10A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
43.60G.Coetzee To : M.Starc No run.
43.50G.Coetzee To : M.Starc No run.
43.41G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins 1 run.
43.30G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins No run.
43.20G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins No run.
43.10G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins Digs it in short, on off, Pat Cummins stands tall and gets a bit cramped for room but still manages to dab it away to backward point.
42.60A.Markram To : M.Starc No run.
42.51A.Markram To : P.Cummins 1 run.
42.40A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
42.30A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
42.2WdA.Markram To : P.Cummins Wide!
42.20A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
42.10A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
41.62NbG.Coetzee To : P.Cummins No ball!
41.60G.Coetzee To : M.Starc No run.
41.50G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins No run.
41.40G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins No run.
41.30G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins No run.
41.24G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins Four!
41.10G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins Steams in and bangs this one in at 149.6 clicks from around the wicket and at a difficult height over middle. Pat Cummins does extremely well to hop back and get his bat out in front of his face and keep it down on the off side. That one hit the bat really hard and it is broken! Gerald Coetzee is al
40.60A.Markram To : M.Starc No run.
40.50A.Markram To : M.Starc No run.
40.41A.Markram To : P.Cummins 1 run.
40.30A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
40.20A.Markram To : P.Cummins No run.
40.11A.Markram To : M.Starc 1 run.
39.60G.Coetzee To : P.Cummins No run.
39.5WG.Coetzee To : J.Inglis OUT! b Gerald Coetzee.
39.40G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis No run.
39.30G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis No run.
39.21G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Lands it on a back of a length, on middle and leg, Mitchell Starc hangs on the back foot and tucks it in front of square and roates the strike.
39.12G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Goes short at the batter, it does not bother Mitchell Starc though who nurdles it away behind square on the leg side for a couple of runs.
38.61K.Maharaj To : M.Starc 1 run.
38.50K.Maharaj To : M.Starc No run.
38.40K.Maharaj To : M.Starc Drops it short this time, on off, Mitchell Starc is happy to stay back in his crease and pats it back to the bowler.
38.30K.Maharaj To : M.Starc Loopy delivery, hanging in the air, full and on off, Mitchell Starc gets on the front foot to defend but gets an inside edge that rolls to square leg.
38.21K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis Slower and shorter, on off, Josh Inglis uses the depth of the crease and plays it late towards backward point for a single.
38.10K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis Tossed up, drifting in, on middle and leg, Josh Inglis prods forward and smothers the ball onto the deck.
37.60G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Just wide! Bowls it at the batter, on a hard length, Mitchell Starc looks to keep this one out from the crease but plays it a bit early and ends up chipping it back towards the bowler. Luckily for him, the ball eludes the acrobatic dive from Gerald Coetzee to his left.
37.50G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Looks to surprise Starc with a full delivery, at the stumps, Mitchell Starc is up to the task as he gets his bat down in time and digs it out to the left of the bowler.
37.40G.Coetzee To : M.Starc No run.
37.30G.Coetzee To : M.Starc No run.
37.24G.Coetzee To : M.Starc EDGED AND FOUR! Fortuitous for Mitchell Starc and Australia!
37.10G.Coetzee To : M.Starc At 143.3 kph, on a back of a length, on off, Mitchell Starc stays leg side of the ball and taps it down to cover.
36.62T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis A bit too full by Tabraiz Shamsi, outside off, Josh Inglis negates the spin by getting to the pitch of the ball and drives it wide of extra cover for a couple of runs.
36.50T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Comes from around the wicket now and offers flight, full and on off, Josh Inglis shuffles a bit and gets a good stride in to smother the spin.
36.40T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis No run.
36.30T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Quicker through the air, on off, Josh Inglis opts to stay back in the crease and plays it from right under his eyes to cover.
36.20T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Pulls the length back a bit and bowls it on off, Josh Inglis reads it well and pushes it comfortably to cover.
36.10T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Floats it up, turning in, outside off from over the wicket, Josh Inglis gets a good stride in and pads it away on the off side.
35.60G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Fullish delivery, at the stumps, Mitchell Starc gets his bat down in time and manages to jam the ball back onto his feet.
35.50G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Switches to over the wicket and angles it across, outside off, on a good length, Mitchell Starc does not go chasing at the delivery and leaves the ball alone.
35.40G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Bangs it in short again from around the wicket, over middle, Mitchell Starc stands tall and jams it down with a straight bat.
35.31G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis 1 run.
35.24G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis FOUR! Whoa, what a shot!
35.10G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis Beaten! A sharp delivery by Gerald Coetzee, shortish on off, Josh Inglis gets cramped for room and tries to ramp it over the keeper but misses out as the ball dies down on its way to Quinton de Kock.
34.60T.Shamsi To : M.Starc Gets this one to turn away from the left-hander, outside off, Mitchell Starc prods forward and lifts his bat to let the ball pass.
34.51T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis At 82.4 kph, turning into the batter, around off, Josh Inglis goes back to a rather full delivery and pushes it wide of point for a run.
34.41T.Shamsi To : M.Starc 1 run.
34.30T.Shamsi To : M.Starc Drops it short and around off, Mitchell Starc hits it with the turn off the back foot to cover.
34.20T.Shamsi To : M.Starc Well left! Turning away, full and outside off, Mitchell Starc reads it well and leaves the ball alone although without covering his off stump
34.10T.Shamsi To : M.Starc Loopy delivery, full on off, Mitchell Starc is a bit tentative but does manage to dab it in front of point.
33.60G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis Directs a bumper near the left shoulder of the batter, Josh Inglis ducks underneath it quickly and leaves the ball alone for the keeper to collect. End of a successful over from Gerald Coetzee.
33.50G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis Delivers it full again, around off, Josh Inglis is waiting on the back foot as he drives it without much timing to mid off.
33.41G.Coetzee To : M.Starc Hurls it full and honing in at the stumps, Mitchell Starc opens the face of his bat and drives it square on the off side. Opens his account with a single.
33.3WG.Coetzee To : S.Smith OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! The change of plan does the trick for Gerald Coetzee and South Africa!Steven Smith c Qd Kock b G Coetzee 30 (62b 2x4 0x6)
33.20G.Coetzee To : S.Smith Changes his length by going fuller this time, on off, Steven Smith firms the drive with a straight bat but cant get it past mid off.
33.10G.Coetzee To : S.Smith Steams in from around the wicket and bangs it in short, over middle, Steven Smith drops his wrists and lets the ball go through to the keeper.
32.60K.Rabada To : J.Inglis No run.
32.50K.Rabada To : J.Inglis No run.
32.40K.Rabada To : J.Inglis Much fuller this time, on middle, Josh Inglis prods forward and defends it out with a straight bat.
32.31K.Rabada To : S.Smith On the pads again, on a length as well, Steven Smith works it behind square on the leg side and picks up a single.
32.21K.Rabada To : J.Inglis 1 run.
32.10K.Rabada To : J.Inglis No run.
31.60G.Coetzee To : S.Smith No run.
31.54G.Coetzee To : S.Smith Four!
31.5WdG.Coetzee To : S.Smith WIDE! An optimistic shout for caught behind but turned down!
31.41G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis 1 run.
31.31G.Coetzee To : S.Smith Continues to bowl into the surface and hurls it outside off, Steven Smith lets the ball come to him and uses the pace of the delivery to run it down to third man for a run.
31.20G.Coetzee To : S.Smith No run.
31.10G.Coetzee To : S.Smith At 142.9 clicks, on a good length, on the fifth stump line, Steven Smith hangs back and covers the line of the ball before tapping it back to the bowler.
30.60K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis No run.
30.51K.Maharaj To : S.Smith 1 run.
30.41K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis 1 run.
30.30K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis Drifting in, on middle and leg, Josh Inglis opens himself up and drives it square towards point.
30.21K.Maharaj To : S.Smith Tosses it up now, on off, Steven Smith lunges forward and knocks it down to long off for a single.
30.10K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
29.60G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis No run.
29.54G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis Four!
29.40G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis No run.
29.31G.Coetzee To : S.Smith 1 run.
29.21LbG.Coetzee To : J.Inglis Leg bye.
29.10G.Coetzee To : J.Inglis No run.
28.60K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
28.50K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
28.40K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
28.31K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis 1 run.
28.20K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis Oh, that could have been fatal for Australia!
28.10K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis No run.
27.60T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
27.50T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
27.41T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis 1 run.
27.30T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis No run.
27.20T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Flights this one up a bit fuller around off, Josh Inglis reaches out well in front and meets it on the full to negate the spin.
27.14T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Four!
26.61K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis 1 run.
26.51K.Maharaj To : S.Smith 1 run.
26.40K.Maharaj To : S.Smith Flighted delivery, fuller and outside off, Steven Smith gets a big stride across and pushes it away to cover-point.
26.31K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis Floated up, a bit slower and on a length outside off. Josh Inglis plays it late with the turn and through the cover region for a single.
26.21K.Maharaj To : S.Smith 1 run.
26.10K.Maharaj To : S.Smith Nicely drifted onto middle, getting it to dip and turn away, Steven Smith gets on the front foot and solidly blocks it off.
25.61T.Shamsi To : S.Smith 1 run.
25.51T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis 1 run.
25.41T.Shamsi To : S.Smith 1 run.
25.31T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis 1 run.
25.20T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Brings out the googly now, serves it on off, Josh Inglis reads it well off the deck and plays it off the back foot toward covers.
25.11LbT.Shamsi To : S.Smith Leg bye! This is a bit shorter on leg and turning in, Steven Smith goes deep in his crease and tucks it away neatly down to fine leg for one. Signaled as leg byes.
24.60K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis No run.
24.50K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis No run.
24.40K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis No run.
24.30K.Maharaj To : J.Inglis No run.
24.21K.Maharaj To : S.Smith Slightly shorter and around off, Steven Smith stays in his crease and pushes it away through the gap at covers for a single.
24.10K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
23.6WdT.Shamsi To : J.Inglis Wide!
23.62T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis 2 runs.
23.50T.Shamsi To : J.Inglis No run.
23.4WT.Shamsi To : G.Maxwell OUT! b Tabraiz Shamsi.Glenn Maxwell b T Shamsi 1 (5b 0x4 0x6)
23.31T.Shamsi To : S.Smith 1 run.
23.21T.Shamsi To : G.Maxwell Tossed up on leg stump, turning in, Glenn Maxwell puts a stride in and plays it really late with the turn in front of square leg for one more.
23.11T.Shamsi To : S.Smith 1 run.
22.60K.Maharaj To : G.Maxwell No run.
22.50K.Maharaj To : G.Maxwell No run.
22.41K.Maharaj To : S.Smith 1 run.
22.30K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
22.20K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
22.10K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
21.60T.Shamsi To : G.Maxwell No run.
21.5WdT.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne Wide!
21.5WT.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne OUT! lbw b Tabraiz Shamsi.Marnus Labuschagne lbw T Shamsi 18 (31b 2x4 0x6)
21.41T.Shamsi To : S.Smith 1 run.
21.30T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
21.2WdT.Shamsi To : S.Smith Wide!
21.20T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
21.10T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
20.64K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne Four!
20.50K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
20.40K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
20.31K.Maharaj To : S.Smith 1 run.
20.21K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
20.10K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
19.60T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
19.51T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
19.44T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne Four!
19.30T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne No run.
19.20T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne No run.
19.10T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne No run.
18.60K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
18.51K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
18.40K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
18.30K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
18.20K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
18.10K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
17.61T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
17.51T.Shamsi To : S.Smith 1 run.
17.40T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
17.30T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
17.20T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
17.10T.Shamsi To : S.Smith No run.
16.61K.Maharaj To : S.Smith 1 run.
16.51K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
16.40K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
16.30K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
16.20K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
16.10K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne No run.
15.6WdT.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne Wide!
15.61T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
15.50T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne No run.
15.40T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne No run.
15.32T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne 2 runs.
15.20T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne No run.
15.1WdT.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne Wide!
15.10T.Shamsi To : M.Labuschagne No run.
14.61K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne Nicely flighted, full and outside off, eased away off the front foot to deep cover for a single.
14.50K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne Tossed up around off, Marnus Labuschagne leans on and blocks it off.
14.41K.Maharaj To : S.Smith 1 run.
14.30K.Maharaj To : S.Smith No run.
14.21K.Maharaj To : M.Labuschagne 1 run.
14.1WK.Maharaj To : T.Head OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! Keshav Maharaj strikes with his first ball!Travis Head b K Maharaj 62 (48b 9x4 2x6)
13.60T.Shamsi To : S.Smith Short and on the pads, Steven Smith tucks it neatly but cant get it past square leg.
13.51T.Shamsi To : T.Head Full and on off, eased down to long off for a single.
13.40T.Shamsi To : T.Head No run.
13.34T.Shamsi To : T.Head Four!
13.22T.Shamsi To : T.Head Drops it short, around off, Travis Head rocks on the back foot in a flash and cuts it wide of deep point for a couple of runs.
13.11T.Shamsi To : S.Smith Oh...just short! Dishes out a googly, full and outside off, Steven Smith is made to reach out in front as he tries to paddle it fine. He does not get the placement spot on as he ends up chipping it towards backward square leg. Luckily for him, the ball drops in front of the diving Temba Bavuma there
12.60A.Markram To : T.Head Flighted again, on off, Travis Head leans forward and defends it out.
12.51A.Markram To : S.Smith Tossed up, on middle, Steven Smith clips it through mid-wicket for a single.
12.40A.Markram To : S.Smith On the pads, a bit short, tucked straight to square leg.
12.34A.Markram To : S.Smith FOUR! Nicely driven! Floated up, around off, Steven Smith leans on and rolls his wrists nicely to drive it along the ground and gets it wide of cover for a boundary.
12.20A.Markram To : S.Smith Short and around off, Steven Smith works it from the crease to mid-wicket.
12.11A.Markram To : T.Head Short and turning away, on off, Travis Head flat bats it down to long off for a single.
11.61G.Coetzee To : T.Head Lands it on a back of a length, outside off, cut away to deep point for a single by Travis Head. An expensive first over from Gerald Coetzee, 15 came off it.
11.54G.Coetzee To : T.Head Four!
11.44G.Coetzee To : T.Head Four!
11.34G.Coetzee To : T.Head Four!
11.21G.Coetzee To : S.Smith 1 run.
11.11G.Coetzee To : T.Head DROPPPED! A massive movement in the game as Reeza Hendricks drops a tough chance! Gerald Coetzee starts off with a short delivery, wide outside off, there ot be hit. Travis Head latches onto the width as he flays this one away but hits it towards deep point. The substitute fielder Reeza Hendricks do
10.61A.Markram To : T.Head Aiden Markram gets away with this one!
10.50A.Markram To : T.Head Angled in, on middle, Travis Head tucks it off the back foot to mid-wicket.
10.41A.Markram To : S.Smith Nearly sneaked through! Tossed up, on middle, Steven Smith goes back seeing the trajectory of the delivery. The ball spins in and fortunately for Smith, he gets an inside edge as he tries to defend. A single taken towards fine leg.
10.31A.Markram To : T.Head Floated up, on middle, Travis Head eases this down to long on with an angled bat for a single.
10.20A.Markram To : T.Head A bit fuller this time, turning away, around off, Travis Head plays it late and guides it towards backward point.
10.10A.Markram To : T.Head Pushes it through flatter and shorter, on off, Travis Head goes on the back foot and stabs it in front of cover.
9.60K.Rabada To : S.Smith No run.
9.50K.Rabada To : S.Smith No run.
9.40K.Rabada To : S.Smith A huge, huge appeal for caught behind and there is a certain deflection but not off the outside edge. Perfect length again, just a touch shorter around off and nipping in. Steven Smith gets across the stumps looking to play at it but gets squared up and the ball goes off the back leg into the hands
9.30K.Rabada To : S.Smith Back of a length and around off, Steven Smith goes on the back foot and defends it toward cover.
9.3WdK.Rabada To : S.Smith Wide! Full and angled into the pads but this is spilled just down the leg side. Another good take from Quinton de Kock as the umpire signals a wide.
9.21K.Rabada To : T.Head Just short!
9.14K.Rabada To : T.Head FOUR! Gets enough willow on it and Australia way ahead of the scoring rate here. This is pitched up on the stumps, Travis Head makes a bit of room and lofts it off the toe end of the bat over mid on for a boundary.
8.61A.Markram To : T.Head 1 run.
8.56A.Markram To : T.Head Six!
8.40A.Markram To : T.Head No run.
8.30A.Markram To : T.Head No run.
8.20A.Markram To : T.Head Quicker and shorter around off, sliding in sharply, Travis Head cuts it to the left of point but the fielder gets a good right hand on it.
8.10A.Markram To : T.Head Pushed through quicker and onto middle on a nagging length. Travis Head gets pushed onto the back foot but manages to defend it out.
7.60K.Rabada To : S.Smith Back of a length and around off, Steven Smith covers the line well and blocks it back to the bowler. A run and two wickets off the last two overs.
7.50K.Rabada To : S.Smith Good length, on the fifth stump line and angling it in, Steven Smith shuffles across a bit and leaves it alone.
7.4WK.Rabada To : M.Marsh OUT! CAUGHT! Probably the best catch youll see this tournament and South Africa are right back in it. Kagiso Rabada bowls this one back of a length and around off, Mitchell Marsh stands tall and throws his hands at it, hitting it flat and to the right of covers. Rassie van der Dussen there just flie
7.31K.Rabada To : T.Head Hard length again outside off, Travis Head stays a bit low and throws his hands at it, hitting it a bit uppishly toward deep point for a run.
7.20K.Rabada To : T.Head Hits the deck hard and bowls it around off, Travis Head looks to make room and flat-bat it back past the bowler but miscues it pretty badly.
7.10K.Rabada To : T.Head Excellent fielding! Hard length over leg stump, Travis Head hops and tucks it away to the left of mid-wicket where Aiden Markram makes a sharp diving stop.
6.60A.Markram To : M.Marsh A wicket-maiden from Aiden Markram to start with! This is bowled quicker and a bit shorter outside off, spinning in, Mitchell Marsh gets across a but and taps it in front of covers.
6.50A.Markram To : M.Marsh Sharp turn! Tossed up outside off, this one grips and turns back in as well. Mitchell Marsh puts a stride across and leaves it alone.
6.40A.Markram To : M.Marsh Throws this one up outside off, turning it in, Mitchell Marsh pads it away to point.
6.30A.Markram To : M.Marsh Pushed through quicker again on leg stump, Mitchell Marsh goes back in his crease and pushes it back to the bowler.
6.20A.Markram To : M.Marsh Quicker and flatter, on a length and turning into middle, Mitchell Marsh blocks it off the back foot.
6.1WA.Markram To : D.Warner OUT! TIMBER! Aiden Markram strikes on the very first ball and the crowd comes alive at Eden Gardens. Starts from around the wicket and angles it in a lot fuller onto middle, trying to turn it away. David Warner looks to use the depth of the crease and hammer it through the off side but plays all aro
5.66K.Rabada To : T.Head SIX! A third maximum of the over and 21 runs come off it! Kagiso Rabada has been taken apart here. Pitches this one up on leg stump but misses the yorker by a fair few inches, Travis Head clears the front leg and dumps this one over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.
5.50K.Rabada To : T.Head No run.
5.41LbK.Rabada To : D.Warner Leg bye.
5.36K.Rabada To : D.Warner Six!
5.37NbK.Rabada To : D.Warner No ball and Six! Oh, dear! Its getting worse and worse for South Africa here.
5.20K.Rabada To : D.Warner No run.
5.11K.Rabada To : T.Head 1 run.
4.66M.Jansen To : D.Warner Six!
4.51M.Jansen To : T.Head 1 run.
4.40M.Jansen To : T.Head No run.
4.34M.Jansen To : T.Head FOUR! Nailed!
4.20M.Jansen To : T.Head No run.
4.14M.Jansen To : T.Head FOUR! A lot of play and miss, hardly any singles but Australia are getting those crucial boundaries away.
3.60K.Rabada To : D.Warner No run.
3.50K.Rabada To : D.Warner On a good length around off at 143.4 clicks and going across, David Warner goes back and across before tapping it toward point.
3.40K.Rabada To : D.Warner No run.
3.36K.Rabada To : D.Warner SIX! David Warner sends that one way into the stands!
3.21K.Rabada To : T.Head Hard length around off and angling across, Travis Head hops back and opens the bat face to guide it down to third man for a single.
3.10K.Rabada To : T.Head No run.
2.60M.Jansen To : D.Warner No run.
2.50M.Jansen To : D.Warner No run.
2.4WdM.Jansen To : D.Warner Wide!
2.40M.Jansen To : D.Warner No run.
2.30M.Jansen To : D.Warner Beauty!
2.3WdM.Jansen To : D.Warner Wide! Just a bit too straight this time, still full and shaping down the leg side for a wide.
2.20M.Jansen To : D.Warner No run.
2.14M.Jansen To : D.Warner Four!
1.60K.Rabada To : T.Head No run.
1.50K.Rabada To : T.Head No run.
1.44K.Rabada To : T.Head Four!
1.30K.Rabada To : T.Head No run.
1.21K.Rabada To : D.Warner Well bowled again but David Warner gets off the mark this time.
1.10K.Rabada To : D.Warner No run.
0.6WdM.Jansen To : T.Head Wide!
0.60M.Jansen To : T.Head No run.
0.50M.Jansen To : T.Head No run.
0.40M.Jansen To : T.Head No run.
0.30M.Jansen To : T.Head No run.
0.24M.Jansen To : T.Head Four!
0.10M.Jansen To : T.Head Some movement right away!
49.4WP.Cummins To : K.Rabada OUT! c Glenn Maxwell b Pat Cummins.Kagiso Rabada c G Maxwell b P Cummins 10 (12b 0x4 1x6)
49.30P.Cummins To : K.Rabada No run.
49.21P.Cummins To : T.Shamsi 1 run.
49.11P.Cummins To : K.Rabada 1 run.
48.61LbM.Starc To : K.Rabada Leg bye.
48.50M.Starc To : K.Rabada No run.
48.40M.Starc To : K.Rabada No run.
48.36M.Starc To : K.Rabada Six!
48.20M.Starc To : K.Rabada No run.
48.10M.Starc To : K.Rabada No run.
47.60P.Cummins To : T.Shamsi No run.
47.50P.Cummins To : T.Shamsi No run.
47.40P.Cummins To : T.Shamsi No run.
47.30P.Cummins To : T.Shamsi No run.
47.2WdP.Cummins To : D.Miller Wide!
47.2WP.Cummins To : D.Miller OUT! c Travis Head b Pat Cummins.David Miller c T Head b P Cummins 101 (116b 8x4 5x6)
47.16P.Cummins To : D.Miller Six!
46.60M.Starc To : K.Rabada No run.
46.5WdM.Starc To : K.Rabada Wide!
46.52M.Starc To : K.Rabada Nice use of the wrists by Kagiso Rabada!
46.41M.Starc To : D.Miller 1 run.
46.31M.Starc To : K.Rabada 1 run.
46.2WM.Starc To : K.Maharaj OUT! c Steven Smith b Mitchell Starc.
46.11LbM.Starc To : D.Miller Leg bye.
45.61P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
45.51P.Cummins To : K.Maharaj A well-judged run!
45.40P.Cummins To : K.Maharaj No run.
45.31P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
45.24P.Cummins To : D.Miller Four!
45.11P.Cummins To : K.Maharaj 1 run.
44.61A.Zampa To : K.Maharaj 1 run.
44.50A.Zampa To : K.Maharaj No run.
44.41A.Zampa To : D.Miller 1 run.
44.30A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
44.22A.Zampa To : D.Miller 2 runs.
44.14A.Zampa To : D.Miller Four!
43.60P.Cummins To : K.Maharaj No run.
43.51P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
43.41P.Cummins To : K.Maharaj 1 run.
43.3WP.Cummins To : G.Coetzee OUT! c Josh Inglis b Pat Cummins.Gerald Coetzee c J Inglis b P Cummins 19 (39b 2x4 0x6)
43.21P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
43.10P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
42.60A.Zampa To : G.Coetzee No run.
42.50A.Zampa To : G.Coetzee No run.
42.41A.Zampa To : D.Miller 1 run.
42.30A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
42.26A.Zampa To : D.Miller Six!
42.10A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
41.60P.Cummins To : G.Coetzee No run.
41.51P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
41.4WdP.Cummins To : D.Miller Wide!
41.40P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
41.30P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
41.20P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
41.12P.Cummins To : D.Miller 2 runs.
40.60T.Head To : G.Coetzee No run.
40.51T.Head To : D.Miller Way too short, on middle, David Miller backs away and hammers it hard to deep point for a single.
40.40T.Head To : D.Miller Tossed up again, around off, David Miller drives it square but Mitchell Marsh does well to make a diving stop.
40.4WdT.Head To : D.Miller WIDE! Floated up but down leg, left alone by David Miller for a wide.
40.31T.Head To : G.Coetzee The two batters collide mid-pitch but all is well! Drops it short again, on leg, Gerald Coetzee nudges it in front of square and sets off for a single. The batters look to run on different paths to avoid each other but end up running into each other. A slight collision but they eventually complete t
40.21T.Head To : D.Miller 1 run.
40.10T.Head To : D.Miller Starts his new spell by bowling it short, on middle, David Miller goes back and dabs it towards cover-point.
39.60G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee No run.
39.51G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
39.40G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
39.30G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
39.21G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
39.10G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee Flighted, on a nagging length and around middle, Gerald Coetzee gets on the front foot and defends it out with soft hands.
38.61M.Starc To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
38.50M.Starc To : G.Coetzee No run.
38.40M.Starc To : G.Coetzee No run.
38.30M.Starc To : G.Coetzee No run.
38.24M.Starc To : G.Coetzee FOUR! Smashed away!
38.10M.Starc To : G.Coetzee No run.
37.61G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
37.50G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee No run.
37.41G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
37.31G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
37.21G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
37.14G.Maxwell To : D.Miller Four!
36.60T.Head To : G.Coetzee No run.
36.50T.Head To : G.Coetzee No run.
36.40T.Head To : G.Coetzee Tossed up around off, in the slot as well, Gerald Coetzee only manages to hammer it away to the man at extra cover.
36.31T.Head To : D.Miller Angled into the stumps, this is tucked away onto the leg side for a run.
36.20T.Head To : D.Miller No run.
36.11T.Head To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
35.64G.Maxwell To : D.Miller Four!
35.50G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
35.40G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
35.30G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
35.21G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
35.10G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee No run.
34.60T.Head To : D.Miller No run.
34.50T.Head To : D.Miller No run.
34.40T.Head To : D.Miller No run.
34.31T.Head To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
34.20T.Head To : G.Coetzee No run.
34.14T.Head To : G.Coetzee Four!
33.61G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
33.50G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee Outside the line!
33.40G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee No run.
33.30G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee No run.
33.20G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee No run.
33.11G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
32.60T.Head To : G.Coetzee No run.
32.50T.Head To : G.Coetzee Short and around off, turning in, Gerald Coetzee stays back and forces it back to the bowler.
32.40T.Head To : G.Coetzee No run.
32.31T.Head To : D.Miller 1 run.
32.21T.Head To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
32.10T.Head To : G.Coetzee No run.
31.61G.Maxwell To : G.Coetzee 1 run.
31.51G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
31.40G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
31.34G.Maxwell To : D.Miller Four!
31.20G.Maxwell To : D.Miller Top delivery from Glenn Maxwell!
31.10G.Maxwell To : D.Miller Full and quick from around the stumps, onto off stump, David Miller defends it off the front foot.
30.60T.Head To : G.Coetzee Almost! Turn again but Gerald Coetzee gets his bat down in time!
30.5WT.Head To : M.Jansen OUT! lbw b Travis Head.
30.4WT.Head To : H.Klaasen OUT! b Travis Head.
30.30T.Head To : H.Klaasen No run.
30.24T.Head To : H.Klaasen Four!
30.14T.Head To : H.Klaasen Four!
29.61G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
29.50G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen No run.
29.41G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
29.30G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
29.20G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
29.11G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
28.60A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
28.50A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
28.46A.Zampa To : D.Miller Six!
28.30A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
28.21A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
28.11A.Zampa To : D.Miller 1 run.
27.61G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
27.50G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
27.41G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
27.30G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen No run.
27.21G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
27.12G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 2 runs.
26.60A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen No run.
26.50A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen No run.
26.46A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen Six!
26.36A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen Six!
26.21A.Zampa To : D.Miller Tosses it up yet again, turning in, on middle, David Miller gets the weight on the front foot and eases it to long off for one.
26.11A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
25.60P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
25.50P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
25.40P.Cummins To : D.Miller Good bumper!
25.30P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
25.20P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
25.12P.Cummins To : D.Miller 2 runs.
24.61G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
24.50G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
24.40G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
24.30G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
24.21G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
24.10G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen No run.
23.61P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
23.50P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen No run.
23.44P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen Four!
23.30P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen No run.
23.21P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
23.10P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
22.60G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen No run.
22.50G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen No run.
22.41G.Maxwell To : D.Miller 1 run.
22.30G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
22.20G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
22.10G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
21.61P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
21.50P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
21.40P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
21.31P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
21.20P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen No run.
21.10P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen No run.
20.60G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
20.50G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
20.40G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
20.30G.Maxwell To : D.Miller No run.
20.21G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
20.10G.Maxwell To : H.Klaasen No run.
19.60P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
19.54P.Cummins To : D.Miller Four!
19.40P.Cummins To : D.Miller No run.
19.31P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
19.20P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen No run.
19.10P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen No run.
18.60A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
18.56A.Zampa To : D.Miller Six!
18.40A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
18.30A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
18.20A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
18.11A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
17.60J.Hazlewood To : D.Miller No run.
17.50J.Hazlewood To : D.Miller No run.
17.40J.Hazlewood To : D.Miller No run.
17.30J.Hazlewood To : D.Miller No run.
17.20J.Hazlewood To : D.Miller No run.
17.10J.Hazlewood To : D.Miller No run.
16.61A.Zampa To : D.Miller 1 run.
16.56A.Zampa To : D.Miller Six!
16.40A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
16.31A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
16.21A.Zampa To : D.Miller Flatter one, pushed through around middle, David Miller uses his feet a bit and works it away past mid-wicket for a single.
16.10A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
15.60J.Hazlewood To : H.Klaasen Maiden!
15.50J.Hazlewood To : H.Klaasen No run.
15.40J.Hazlewood To : H.Klaasen No run.
15.30J.Hazlewood To : H.Klaasen No run.
15.20J.Hazlewood To : H.Klaasen No run.
15.10J.Hazlewood To : H.Klaasen No run.
14.60A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
14.50A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
14.40A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
14.31A.Zampa To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
14.21A.Zampa To : D.Miller 1 run.
14.10A.Zampa To : D.Miller No run.
13.61P.Cummins To : D.Miller 1 run.
13.54P.Cummins To : D.Miller Four!
13.41P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
13.30P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen No run.
13.22P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen 2 runs.
13.14P.Cummins To : H.Klaasen Four!
12.60M.Starc To : D.Miller No run.
12.51M.Starc To : H.Klaasen Shortish length around leg stump, Heinrich Klaasen hops and nudges it down in front of mid-wicket for an easy single.
12.41M.Starc To : D.Miller 1 run.
12.30M.Starc To : D.Miller No run.
12.2WdM.Starc To : D.Miller Wide!
12.20M.Starc To : D.Miller No run.
12.11M.Starc To : H.Klaasen 1 run.
11.64J.Hazlewood To : D.Miller EDGED AND FOUR!
11.5WJ.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen OUT! c Steven Smith b Josh Hazlewood.
11.41J.Hazlewood To : H.Klaasen Edged but short!
11.31J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen 1 run.
11.20J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
11.10J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
10.60M.Starc To : H.Klaasen No run.
10.5WM.Starc To : A.Markram OUT! c David Warner b Mitchell Starc.
10.40M.Starc To : A.Markram No run.
10.30M.Starc To : A.Markram No run.
10.20M.Starc To : A.Markram No run.
10.14M.Starc To : A.Markram Four!
9.61J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram 1 run.
9.50J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
9.40J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
9.30J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
9.20J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
9.10J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
8.61LbM.Starc To : A.Markram Leg bye.
8.50M.Starc To : A.Markram No run.
8.44M.Starc To : A.Markram Four!
8.30M.Starc To : A.Markram No run.
8.2WdM.Starc To : R.Dussen Wide!
8.21M.Starc To : R.Dussen 1 run.
8.10M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
7.61J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen 1 run.
7.50J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
7.40J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
7.31J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram 1 run.
7.20J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
7.10J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
6.60M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
6.50M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
6.40M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
6.30M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
6.20M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
6.10M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
5.60J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
5.50J.Hazlewood To : A.Markram No run.
5.4WJ.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock OUT! c Pat Cummins b Josh Hazlewood.
5.30J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock No run.
5.20J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock No run.
5.10J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock No run.
4.60M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
4.52M.Starc To : R.Dussen 2 runs.
4.40M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
4.30M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
4.20M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
4.10M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
3.61J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen 1 run.
3.50J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen Beauty!
3.40J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen In the corridor of uncertainty again, on a good length, Rassie van der Dussen pushes out away from the body but cant get it past Glenn Maxwell at backward point.
3.31J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock 1 run.
3.20J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock No run.
3.10J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock No run.
2.60M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
2.50M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
2.4WdM.Starc To : R.Dussen Wide!
2.40M.Starc To : R.Dussen No run.
2.31LbM.Starc To : Q.Kock Leg bye.
2.20M.Starc To : Q.Kock No run.
2.10M.Starc To : Q.Kock No run.
1.60J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
1.50J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
1.40J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
1.30J.Hazlewood To : R.Dussen No run.
1.21J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock 1 run.
1.10J.Hazlewood To : Q.Kock No run.
0.6WM.Starc To : T.Bavuma OUT! EDGED AND GONE! Mitchell Starc strikes early and this is just the start Australia needed!Temba Bavuma c J Inglis b M Starc 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)
0.50M.Starc To : T.Bavuma Pulls his length back a touch, in the channel on off, Temba Bavuma watches it well and shoulders arms to the delivery.
0.40M.Starc To : T.Bavuma Gets this one to angle across the right-hander, full and near the tramline outside off, left alone by Temba Bavuma.
0.30M.Starc To : T.Bavuma Keeps it full again, just outside off, Temba Bavuma jams it down with an angled bat back to Mitchell Starc.
0.21M.Starc To : Q.Kock Quinton de Kock and South Africa are away! A bit too straight, full and on the pads, some late away movement, Quinton de Kock clips it neatly towards square leg where Travis Head dives to his left but parries the ball away to his left, allowing a single.
0.10M.Starc To : Q.Kock Starts on the money! Goes full right away from over the wicket, on the off-stump line, a bit of away movement, Quinton de Kock shows a straight bat and pushes it back to the bowler.
Match Info
Match SA vs AUS (Semi Final 2) ICC Cricket World Cup 2023
Time 08:30 AM 2023-11-16 (UTC)
Toss South Africa won the toss and opt to bat
Stadium Eden Gardens Kolkata
Umpire Richard Kettleborough, Nitin Menon
Third Umpire Chris Gaffaney
Match Referee Javagal Srinath